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DnT Sports Cards: Group Break Scam

Be careful who you break with! DnT Sports Collectibles owner Dustin Cabaniss Clay tried some sleight of hand during a recent 2016 Panini Honors Football break.

Collectors caught on quick and Clay was lit up across message boards, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Blowout Cards HACKED: Collectors Hit For $100K +

Blowout Sports Cards has been hacked! First reported by Sports Collectors Daily in April, word of the attack is slowly trickling through the hobby.

Credit and debit card users from January – April 20, 2017 could have been impacted.

A quick browse through a forum thread about the data breach, one collector got hit for $30,000 in fraudulent charges!

The response from Blowout has been weak at best. Some are reporting they have discovered fraudulent charges without getting notice from the company.

New Podcast: Blowout Sports Cards Hacked

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Panini America Greatest Hits of Fraud, Scams & Mistakes

Here are the top mistakes, blunders, scams and/or boo-boos in the short history of Panini America’s presence in the U.S. sports card market since 2009.

Magic Johnson Autographs on Jordan Swagerty Cards
(2010) – The Magic Mistake

The first high profile mistake by Panini. The company affixed Lakers legend Magic Johnson sticker autographs on then baseball prospect Jordan Swagerty Donruss Elite cards. Swagerty never made it out of AA and Panini ended up wasting 905 Magic Johnson autographs on Swagerty cards.

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Cardboard Connection “CEO” Mike Smeth Scandal UPDATE

On March 17, 2016 Cardboard Connection CEO Mike Smeth assaulted 3 people with a gun and threatened to kill them!

The erratic Smeth was sentenced to 5 years and 12 months probation after pleading guilty on February 9, 2017.

Keep in mind, Cardboard Connection CEO Mike Smeth has also been accused of hacking into Panini’s Tracy Hackler and several of his former business associates at Cardboard Connection. It’s believed no criminal charges have ever been filed in regards to the hacking.

I’ve reached out to several current employees of Cardboard Connection for comment and have not received a reply.

Having personally met Smeth before, this is a person you want to stay away from at all costs.

Original Post on the Mike Smeth Scandal

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2017 Topps 65th Anniversary Party Recap

Las Vegas is the land of losers, but not for most who attended the Topps 65th Anniversary Party on January 18th.

See Video From Inside Party (YouTube)

Topps handed out gifts to the privileged crowd, that in most cases, exceeded the steep price to attend. Over 66 Kris Bryant cards were a part of the swag given to every person. His cards just happen to be the hottest thing in the modern baseball card market since Mike Trout and Bryce Harper asserted themselves several years ago.

Personally, I was able to sell 60 of the 65 cards from the 65th Anniversary Kris Bryant Set each attendee got for more then the $2,500 I paid for the pass.

See What Came Inside the Swag Bag (YouTube)

The party could end up being a small financial come up for me, but I felt the event was light on entertainment. I was disappointed there wasn’t even a real nod to their illustrious past making baseball cards.

Collectors who couldn’t attend might question why cards that were meant for unopened packs & boxes be a part of the giveaways for the evening.

For example, I got this Corey Seager 2016 Topps Mint card that was serial numbered 5/5 to the party. I guess those 5 Seager cards from the party never made it into the packs themselves?

See all the 1/1’s I Pulled From 11 Silver Packs (YouTube)

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