2009/10 Panini Playoff Contenders Basketball Box Checklist & Rreview

09/10 Panini Playoff Contenders Basketball Box

09/10 Panini Playoff Contenders Basketball Checklist

By The Box:

4 Autograph Cards –
1 ROY Contender –
1 Legendary Contender –

1 – Autograph Per Case Of:
– Kobe Bryant – Blake Griffin –
– Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Oscar Robertson –

Contenders is always known for the Rookie Autograph Tickets, and they are seeded two per box on average. The football version of Playoff Contenders is known for its short print SP RC Ticket autographs. Given that panini had 35 rookies sign for this years set, only a handful of players are SP.
Find The Short Print Autograph Rookies Below on eBay:

SP Print Run 499 or less:

SP Print Run 649 or less:

09/10 Panini Contenders Jordan Hill SP Autograph
09/10 Panini Contenders Jordan Hill SP Autograph

09/10 Panini Contenders Brandon Jennings SP Auto Ticket
09/10 Panini Contenders Brandon Jennings SP Auto

2010 Panini Playoff ContendersAutograph RC Ticket Checklist  
101 Blake Griffin
102 Hasheem Thabeet
103 James Harden
104 Tyreke Evans
105 Jonny Flynn
106 Stephen Curry
107 Jordan Hill
108 Brandon Jennings
109 Terrence Williams
110 Gerald Henderson
111 Tyler Hansbrough
112 Earl Clark
113 Austin Daye
114 James Johnson
115 Jrue Holiday
116 Ty Lawson
117 Jeff Teague
118 Eric Maynor
119 Darren Collison
120 Omri Casspi
121 B.J. Mullens
122 Rodrigue Beaubois
123 Taj Gibson
124 DeMarre Carroll
125 Wayne Ellington
126 Toney Douglas
127 Jeff Pendergraph
128 Jermaine Taylor
129 Dante Cunningham
130 DaJuan Summers

2010 Panini Playoff ContendersROY Contenders Checklist
  • ROY Gold Parallel #/100
  • ROY Black Parallel #/50
  • ROY Black Autographs #/249 or less

This actually could have been a Tyreke Evans exclusive set as he has been running away with the Rookie of the Year award in the NBA since late 2009. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t other really good rookies to collect. Stephen Curry has come on strong for the Warriors late in his first season and looks like he might be the point gaurd Golden State has been searching for. Many of these players may develop in year 2, 3 and beyond as they get time to adjust to the NBA game. As is stands now, Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings and Stephen Curry are the top rookies. Blake Griffen will have to wait until next season to play (hopefully) and collectors and fans await his return to the basketball court.

09/10 Panini ROY Contenders Blake Griffen Insert
1 Blake Griffin
2 DeJuan Blair
3 Earl Clark
4 Gerald Henderson
5 Hasheem Thabeet
6 James Harden
7 James Johnson
8 Jonny Flynn
9 Jordan Hill
10 Stephen Curry
11 Terrence Williams
12 Ty Lawson
13 Tyler Hansbrough
14 Tyreke Evans
15 Wayne Ellington

2010 Panini Playoff ContendersLegendary Contenders Checklist
  • Legendary Contenders Gold Parallel #/100
  • Legendary Contenders Black Parallel #/50
  • Legendary Contenders Black Autographs #/50 or less

Some of the names on this list makes me wonder why this set is called Legendary Contenders. Cards #2 Shawn Bradley and #19 Gheorghe Muresan might be legends of being tall or being dunked on … but not much else. Actually, its kind of nice to have players not used very often in sets but we’re not sure what the legendary reference with those players is refering to. The rest of the checklist is a mix of former NBA greats and well known players. Card #20 of Jerry West might be the best in the entire set. The Autograph versions serial #/50 or less are some of the most rare in the entire set.

09/10 Panini Contenders Willis Reed Legendary Auto
1 Willis Reed
2 Shawn Bradley
3 Jeff Hornacek
4 Patric Ewing
5 Dolph Schayes
6 Bill Laimbeer
7 Kenny “Sky” Walker
8 Connie Hawkins
9 Clyde Drexler
10 Rony Seikaly
11 Larry Johnson
12 Cedric Ceballos
13 Alonzo Mourning
14 Kurt Rambis
15 Joe Dumars
16 Bobby Wanzer
17 Dan Majerle
18 George McGinnis
19 Gheorghe Muresan
20 Jerry West

2010 Panini Playoff ContendersPerennial Contenders Checklist
  • Perennial Contenders Gold Parallel #/100
  • Perennial Contenders Black Parallel #/50
  • Perennial Contenders Black Autographs #/50 or less
1    Rasheed Wallace
2    Joakim Noah
3    Shaquille O’Neal
4    Jason Terry
5    Chauncey Billups
6    Tayshaun Prince
7    Tracy McGrady
8    Kobe Bryant
9    Nate Robinson
10    Vince Carter
11    Grant Hill
12    Greg Oden
13    Tony Parker
14    Carlos Boozer
15    Ron Artest
16    Paul Pierce
17    Deron Williams
18    Ben Wallace
19    LeBron James
20    Andre Iguodala

2010 Panini Playoff ContendersAward Contenders Checklist
  • Award Contenders Gold Parallel #/100
  • Award Contenders Black Parallel #/50
  • Award Contenders Black Autographs #/50 or less
1 Kobe Bryant
2 Danny Granger
3 Al Harrington
4 Ben Gordon
5 Carmelo Anthony
6 Chris Bosh
7 Dirk Nowitzki
8 Dwyane Wade
9 Kevin Love
10 LeBron James
11 Tony Parker
12 Michael Redd
13 Ray Allen
14 Tim Duncan
15 Tracy McGrady
16 Deron Williams
17 Dwight Howard
18 Paul Pierce
19 Chris Paul
20 Chauncey Billups

12/13 Panini Contenders Basketball Checklist

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