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Show #12 Battle Royale UD vs Topps, On Card vs Sticker Auto’s

Don’t Call It A Comeback. We are back, sorry about the break in the action, the old Dell Crashed and Burned, but we’ve got it back up and going!!

This week is a Battle Royale between a few topics. First one is Upper Deck Products vs Topps Products and the differences between the two.  Upper Deck is know for it’s high profile athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Tiger Woods among others.  Where Topps has its own brand along with Bowman Chrome, which produces some of the best Rookie Cards year after year in Baseball.

The other topic is On-Card Autographs vs Sticker Auto’s. I have my own thoughts on this, but I do think Sticker Autographs provide value to the collector, therefore they are a necessary evil.

Plus a BUNCH MORE!! We also announce a New Contest + Last Month’s Winner!!

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The Sports Card Show

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Show #13 Hot Packs + Storing Your Cards

Another Jammed Packed song for you all! This one has several topics ranging from the Hot Pack Auctions on eBay. Plus we go back to basics covering Storing and Protecting your Sports Cards!

We also talk a bit about a website I mentioned a while back and some of the new things they are doing to improve the site. And obviously a whole bunch more!

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Show #14 Distressed Athletes + Baseball Prospect News

The Wall St. Edition of Distressed Athletes or otherwise known as distressed investments/assets. Sometimes a card value goes down so much that it becomes very difficult to sell the card for any money. We will give you some players on this list and what are some things you can do about it!

Our second topic covers some Winter Baseball Prospect news and what you can do to stay up on top of things. The SF Giants in particular are loaded and we cover the MILB Pitcher Of The Year among others.


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Show #21 Fantasy Sports & Card Values – Error Cards – Products

This Edition of The Sports Card Show Features:

Fantasy Sports and how the popularity of Fantasy Sports has increased awareness of card values. Players are always moving in terms of fantasy value and card prices move with them.
Players that are “Hot” Fantasy wise:
Get More Pub on ESPN and other Networks
More information on-line and in newspapers

All this = More Popular and Sometimes means more valuable cards

Error Cards
1990 Frank Thomas NNOF + 1989 Fleer Billy Ripken are probably 2 of the most infamous Error Cards in the 90’s era when Err cards were sizzling!
Today we have low serial # Autographs, Jerseys, Sets and more…so the Error Card has lost its luster a bit. On top of all that Topps & Upper Deck make 10-20 “Sets” these days compared to less than 5 in the early 90’s

Sports Card Box Releases:

Upper Deck SPx Hockey 1/12/2009 $99.00 Per Box
18 Packs – 4 Cards Per Pack
Each Box Contains: One RC Jersey Card – One Auto Rc Card – One Single Jersey Card – One Dual Jersey
Lots Of Parallels

Upper Deck Premier Baseball 1/12/2009 $225.00 Per Box
1 Pack – 7 Cards Per Pack –
Each Pack includes: ONE Autograph Rookie Jersey card – ONE Premier Stitching Patch card – ONE Autograph card – ONE Jersey card – ONE Jersey Patch card – ONE Veteran or Rookie card – and ONE Autograph or Jersey Patch or Multi-Swatch Memorabilia card
Loaded! All Low Serial #’s

Topps American Heritage Baseball 1/12/2009 $95.00 Per Tin
24 Packs – 8 Cards Per Pack – 100 Card Set
Barack Obama “Rookies”

Just Minors Mystery Baseballs 1/13/2009 $50.00 Per Box
1 Autograph MLB Baseball – 2 Autograph Cards – 1 Complete Set
1 Black Autographed Baseball
1 Glossy 1 of 1 Autograph Card
1 Dual or Triple Signature

Went back the the Beckett Website & I share My Thoughts


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