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Show #217 Buy-Sell-Hold + Zion + NFL Talk + More

On today's topic, we talk a lot about a sport that isn't in season right now: the NFL.

 We've got Buy-Sell-Hold NFL QB edition (15:00 Start Time).

Then I talk about Zion Williamson, and the scenarios that could happen next year depending on which card company he decides to sign with (58:00 Time Start).


I talk briefly about the NFL draft, which I don't think will be as good as 2018 was (1:16:40 Start Time).

Vlad Jr was chucking his autograph cards from Panini in a cardboard box! Was the video clip we saw the full story? (1:26:00 Time Start).

Topps keeps coming up with some new ideas, now we have Topps Now Futures.

Finally I discuss how you can make 2019 your best year ever.

Show #216 COMC + 582 + BGS/PSA + Ponzi Panini + Amazon Update

On today's show I discuss a variety of topics I've written down over the last few months.

I'm going to change my strategy on COMC again, this time pouring more money into the site.

I joined the 582 Topps Club, and got an invite to but a $1,000 box as a thank you.

Redemption cards are a Ponzi scheme and Topps, Panini, etc all participate.

I give an update on my Amazon/eBay sales for 2018 and I tell you how my strategy will change in 2019.

On Location: Mojobreak, Layton Sports Cards, GTS Karvin Cheung, Erik Newton, DA Card World Interview

At the Topps Industry Conference, in beautiful Scottsdale, Ryan sits down with an All-Star panel of guests. 

Dan from Mojobreak
Rich from Layton Sports Cards
Karvin Cheung from GTS Distribution 
Erik Newton from Hall of Fame Baseball Cards
Adam Martin owner of DA Card World

Warning: Explicit Language

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