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Mike Trout HGH Rumors Put Card Fondlers on Suicide Watch

Card collectors everywhere are SHOOK that their "investments" may be taking a nose dive. 

News of golden boy Mike Trout allegedly using HGH has sent card collectors to social media and forums to clock in and defend the MLB star. 

> Mike Trout Cards For Sale

Blowout Forum has a thread that drips with fanboys falling over themselves to defend Trout. 

A "doctor" chimed in to say HGH doesn't treat the condition Trout "had", supposedly a thyroid disorder. 

Dorks, if Trout was taking HGH it was to get BUFF. Any medical condition was just a cover so he could use steroids "legally."

One Trout collector that doesn't seem concerned is Vegas Dave. 

He purchased the 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Mike Trout Superfractor 1/1 autograph for $400,000 in 2018. 

Lately, Vegas Dave has stopped caring about sports cards once he got with bombshell Holly Sonders. Can you blame him?

Sports Card Radio asked a simple question on our Facebook page.

The choice is easy unless you're a card fondler obsessed with pictures of men.

Keep hugging your slabs. Scrubs.

R-Rated #51: Mike Sommer – Wax Pack Hero Blogger Interview

Ryan talks to Mike Sommer, @TheMikeSommer on twitter, and host of the Wax Pack Hero Sports Card Minute.

What is the concept of a self sustaining hobby and how has it worked for Mike?

How does Mike keep 130,000 cards for sale on Sports Lots organized?

Can selling low end and common cards be profitable?

What does Mike think about hobby influencer Gary Vee?

Thoughts about card blogging and podcasting. 

Small Traditions LLC Accused of Card Trimming

Small Traditions LLC owner David Thorn is being accused of some big time card trimming. 

Blowout Forum member, 3124508 on COMC, lays out significant evidence that shows many before and after items that have been trimmed or altered by Thorn. 

> Original Forum Thread

3124508 on COMC is the same forum member who has helped expose numerous card trimmers including Gary "Scissor Hands" Moser and former NFL player Evan Mathis

In addition to the card trimming, Thorn is believed to have a special relationship with PSA.

David Thorn

Thorn has attended invite only PSA events where high volume submitters like Small Traditions are able to meet with PSA’s graders in order to discuss discrepancies with cards that appear to be under-graded.

According to a letter Thorn sent Small Tradition customers, "the PSA Invitational event is one of the best opportunities of the year to realize successful reviews, when an under-graded card can be discussed in person and “bumped” to the next grading level."

PSA CEO Joe Orlando

Small Traditions also sponsors PSA's monthly sweepstakes, a contest for members on PSA's email list. 

Thorn is also accused of creating fake provenance for many items sold through Small Traditions. 

To make his auction description look and sound better, Thorn will create fake "finds", fake collection breaks, and fake consignors. In actuality, these items were things Thorn purchased individually on his Smalltraditions eBay account, and in most cases, are also trimmed.

Despite the card trimming relations of 2019, it didn't hurt PSA's business.

In fact, 2019 was a record year for the company. PSA has achieved revenue growth in 32 out of the last 33 quarters.



Card Trimmers


Gary Moser
a.k.a "Scissor Hands"
Melville, NY
Case Details


Robert Block
a.k.a "Fat Kid On The"
Boca Raton, Florida
Case Details


Will Jaimet
a.k.a "One Touch"
Tigard, Oregon
Case Details


Superior Sports Investments
a.k.a "SSI"
a.k.a "Bill Sliheet"
a.k.a "Nate Nichols"
​Dallas, TX
Case Details


Brent Huigens
a.k.a "Brent Mastro"
Lake Oswego, Oregon
Case Details


Eric Bitz
a.k.a "BuyNiceCards"
a.k.a "BuyTrimmedCards"
Canonsburg, PA
Case Details


Brian Ehricke Deer
a.k.a "Easy Money"
San Francisco, CA
Case Details


Joe Clemons
a.k.a "Meet Joe Black Label"
Dallas, TX
Case Details


Steven Tormollan
a.k.a "InstaTrimmer"
Catonsville, Maryland
Case Details


Evan Mathis
a.k.a "Ogre"
a.k.a "Cardology"
Case Details


Collectors Outraged Over PSA 10 2019 Bowman Draft Adley Rutschman Superfractor

Some collectors are shocked that the 2019 Bowman Draft Adley Rutschman Supefractor 1/1 was graded a 10 by Professional Sports Authenticaor (PSA).

The card originally sold ungraded for $23,088 on December 22, 2019 by seller RookieStar601.

Here is some of the collector outrage over the Rutschman Superfractor. PSA even deleted some of the replies to their social media post. 

- Blowout Forum Thread
- Everything Wrong with Collecting in One Tweet

R-Rated #50: Lemme Get That Podagraph Host Drew Herndon Interview

Drew Herndon, host of the Lemme Get That Podagraph podcast, as well as the Roughing the Passer podcast, comes on Sports Card Radio.

Several topics are discussed. 

NFL playoff predictions.

Why did Leaf Trading Cards CEO Brian Gray call Drew after one of his podcasts?

CEO’s and hobby employees appear over stressed, why is making cards so hard?

What is Drew’s take on the card trimming scandal. Can things be done to help curtail card alterations? 

Who are some people Drew would like to interview on his podcast?

46 min

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