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Show 223: PWCC – PSA – Leaf – BGS – SCANDAL Update

Colin and Ryan update you on the biggest scandals currently in the hobby.

Huge update to the Gary Moser and PWCC trimmed graded cards scam. Looks like the finger pointing has just begun. 

Joe Clemons and Leaf Cards has some explaining to do after more revelations that the former BGS & current Leaf employee gets a shocking percentage of Black Label and Pristine cards. 

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Show #222 Your Luka Doncic Autographs Are Fake & Your Slabs Are Trimmed!

Colin and Ryan sit down and try not to drown in your tears now that Luka Doncic autographs are fake.

More precious trimmed slabs have come up in the last week, and it seems like PWCC, PSA and Gary Moser could be in deep doo doo soon. Will you be too?


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Show #221 More @Garyvee + Zion + Side Hustle vs Income

On today’s show we discuss a blog Garyvee posed to his website.

We discuss the NBA Draft Lottery, that has Zion going to a team he won’t likely have the opportunity to “go off” like Luka Doncic & other rookies have done.

Nearly 100 more “trimmed slabs” have been uncovered since the last show … stay tuned, more to come.

I give you an Amazon update, what I have sold over the last 3 months – while NOT working on making sales. The numbers might surprise you.

Finally, we want to make 2019 your best year ever. Just be sure to recognize the difference between a side hustle and a primary income source. Knowing the difference between the two can setup 2020, 2021 & beyond for you financially.

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Show #220: Trimmed Slabs & @RippingWax Lawsuit Response

Colin & Ryan make a RARE DUAL in studio appearance. 

With private security flanking the door, the twins light into the recent trimmed, fake & altered graded cards by PSA or BGS.

> Documented Trimmed Slabs

60% of you don't have a $1,000 saved in your bank account but 100% of you might have trimmed slabs. 

The 'Midget from Miami' has threatened a lawsuit against Sports Card Radio. We respond to him and his low rent South Beach lawyer. 

> Miami Midget Lawsuit

While you guys keep chasing pictures on grown men, Colin just scooped a new Rolex Daytona and Ryan's 30th match on Bumble just slid into the Tesla. 

And oh yeah, GET BACK to WORK..... SCRUBS!

Show #219: Huge @GaryVee Impact – Heroes of Sport Group Break & Trimming Scam + More +

Colin and Ryan both sit down and discuss the potential huge impact of Gary Vee and the prospect of him starting a card content website.

A massive group break and card trimming scam has landed on Heroes of Sport doorstep. It's so massive, it broke traffic records to the twin brothers million dollar website! Cha-Ching!

The NFL Draft is discussed.

Tiger Woods f***ing won the Masters b***hes! 


......or at least show me how your mom's basement is furnished. SCRUBS!

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