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August 28, 2010

eBay Price Check: 2010 Topps Tim Tebow Rookie Premiere Autograph
Time Frame: October 1, 2010

Average Online Price: $249.95 (2 Total Auctions)

Tim Tebow brought his massive fan base from his days as QB for the Florida Gators, right on over to Denver when the Broncos selected him in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Collectors have been buying Tebow rookie cards from Panini and Press Pass for months but Topps released it's first set of the season on August 25th and the Rookie Premiere Autographs, serial numbered #/90, are some of the most sought after cards in the industry.

All of the RPA cards are signed on-card which is a nice change for collectors who will be bombarded by sticker autographs from Panini and Topps all season long. Two (2) Tim Tebow RC Premiere Autograph cards have sold on eBay during the first 3 days after the release of 2010 Topps and both sold for $249.95. 

Tebow is shaking off some bruised ribs he sustained when diving into the end zone for a TD in a preseason game against the Bengals. Kyle Orton is the starter for the Broncos, and our guess is that Kyle does what he always does - throw the ball short, and play tough. This will keep Tebow on the bench except for special formations, perhaps on the goal line where he can best utilize his toughness and of course, the jump pass. We see the value of his 2010 Topps Rookie Premiere Autograph #/90 going down just slightly, to around $225.00.  We will begin monitoring auctions around the end of September to see if we are right or wrong.  For the record, we at Sports Card Radio would love Tebow to get on the field as soon as possible - he is great for the hobby and anyone running a hobby store can benefit from having Tebow cards for sale.

Our prediction: Down Arrow $25.00  - To at least $225.00 By October 1st

Reported Sales:
10/1/2010 - $190.00
9/24/2010 - $190.00

Correct - The Price Did drop - even more then we expected.

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2010 Topps Tim Tebow Rookie Premier Auto RC
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January 20, 2010

eBay Price Check:
2009 Donruss Elite EEE Aroldis Chapman Auto #/695
Time Frame: March 15, 2010

Average Online Price: $61.00 (3 Total Auctions)

Aroldis Chapman recently signed with the Cincinnati Reds. Who knows how fast he will make it through their system but the hype is already behind this Cuban defector. This is his first certified Autograph RC card. Aroldis Chapman already has some Base (Non-Auto) Rookie cards on the market, and you can find a complete list by checking out our RC Checklist for Aroldis Chapman.

This prediction is for the base version #/695. I think after about 2 months the excitement behind this card might cool. Other companies may include him in a set or simpy collectors will be on to the current prospect playing well in the MLB. This one could go either way! If he is tearing up the Minor Leagues and speeds up to the Majors (which is possible) then the value would go up quite a bit. But I get a feeling that he might need some seasoning in the Minors before getting a call-up to the bigs. Therefore, I see a small drop in price. I don't see much competition, but I see other prospects taking the stage come Mid March.
2009 Donruss Elite EEE Aroldis Chapman Auto RC
Our Prediction: Down Arrow 10%  (About $6 Per Card Decrease)
Correct - The Price Did drop with all the Strasburg and Heyward hype.
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January 2, 2010

eBay Product Search: 2010 Topps Series 1 Baseball Hobby Box

Time Frame: February 1, 2010 (1 Week After Going Live)

Average Online Price: $60.00 Per 36 Pack Box

This year Topps has exclusive rights to MLB baseball cards. Upper Deck and others will still take their shots but Topps will be the real deal. I expect baseball collectors to unite around Topps and make it the leading brand, making each set highly collectible.

Who knows what surprises Topps has in store as I'm sure some cards on the Checklist will be SP or rare. I think a set like this can go either way. If the Jumbo Box Version sells better on eBay than 36 Pack boxes might not blow up as much.

However if 2009 was any kind of sign, I think 2010 will pop right off the bat. I think we're looking at $65 - $70.00 as the average price paid when the cards go live in late January 2010.

Our Prediction: Up Arrow 10% (About $6 Per Box Increase)

Find a Box Now on eBay: 2010 Topps Series 1 Baseball Hobby Box

MISS - Boxes are actually selling for about 10% less.
2010 Topps Albert Pujols
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