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R-Rated #14: Leaf vs. Upper Deck Hockey Card War

It’s all out war between Leaf Trading Cards and Upper Deck to sign the best young hockey talents to exclusive contracts.

Some Hockey collectors are butt hurt.

Leaf Cards owner Brian Gray allegedly sent emails to Upper Deck brash to try and call off the arms race.

The emails were posted to the Hobby Insider Forum, copies are included below.

In addition to the emails, Gray also noted Upper Deck outbid Leaf for the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) license and Topps might reenter the Hockey card market when Upper Deck’s NHL exclusive ends.

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Upper Deck to IRS: Industry Trolls Hurting Our Business!

Are you a sports card industry troll? In court documents filed on March 16, 2017, Upper Deck claims industry trolls are hurting its business!

Since 2012 Upper Deck has been involved in a dispute with the IRS.

One of the more eye-opening court documents is from July 2013 which states Upper Deck had “combined deficiencies exceeding $160 million from 2000-2004.”

This is on top of a 2008 settlement with the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board for a combined $97 million in back taxes and interest.

On March 16, 2017 the U.S. Tax Court struck down a motion from Upper Deck to seal all records of the ongoing 2012 case.

A new court document reveals explosive details about alleged ongoing harassment Upper Deck and its employees have received as a result of the tax information being public:

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DnT Sports Cards: Group Break Scam

Be careful who you break with! DnT Sports Collectibles owner Dustin Cabaniss Clay tried some sleight of hand during a recent 2016 Panini Honors Football break.

Collectors caught on quick and Clay was lit up across message boards, Twitter, and Facebook.

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