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Card Collector Sues Panini & Beckett Over Tom Brady RC Card

Sports Card Exchange owner Luis Papa is suing Panini America and Beckett Grading Services (BGS) over a trimmed 2000 Playoff Contenders Tom Brady autograph rookie card. 

Papa is seeking damages of at least $200,000 and an additional amount for mental anguish. 

Card dorks are a special breed. 

Louis Papa

Here is the backstory on the case.

Panini released 2016 Honors Football, and inside boxes were some buyback autograph cards.

The biggest hit in the entire product was a 2000 Playoff Contenders Tom Brady autograph rookie card. 

Papa didn't pull the card directly, he purchased the card from a fellow dealer in 2018.

After acquiring the card, Papa sent it to BGS, and the card came back an 8.5.

Papa wanted BGS to put a special '1/1' designation on the holder but BGS refused.

Upset, Papa took the card to Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). When PSA looked at the card they said it was trimmed.

Upon hearing the card was trimmed according to PSA, Panini & BGS took another look at the card.  After a second look, on August 14, 2018 BGS came back and agreed with PSA, the Brady card was trimmed.

Papa now wants BGS and Panini to provide compensation for the trimmed Brady. 

This case could help solve another hobby mystery. Was the Brady Contenders pulled by Dustin Clay of DnT Sports Cards on the now infamous 'Brandin Cooks #/99' video?

>DnT Sports Cards Group Break Scam<

Papa denies knowing Clay.

Panini in their response to the lawsuit made several compelling points.  

>Panini America's Legal Response

  • Panini is not the manufacturer of the card. Playoff Corporation printed and released the Card sixteen (16) years before Panini acquired the card, which Panini re-released in its 2016 Honors Football set.
  • When Panini acquired the card, it had already been graded, sealed, and slabbed by Beckett Grading Services.
  • Papa, who purchased the card from a third—party on the secondary market did not acquire or receive the card directly from Panini; nor did Panini make any representations to Papa in the context of that transaction, two years after Panini released its 2016 Honors Football set.

A jury trial is currently scheduled for 8/31/2020.

After some initial communication, Papa blocked an account associated with Sports Card Radio. Papa requested to appear on a podcast, but Sports Card Radio was not interested. 

Show #234 Topps/Panini Shut It Down + StockX + MSFT or Fleer?

On another quarantined edition of The Sports Card Show Podcast we are joined again by Ryan @SportsCardNews. We discuss Topps & Panini delaying products because of the virus. What impact has it had on the Hobby? Is previously released wax selling better? Colin talks about a site he’s been selling Topps baseball boxes on. We each give brief Amazon updates, since it’s paying most of the bills at the moment. We discuss the 2020 and 2021 National Sports Collectors Convention. There was discussion about buying Microsoft shares or 1986/87 Fleer basketball boxes – and why collectors have the wrong idea about which is a better ‘investment’. 

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Show #233 Cards Catch Coronavirus + More

On today’s special “quarantined” edition of the Sports Card Show Podcast, Colin is joined by Ryan & we discuss the dramatic turn in the trading card market as cards & almost all activity is put on pause for the Coronavirus. First we discuss being called as EXPERT WITNESS in the Upper Deck vs Leaf trial. Then we discuss the economic impact the Coronavirus will have on the trading card market. Who will be the winners & losers? Will the NSCC be cancelled? What are some ways to make money in a downturn? All this and more! Enjoy, stay safe and healthy!

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Sports Card Radio Called to Testify – Leaf Trading Cards Objects!

Hear ye, hear ye!

The honorable Upper Deck Trading Card Company is seeking the expert testimony of Sports Card Radio owners Colin and Ryan Tedards.

In UD's prolonged court battle with rival card company Leaf Trading Cards, the Tedards twins could be the key to knocking out CEO Brian Gray forever. 

In a dramatic response, lawyers for Leaf Trading Cards are seeking to block the expert testimony of the sports card podcasting moguls.

Only a judge can decide what will happen next. 

Stay tuned for exclusive updates on Sports Card Radio.


Show #232 @GaryVee Haters – Confronting Pack Searchers – Heritage/Optic + More

On today’s show we discuss some of the new sets that have gone live including 2020 Topps Heritage and Optic Basketball. If you feel these sets are overpriced or out of your budget, I give you some tips on how to acquire the cards. Sports Cards are RED HOT!! Like stocks, homes or anything for that matter – it’s probably a good idea to be a SELLER in that type of market. I’ve seen some recent social media postings where people are confronting PACK SEARCHERS at Target/Wal-Mart. I tell you why that’s a REALLY BAD IDEA. The NFL draft is coming – I give you my prediction on what type of class it might be. Finally our main topic is GaryVee promotes the hobby on a daily basis – and is often criticized for it. I run down collectors WHO WANT HIM STOPPED and tell you what I think. As always, today’s podcast is sponsored by NO ONE! Enjoy!

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