2013 Bowman Sterling Box Break

NOTE: We are not doing group breaks. I created this page to test an AdWords and Bing Ads campaign. I wanted to see if it was possible to pay for traffic to a break splash page. You can purchase sports card traffic for around $0.10 cents a click. You will need to play around a lot with the keywords for your ads to be effective.

I put this link on the checklist page to see how many people I could get to click over. I would advise all group breakers to never delete a page on your website. Even when you are done with your break, leave the page you created up on your site. Put “Sold Out” or something. Put a link to your current break schedule or calendar on those pages. Trust me, don’t trash anything you put onto your site even when the break is done with. I can’t stress this enough, it will help you get new customers as breaks become more accepted and popular. Also, if I link to your site on my own website, I don’t want your link to “break” when you delete the page. I get messages from Google Analytics when I have “broken links” on my site. If you leave that page up, I won’t have to take down your link and you’ll always get some “juice” by having a link to your site on another sports card site.



2013 Bowman Baseball
Sterling Baseball Case Break

Hobby Box Configuration:
6 Packs Per Box
4 Cards Per Pack
3 Autographs Per Pack
18 Autographs Per Box
We Are Breaking 4 Boxes!

Buy it NowONLY $39.99 – Lowest Price on Net!


Sports Card Radio Group Break! You get one random MLB team in a 4 BOX CASE of 2013 Bowman Sterling Baseball for only $39.99. The Blue Jays are thrown out because they don’t have any cards in the product. Teams are decided by random on random.org. We are one of the leading box and case breakers in the industry with thousands of successful breaks. Prices are updated by the hour to be the lowest on the net. Group breaking is sweeping the nation and is a great way to buy into a high end product like Sterling for a fraction of the price.

BUY NOW – ONLY $39.99

Date of Break: December 22, 2013 – 3 pm PST – LIVE ON USTREAM: Sports Card Radio
All your cards will be shipped even if you don’t watch live. The video will be recorded and available to watch on YouTube.  Cards will be shipped within 24 hours of the break. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Bowman Sterling Cards on eBay – Check to see what the top cards are selling for!

Bowman Sterling Checklist – See what cards are in the product.


2013 Bowman Sterling Miguel Sano Miguel Sano
Canary Diamond Autograph
On eBay: $999.99

Will We Pull One For You?


2013 Bowman Sterling Byron Buxton

Byron Buxton
Autograph Ruby Refractor
On eBay: $299.99

Let Us Pull You One For $39.99


Buy it Now


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