2018 US Winter Olympics and Paralympic Team Hopefuls

-1 Autograph Card
-2 Memorabilia cards
-2 Lindsay Vonn Career Milestones Insert Cards

Release Date:  January 10, 2018

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The base set will feature stars of the still-to-be-finalized Olympic and Paralympic teams and there will be a number of parallels for the cards — Bronze (one per pack), Flag (/TBD), Gold (/25), Limited Edition (/1), Autographs, Flag autos (/TBD), Gold autos (/25) and Limited Edition autos (/1).

There also will be Olympic Champions autos one per case with Gold (/25) and 1/1 Limited parallels

The inserts will have a Flag (/TBD) parallel as well as the 1/1 Limited versions.

On the memorabilia front there will be Team USA Memorabilia Pieces with Silver (/TBD), Gold (/25) and Limited (/1) parallels along with a Jumbo Wreath parallel.

There also will be USOC Insignia Commemorative Relics with Silver, Flag and Gold versions.




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