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Show #226 COMC Strategies + Amazon Selling Tips + Card Trimming Update

On today’s show we discuss some strategies I’ve used to sell on COMC and Amazon. Finally we conclude the show talking more about the card trimming and PSA’s latest conference call with investors.

Here are some topics I discuss about buying/selling on COMC.

  • Always make offers
  • Auto accept 20% off
  • Be the lowest price to sell fast
  • Port Sales
  • Buy in the offseason for baseball (Nov/Dec)
  • Sell heading into NBA season

Here are some things I discuss about selling on Amazon.

  • Just start selling
  • Don’t be scared of competition
  • Seasonal items
  • Sell in categories with low return rates
  • Sell items that are tough to find
  • Sell items that are replenish-able
  • Search for items out of stock
  • Expand to Canada
  • Apply for Seller Fulfilled Prime

Here is what we discuss about the Card Trimming 

  • Greed will keep cycle rolling
  • PSA basically points finger at PWCC
  • High end cards is a small market

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Show #224 FBI Knocking + COMC Wishlist + NBA + Progress

Today on the Sports Card Show Podcast, we discuss the latest in the card trimming scandal - including the Washington Post confirming the FBI is investigating.

PWCC has finally lawyered up and it’s gotten REAL quiet around the hobby. Brian Gray, Brent, even Gary Moser were talking - now it’s crickets.

Finest, Pro Debut, S2, Stadium Club go live with a quickness. I’m interested in seeing if the prices hold over the NSCC or if discounting sends prices lower in the coming weeks.

NBA Draft & Free Agents really shook up the NBA. I’m really excited about the NBA season, and I think it will be a fun season to follow NBA trading cards as well.

I have a COMC wishlist! I go through about 5 things I hope the site adds soon.

The NSCC is coming, and hopefully despite the FBI investigations, people on the show floor have a good time.

Finally we discuss the 4th P in making 2019 your best year ever! You need a plan, process - and have patients. But what separates real winners from losers is PROGRESS. However progress can come in many forms - including failure, so embrace progress no matter what happens.

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Show 223: PWCC – PSA – Leaf – BGS – SCANDAL Update

Colin and Ryan update you on the biggest scandals currently in the hobby.

Huge update to the Gary Moser and PWCC trimmed graded cards scam. Looks like the finger pointing has just begun. 

Joe Clemons and Leaf Cards has some explaining to do after more revelations that the former BGS & current Leaf employee gets a shocking percentage of Black Label and Pristine cards. 

Sports Card Show

Show #222 Your Luka Doncic Autographs Are Fake & Your Slabs Are Trimmed!

Colin and Ryan sit down and try not to drown in your tears now that Luka Doncic autographs are fake.

More precious trimmed slabs have come up in the last week, and it seems like PWCC, PSA and Gary Moser could be in deep doo doo soon. Will you be too?


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