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1989 Fleer Baseball Cards Price Guide

The 1989 Fleer Baseball Cards set will be most known for the infamous Billy Ripken error card.

How the Ripken card ended up in circulation is still part of hobby lore. In 1989 Ripken told a dealer: “I never even saw the bat in advance, I don’t even know if it’s my bat. The Fleer photographer was shooting during batting practice (late last season at Fenway Park), and when it was my turn, I just grabbed a bat.”

Years later Ripken admitted to CNBC that the bat was his. Saying he received a shipment bats in 1988 that were too heavy, so he decided to use one exclusively for batting practice. To make the bat stand out in a rack among his other teammates, he wrote “Fu*k Face” on it. He was using the bat when a photographer asked for a picture at Fenway Park during BP.

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1989 Pro Set Football Card Price Guide

Pro Set Inc. owner Lud Denny was a man before his time. He correctly predicted the market for sports trading cards would extend past baseball and made a big bet on football cards.

Prior to 1989 Pro Set cards, football only accounted for about $10 million in the $365 million sports card market. By October 1989, Denny and Pro Set had already done $23 million in retail sales.

The success was short lived though. Pro Set declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy, owing $800,000 in unpaid royalties to the NFLPA in 1994. Despite the company going out of business the legend of 1989 Pro Set lives on. You would be hard pressed to find a collector who doesn’t recognize the ’89 Pro Set card design.

1989 Pro Set Football featured crisp photography for its time. Denny described Pro Set as the first ”live” card set. He envisioned continuous updates, actually stopping the presses to revise, correct, substitute or add cards when things happened in the NFL season. This made the set stand out among fellow football card competitors Topps and Score.

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Show #203 Auto-Panini Dak Prescott Scandal + Amazon FBA Updates

This week we discuss the Dak Prescott “Auto Pen” scandal involving Panini America. We discuss the language in contracts signed by other Panini signers – and why it places all responsiblity on Panini. We discuss why Dak Prescott might have done this, and why it might not make sense to have used an auto-pen. Beckett Grading certainly comes out smelling like roses, as they essentially turned away business for the sake of authenticating.

Later on in the show I give you an Amazon FBA update – including the first few hours of Amazon Prime Day. If this is any preview of how the holidays will go, it’s going to be an explosive Christmas season for me selling on Amazon. I discuss my trip to Las Vegas, blocking Panini butt kissers on Twitter, and more.

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R-Rated #16: Dak Prescott Panini America AutoPen-Ini Scandal

The Dak Prescott Autopen Scandal is discussed.

Panini waited 48 hours to give a statement, what impact will those 48 hours have on the industry.

Card molesters don’t want to blame Panini, but are they right?

Read more about the scandal here: Dak Prescott Panini Autopen Scandal

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