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Sports Trading Card Price Tracker We talk a lot about price movement of single cards and sports trading card boxes on The Sports Card Show Podcast. Each month we'll pick some hot items in the sports card world and monitor the price action over the month. Sometimes we make prediction on if the price is going to go up or down.
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October 1, 2010
During the NFL off-season many experts and fantasy football owners thought that Shonn Greene, NY Jets running back, would have a good season. The Jets signed veteran RB LaDanian Tomlinson - and he has looked like the 'old' LT and has taken the starting job from young Shonn Greene. This has fantasy owners 'dropping' him from lineups and rosters - and others thinking that this young RB might be not be a valuable player for the Jets later in the season.
The bottom line is that Shonn Greene really didn't play much until late into 2009 because the Jets had Thomas Jones still providing production from the backfield. Greene's late season performance including some nice playoff games were partly due to the fact that he had fresh legs and was running hard. Seems like a similar situation might play out over the course of the 2010 NFL season as well. LT has been getting the bulk of the carries - but who really thinks he will be as strong in week 14 as LT seems now? Our guess is that Tomlinson wears down over the course of the season (or possibly gets injured) and Shonn Greene will emerge again as the feature back in the NY Jets offense.

If/When Shonn Greene gets back into the lineup - he will again have the advantage of being fresh when defenses are worn down late in the season. If this happens - we expect Shonn Greene 2009 SP Authentic Auto/Patch RC Cards to rise off the fairly low levels they are now. The Jets look like they are going to be in the playoff hunt and they get lots of national TV press and coverage. This all helps players values if they start playing better.
2009 Upper Deck UD SP Authentic Shonn Greene Auto Jersey RC

We took a look at 5 recently completed auctions from September 21 - October 1 2010. These were more the 1 color or 2 color patch variations. The more premium or prime patch pieces sell for 1.5 - 2x+ the less colorful patches.

Card on eBay: 2009 SP Authentic Shonn Green Auto/Patch RC

Current Avg. Price: $36.21 (5 Auctions)

Our Prediction: Up Arrow ~ 15% (Or Around $41.00 By December 1st)

RESULTS: Fail - these actually went down just a bit considering Shonn Greene has never got a full load this season. The Jets are still a very hot team, and its possible he makes an impact in the Playoffs. I would consider him a risky buy (with upside) because of the Playoff & possible Super Bowl impact. The multi-color variations and logo versions still sell for 1.5 - 2x ++ the more plain jerseys.

Shonn Green 2009 RC Card Checklist
2009 SP Authentic Football Review

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September 15, 2010
Typically I try to stay away from making price predictions for players I follow, and for the most part I think it leads to a biased opinion - but I'm going to take a shot anyway. The SF Giants are fighting for a playoff spot and possibly a division title late into the 2010 baseball season and 'rookie' catcher Buster Posey is a large part of the teams success. Buster played some games for SF late last season - however his presence in the Giants lineup for the past several months have made the Giants a contender to win a playoff spot. His smooth swing, ability to throw runners out behind the plate and general 'nice guy' presence will make him a huge star in the Bay Area.

Playoff baseball is a time where some people who live on the east and west coasts respectively start to see players they only see highlights of. East coast games are on when Californians are finishing up a days work and eating dinner. East coasters are in bed by the time Buster Posey has his first AB of the night. For that reason - I think Posey's cards might have a good chance at getting some exposure. Obviously I'm banking on a couple of things happening.

1 - Giants have to make the playoffs
2 - Buster has to play good

However, if both of those happen - I feel his 2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Autograph RC Card has a good chance at going up even more than it already has. I think Giants fans will jump on board considering they have paid good money for Tim Lincecum Autographs - and east coast prospectors or collectors might like what they see too. Given the price for a non-refractor version is under $100 - that also might mean there is some room to grow. All signs point to the card going up if the team plays well going into October baseball.

Card on eBay: 2008 Buster Posey Bowman Chrome Auto

Current Avg. Price: $77.85 (4 Auctions)

Our Prediction: Up Arrow ~ 10% (Or Around $85.00 Early October)


RESULTS: The Giants ended up making the playoffs - and Buster had a nice 1st game. We looked at 11 auctions ending Oct. 2 - 7 with an average price of $87.03 - With 2 selling for $100.
2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Buster Posey Auto RC

Buster Posey RC Card Checklist

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August 28, 2010

eBay Price Check: 2010 Topps Tim Tebow Rookie Premiere Autograph
Time Frame: October 1, 2010

Average Online Price: $249.95 (2 Total Auctions)

Tim Tebow brought his massive fan base from his days as QB for the Florida Gators, right on over to Denver when the Broncos selected him in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Collectors have been buying Tebow rookie cards from Panini and Press Pass for months but Topps released it's first set of the season on August 25th and the Rookie Premiere Autographs, serial numbered #/90, are some of the most sought after cards in the industry.

All of the RPA cards are signed on-card which is a nice change for collectors who will be bombarded by sticker autographs from Panini and Topps all season long. Two (2) Tim Tebow RC Premiere Autograph cards have sold on eBay during the first 3 days after the release of 2010 Topps and both sold for $249.95. 

Tebow is shaking off some bruised ribs he sustained when diving into the end zone for a TD in a preseason game against the Bengals. Kyle Orton is the starter for the Broncos, and our guess is that Kyle does what he always does - throw the ball short, and play tough. This will keep Tebow on the bench except for special formations, perhaps on the goal line where he can best utilize his toughness and of course, the jump pass. We see the value of his 2010 Topps Rookie Premiere Autograph #/90 going down just slightly, to around $225.00.  We will begin monitoring auctions around the end of September to see if we are right or wrong.  For the record, we at Sports Card Radio would love Tebow to get on the field as soon as possible - he is great for the hobby and anyone running a hobby store can benefit from having Tebow cards for sale.

Our prediction: Down Arrow $25.00  - To at least $225.00 By October 1st

Reported Sales:
10/1/2010 - $190.00
9/24/2010 - $190.00

Correct - The Price Did drop - even more then we expected.

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2010 Topps Tim Tebow Rookie Premier Auto RC