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July 2011 Sports Card Radio Email Questions

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July 2011

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Question: I just bought a couple of the 2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball blaster boxes.  As I was looking through the cards I noticed that there were quite a few cards that had the wrong names/pictures.  I didn’t see any record in Sports Card Monthly, but found some references on eBay  and another card site.  Do you have any details on how many of these were made and what the value is?

Answer: Good question, I actually just opened up a blaster myself and kept looking for the errors but didn’t find any.

They do have some value, I’m not sure if this is a complete list – but its probably most of them:,vList,=2009-10+upper+deck+name

I think these were actually spotted by collectors and the magazines haven’t put together a full list. Hope this helps – and they seem to be a nice find.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

2009-10 Upper Deck Kevin Durant Wrong Name Derek Fisher

Question: I just wanted to alert you to a small discrepancy that I noticed in your product previews for the 2011 Allen & Ginter
Uninvited Guests Insert Set
.   The checklist is listed with card # UG2 Bobby Mackey’s Music World.  However, I just pulled this same card # UG2, and my version is printed as “The White House”.  I have attached a couple of pics, for your convenience.  I’m not sure whether this is an error or perhaps there are some variations that I am not yet aware of, however I just wanted to alert you to this possible error.

Thank you for your time and for the informative information that you provide on your site.

Answer: Thanks for the information! I have since updated my checklist to reflect the change. If you ever see any more errors on any of my pages feel free to email me.

Thanks again, and best of luck with your collection.

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Uninvinted Guests Cemetery

Question: Any idea when 2011 Panini Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball is scheduled and checklist info?

Answer: Donruss EEE usually comes out toward the back half of the year, and I’d expect information by September if it were to come out this year. Panini did say it was releasing the product in 2011 on Twitter.

Question: While my son and I were opening our 2011 Topps Series 2 Baseball cards, we came across 2 packs of cards that the card backs were different(brown and not white), including a different Topps logo on the front.They are numbered the same as the white backs. I didnt see these cards on the check found on your site. Can you let me know what type of cards these are?

Answer: That’s a good observation and I had to double check on those cards, however they are “Target” cards, because I believe they can only be found in retail packs at Target. I believe they are somewhat more rare, and some have some decent value. I double checked the photo against other cards in the set and they appear to be similar:

I’ll add a note about these on our checklist, thanks for sending me this – and hopefully this helps. Thanks for the question.


June 2011 Sports Card Radio Email Questions

Email! June 2011
E-Mail Question & Answers

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Thanks for posting the comprehensive checklists for all the sets. I’ve found them very useful since I’m the type of collector who builds sets.

Earlier today, I pulled an SP Sparkle card from Series Two that isn’t on your list yet. #421 Dominic Brown of the Phillies. I have attached a scan for your reference.

Thanks again and keep the site going!

I have heard about this card – but many think that the sparkle at the top of his helmet is a natural sparkle from the reflection of sunlight. If you hear from Topps or know of otherwise – let me know. I do know many are buying and selling this card as a sparkle, but a good many hobby folks think it’s just sunlight from the picture.

2011 Topps Domonic Brown Sparkle

This is just a question hoping you guys can point me in the right direction….. I’m looking for one card, and I was wondering if you know what websites or card stores I could look into having it.  Ebay hasn’t had it for two years now and I’ve done alot of looking around on the web with no luck…..

2008 Upper Deck BAP Rookies Josh Tordjman #251

I know it’s a long shot, but I’m hoping one of these long shots will hit the mark!
Thanks for all the info you guys give on the hockey products and checklists, wouldn’t know about some sets if I hadn’t heard it from you guys!

Thanks for the e-mail, usually I can find someone selling a card … but can’t find anyone with this card right now. Not exactly sure why. I’m sure one will pop up, but if you haven’t … try posting on some forums like Freedom Cardboard and Sports Card Forum … there could be a collector that has this card somewhere in their collection. If you offer to pay 5-10x book value, it should at least get them looking for it.

Sorry I couldn’t help you further. Other than eBay, SportLots, CheckOutMyCards, Burbank Sports Cards are the ones I would check regularly for the card in the future. Best of luck – hope you can find a copy one day soon.

I wonder if you can answer or comment on the following.  I pulled some cards out of Target packs with grey cardboard backs.  No shine, color, etc.  Similar to something you see 30 yrs ago.  Thought they were misprints.  Sent back to Topps for replacement.  Their comment was they were “grey back subset” and not misprints or bad cards.

That is correct – I’ve heard some people refer to them as “original backs”.  I believe they are only available in retail packs. In retail $20 boxes – I think one whole pack has all original backs.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

My son and I want to know if SAGE is going to come out with a SAGE squared this year. We are relatively new to the hobby and those autographs are reasonably priced compared to other products. Also, I read your review on 2011 sage autograph and you mentioned that it had 12 autos per box but I think it comes with 14.

I am pretty sure Sage will come out with Squared this year – they haven’t released any info yet but it was the last product they released in 2010. I will be sure to keep an eye out for the information and update my site a.s.a.p.

Thanks for the heads up on the 14 autographs – not sure where I got 12 from.

Good luck with you and your son’s collection and if you ever have any questions feel free to email me anytime.

2009 Sage 2 Football Pack

Love your website
Quick question is topps doing finest baseball this year if so do you know when????

Thanks for your time

Finest is coming out around Sept. 27 Here is an early checklist.

2011 Finest Derek Jeter Gold Refractor Base Card

May 2011 Sports Card Radio Mail Bag Questions & Answers

Where do you find the diamond di cut or die cut cards? Are they inserted in packs at all?

Thanks for the e-mail! I think you are referring to the 2011 Topps Baseball Diamond Card found via the Diamond Anniversary code cards.

Basically you redeem codes (on the redemption card inserted into packs) online for a chance to win one of the real diamond cards, or one of the parallel cards – or another vintage card from the past sets, much like the million card give-away. While I can’t recall seeing a real diamond card myself – I’m sure they will be available on eBay, if they aren’t already. The cards themselves are not inserted into packs – you must ‘win’ the card by redeeming the code & Topps will send it to you.

Hope that helps, if its another set you are referring to, let me know and I’ll try to help.
Thanks for the e-mail

Hello! I do have a question…from 2011 Prestige Checklist, do you have any information regarding the NFL Equipment Logo Patch Autographs? I know 2010 Prestige was /25, but I don’t see anything for 2011.

What they are ###’d to I don’t know. I would guess it’s around 25. I will update the checklist I have going hopefully with more details if they ever emerge.

2011 Panini Prestige NFL Equipment Logo Patch Autograph

How do I start selling cards off my smart phone?

I know you can sell using the eBay App on either Apple or Android phones. Its a pretty simple process where you can upload the photo from your phone, and type in the basic description … then list to eBay. I’m not sure how the other platforms work on the phone, but I know the eBay one works pretty well and its worth checking out if you want to use your phone. Hope this helps and best of luck with your sales.

I just found your show and have listened to the last few episodes on itunes.  It is very enjoyable and I wanted to thank you for it.

I have just re-gotten in to cards… I collected as a kid in the 80’s and now I am getting back into it with my son.  We are really into the basketball cards (we have focused a lot on the Absolute Memorabilia basketball).  I am really getting confused though – so much has changed since I collected.  It seems like a new basketball set is being released nearly every other week.  I dont really feel like I can get into every set (the boxes are so expensive now) so I wondered what set you would recommend as probably holding it value the longest.

Thanks for the e-mail and I’m glad you’ve gotten back into cards. The releases come out very often, but in fact – they used to come out more often when Upper Deck, Topps, Donruss, Fleer and a couple of other brands were in business. Now its really just Panini (who is Donruss, Score, and some other brands) and Upper Deck who uses the College uniforms/license.

In terms of what might hold its value – the rookie cards really tend to go up/down, but are highly collectible as the years go on of top players. On-card autographs hold their value over time more than sticker autographs. In basketball, brands like National Treasures and Exquisite tend to be more collectible, mainly because they are the most expensive sets … but even ‘common’ players tend to sell for more than other brands.

In terms of what I think might be undervalued in the sport, probably ‘vintage’ bball cards (pre 1986). Autographs of non ‘stars’ are usually cheaper than other sports … so I think if the NBA got more popular, there would be some growth in that area. NBA cards are certainly a distant 3rd behind Baseball and Football collecting – so you can find good deals on almost any player.

My favorite current set from Panini is Classics, because they have all on-card autographs RC cards, unlike most every other set they make. Also, I almost never buy boxes, as the top single cards can usually be had for the box price … so you might as well buy the single. (For example, John Wall auto’s sell for $100+, I’d rather buy one of his autographs than an $80 box)

Hope this helps – if return on investment is important, take your time and do lots of research before buying. If you just want to have some nice cards, experiment with the teams/players you like & you can’t go wrong. Let me know if you have any other questions, would be happy to help. Best of luck with your collection!

Love your website
Quick question, is topps doing finest baseball this year if so do you know when????

thanks for your time

Good question! Looks like the preliminary release date is: September 27, 2011
You can find the early checklist here.

Thank you!

2011 Topps Finest Baseball


April 2011 Sports Card Radio Questions & Answers

April 2011 E-Mail Question & Answers 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball UPC Redemption For Missing Hits

I heard that if I send in the UPC code off the bottom of the box I will get an additional auto for each one. If this is true please let me know where to send them to and can I send them all at the same time?
Thank you

Yes, you can mail in your UPC code off the bottom of the box to receive an additional autograph if you were shorted. I believe you can send them in all at once – as Topps has allowed this in the past – and encouraged it with other redemption programs. But you might want to give customer service a call and find out if that is okay with Gypsy Queen boxes: 1-800-489-9149 between the hours of 8:30am-4:30pm (ET), Monday through Friday.

Here is the address to send in the codes:

The Topps Company Inc.

PO BOX  2036

Duryea, PA  18642

2010 UD Exquisite Football RC Bookmark Y RedemptionsQuestion: Is it known yet who the players are for the Rookie Bookmark Y redemptions???

Answer: It is not known yet. Upper Deck wanted to leave room because they were not sure whom they were going to get to sign for their set. I’m not a big fan of doing redemptions that way but it appears as though Upper Deck will start doing them like that. At the Industry Summit in March 2011, Upper Deck got positive feedback from store owners who liked the idea of ‘mystery’ redemption cards – as Upper Deck could fulfill them with the players they could readily attain. Also, the theory is if its a ‘mystery’ redemption, there is a good chance the company could redeem them all. The challenge is, on the secondary market – its tough to buy/sell them. I would expect the announcement to come first via the company Twitter and/or Facebook.

1988 Sporting News Publishing Company Conlon Collection 30 Card Set

Question: I have come across this set a guy is wanting me to sell for him. He says he has been told from several people that it is extremely rare and valuable! Here it is and thanks for your help!

Baseball Immortals
1905-1935 Edition Conlon Collection
1988 Sporting News Publishing Company
30 cards in the set and there are no numbers on the back of the cards
Some players he mentioned are Ruth, Plank, Adams among others
Any help on this would be great! I hope he has something here!

Answer: I’m not 100% sure on complete set value, but it appears the cards are not all that particularly rare (as most weren’t in 1988)

for example – I believe this is one card in the set:

Based on the price of the Ty Cobb, I would consider the retail/book price of the set to be possibly around $100, but its possible there are cards within the set that are more valuable.

Hope this helps, if they were actually from 1905-1935, they would certainly be rare … and much more valuable. 1988 – 1999 happens to be when they produced more cards than any other era, so the majority of cards have little value.

Let me know if this helps.

2011 Upper Deck Football Dan Marino Card

Question: You show the Dan Marino card on your site but there is no Marino card in the set. Is this card a short print or will it be part of a series 2  later in the year?


Answer: That was a picture of a very early mock-up that UD released several months before the release of the set. Thanks for letting me know. As far as I know – they do not have plans on a Series 2 and they probably just canceled the Dan Marino Card for some reason.

2011 Upper Deck Dan Marino Early Promo Photo (Does Not Exist)

2011 Upper Deck 25 Stripe Football Cards

Question: Can you tell me what kind of cards you would get for these redemption cards?

Answer: You receive 25 of the players regular rookie card from 2011 Upper Deck. The same ones found in packs – just with no stripe. Its an idea that stems back to the early 1990’s when a company called Wild Card did a similar promotion. The ‘unredeemed’ version of Brett Favre RC Card sell for good money.

2011 Upper Deck Football Greg Jones 25 Stripe RC Card Redemption

2011 Upper Deck Football SP Autographs

Question: Do you guys know if any of the Rookie Autographs are SP’d? Some are claiming that a few are, but I haven’t seen anything yet. For instance, Jacquizz Rodgers. His auto SP’d? Thanks guys! Love the site!

Answer: That is a good question – I’ve seen some sites throw up a ‘Sp’ list that maybe they researched on eBay.  Upper Deck probably did put some Sp’s within the auto set. I will have to wait for UD to come up with an official list – because I would hate to be wrong.

Jacquizz Rodgers is a good candidate to be Sp’d because it looks like he only signed 245 letterman cards which is even less then someone like A.J. Green.

Sometimes you can look at sets that have come out (or the letterman print run) – like Press Pass and Sage and you can get an idea from print runs on that set – “who is charging the most to sign”. 🙂  I noticed Nick Fairley had very limited amounts of autographs and that is probably because he (and his agent) were asking way too much $$$ for his autograph and therefore they only put a few out there. I noticed Upper Deck didn’t have him sign at all.

I would imagine UD will release a list shortly. I would think the Sp lists that are floating out there are pretty accurate.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

2011 Upper Deck Football Casey Matthews Autograph Card

Selling A 2008 Bowman Chrom Jesus Montero Auto

Question: Should I sell my 2008 Bowman Chrome Jesus Montero Autographed Baseball card? It is going for $60 – $70 on the bay. He is hitting .400 right now. And you know once someone goes to the BIGS their AVG. goes down …look at Brandon Belt. Please reply, because you are my sportscards financial advisor!

Answer: I’m always looking to sell, even though it doesn’t always work out every time (as some guys just continue to go up).

It also depends on your budget – if the 60 – 70 will help you purchase some new cards or pay a bill, than for sure move it. But if you feel like risking the $70 for even higher gains – Usually like in Belt’s case – he would have had to tear it up for his cards to be selling for more than Posey and other teammates. I feel that a guys cards are sometimes hotter when they are in the minors — and there is still a chance they could be the next Pujols. Jason Heyward and even Starlin Castro — who is doing good this season … don’t get the huge ‘pop’ because they aren’t the ‘new kid’ anymore.

I’d sell it, but I’d turn around and buy more ‘cheaper’ prospects that all could go up too.

Let me know what you decide. Best of luck

2010/11 Panini Hall of Fame Basketball Pat Riley #115

Question: I put together the base set of the 2009-10 Panini Basketball Hall Of Fame set. My set contains 149, but the Panini checklist states there are 150 cards. I checked the Beckett Price Guide and they have 149 cards. The missing card is #115 Pat Riley. Do you know if the #115 Pat Riley card exists?

Answer: Good question – a quick search around and there are no Pat Riley cards from that set that I can find. I’m guessing they just canceled it for some reason towards the end of production. My guess would be that there was a production error on the card that couldn’t be fixed in time, so they just scrapped the card. I’ll make a note of that on the checklist and thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Hall of Fame Basketball Status In 2011/12

Question: Do you know if Panini is coming out with another Basketball Hall of Fame set this year?

By the way, your site is awesome…your checklists are very helpful.

Answer: I’m not sure on Hall of Fame for this season. I haven’t heard anything about Studio, Court Kings, Crown Royale, National Treasures or Hall of Fame – which were sets last year. I’m guessing that Gold Standard replaced one, if not two sets (probably Studio, but I’m not sure) … My guess would be that they would do another HOF set, since they had an agreement they signed last year with them, but it would be a post-season release like last year.

I know box prices dropped below wholesale on this product – so in order for it to return, Panini will need to make some enhancements or configuration changes to make it more profitable for the dealers. Studio, Court Kings and Crown Royale were the same until Blake Griffin started playing.

Hope this helps. I haven’t heard anything about a new basketball set in a while – so I’m guessing that in the next couple of weeks we should hear something. (As Absolute and Classics are live, and Gold Standard is a month away)

Glad you enjoy the site, good luck with your collection.

UPDATE: The day I send this e-mail, Panini announces 10/11 Panini Totally Certified Basketball, and I have early release dates for Season Update, Hoops and National Treasures basketball here. Still no word on Hall of Fame Basketball.

What Sports Card Wholesaler To Choose

Question: Read your list of wholesalers and wanted to know from your experience where would be the best place to go If I wanted to sell boxes of cards on ebay. Which wholesaler would I go to be able to make a profit.
Thanks for your time.

Answer: Thanks for the e-mail. I would try as many as you could … Including All Sports Marketing, Global Sports, Peach State Sports, Edgeman and others. Upper Deck and Panini have recently changed the rules regarding sales online of new product without a physical store-front, so you’ll want to check into that before you plan on selling their current products. Having as many options as you can is usually the best way to shop around when you find a box that is selling well online.

They will all have similar prices – and you’ll have to pick and choose which boxes are hot at the time. Often times the price on eBay will be the same or lower than what they are offering. Usually when RC’s within the set start getting hot (like Blake Griffin) you can make a few bucks selling ‘older’ product. You can make money on pre-orders, but at the same time – you can get burned if the price drops after release.

Selling other fan items from Wincraft or other distributors is another good way to keep a steady profit line coming in, as sports cards can be somewhat inconsistent depending on what is happening in the leagues. Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon are also good to sell, I remember selling as much Yu-Gi-Oh online as sports cards back 10 years ago.

There is no 100% guarantee make money product, but if you stay up on the hot players/teams – you can make money when the fans get excited about a team or player.

Hope that helps, and best of luck. Let me know if you have further questions.

2010 Topps Heritage Baseball Dice Game Variations

Question: I just found your website while trying to find info on this set of cards. Great stuff by the way!! I appreciate any help you can provide as to which players are part of the game and if there is any info on how to play the game. I have one card with Chase Utley but it is not numbered that I can see. I would like to try and get the other 18 if possible but need to know who and what I am looking for. I went to a local card shop and they had no idea what I was talking about. Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing back from you.

Answer: It sounds like you found the rare dice game variation cards from 2010 Topps Heritage Baseball.  Those cards pay homage to a set Topps released back in 1961.  I believe these are all the cards from the set:

Albert Pujols
Joe Mauer
Grady Sizemore
Alex Rodriguez
Matt Kemp
Justin Upton
Mark Teixeira
Chipper Jones
Chase Utley
Adam Jones
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Derek Jeter
Ian Kinsler
Hanley Ramirez
Vladimir Guerrero
Victor Martinez
Tim Lincecum

Your best bet is to look at cards either online or in person from 2010 Topps Heritage Baseball. Most sellers online list the cards under “2010 Heritage Dice” – that will yield 34 cards on eBay. They are popular – and sell for around $3-10 depending on the player.

Let me know if you have any other questions – good luck on your quest and let me know if you ever need any more help.

2011 Topps CC Sabathia Gold With No Serial Number

Question: I have added scans of both the front and the back of my Topps 2011 Gold parallel CC. Sabathia card, as I understand it all of these cards are serial numbered to 2011, but as you can see this one has nothing?!  I can’t find anyone else who has had a gold parallel like this one, so any help would be great and how much value would this card have if any?

Answer: The value would all depend, you’d really need at least 2 people bidding against it to get a big price on eBay, or find a CC Sabathia fan that really wanted the card. I’d think that it would have a similar value to a non-auto CC Sabathia card #1/1 or #/5 or less, considering there is possibly less than a handful of these around. But its possible you could get more if you could get verification from Topps. My guess is that it was a printing error – as its possible the cards are made, then serial numbered. For quality control purposes they probably keep some gold cards un-numbered, just in case they need to re-print a particular card. This card is probably the ‘extra’ CC Sabathia’s that they had, and it accidentally made it into real packs.

Hope that helps

2011 Topps Opening Day Baseball Toys R US Exclusives

Question: I really enjoy your site and just wanted to let you guys know that there are special inserts only available at Toys R Us. Geoffrey the giraffe has been added for one card to 5 teams. I’ve included the checklist if that helps you out. If you guys are already aware, I’m sorry just thought I’d help out 🙂

#TRU1 – New York Yankees
#TRU2 – Boston Red Sox
#TRU3 – Philadelphia Phillies
#TRU4 – Chicago Cubs
#TRU5 – San Francisco Giants

Please continue the great work and I hope you enjoy this years season

Answer: Thanks for the heads up!  I never would have noticed those cards. Took me awhile to find a picture of one! I’ve updated the Opening Day Checklist with your information. Thanks again, if you ever notice anything is missing from any of our checklists feel free to send me an email anytime! Thanks for coming to our site!

2011 Topps Opening Day Baseball Toys R Us Geoffrey Giraffe Card


March 2011 Sports Card Radio E-Mail Questions

March 2011 Email Questions and Comments

To Sports Card Radio: Here are some pictures of a 2011 Topps Sketch Card…

Answer: Wow! Is all I can say. Great card, Thanks for the e-mail – hope you get more hits like this! Added it to the 2011 Topps Baseball checklist page … those are cool cards.

2011 Topps Sketch Card Roger Maris

Question: I pulled a 09-10 Absolute Memorabilia Lebron James Frequent Flyer Prime, with a rainbow effect and it is number 1/5 on the back.  It has white red and gold colors in the jersey.  I cant find how much it is anywhere.  Can you help me price it?

Answer: Thanks for the e-mail, I’ll try to give you a range – but its tough because its so low numbered + multi color, plus its #1/5 so that adds a very slight premium as well (which is good 🙂

Not too many multi-color LeBron cards on eBay, there was one Absolute that ended a few weeks ago for $52.50 on a Best Offer – it was a nice card #/10…multi color patch, but it almost looked ‘fake’ to me because the patch was almost too nice.

Looked through most of LeBron’s stuff, most of it is one color — depending on the size, and if those are Patches from the jersey and not just fabric colors … you might get between $60 – $80 on eBay. I can’t see it selling for more than $80 unless LeBron/Heat are red-hot, but I could be wrong.

That’s eBay, if you find a fan or a collector that really needs that card – you can probably get $100+ in Trade Value if they really want it, because that particular card doesn’t pop up for sale very often (probably less than 5 times I guess) If you find a collector that really wants it, they might even give you $100 cash for it, just depends on what kind of collection they are trying to build.

Hope that helps, if you sell it online, throw up some good photos front/back as that will help you sale even if you’ve got to pay an extra fee for them.

Question: You probably already know this but  card # 40 is Luke Schenn and not Caputi.

Answer: Appreciate this – I updated the Donruss Hockey page. If you ever see any other errors (we try to not make too many:) please feel free to contact us. Thanks again,

Question: Can you please tell me what the difference between these 2010 Bowman Chrome Base and Refractors are?   I cant call it….. There is no difference in the image at all. The only thing that is different is The word “REFRACTOR”?

Answer: That is correct – there is not much difference between the base cards – and the refractor cards. They did a little better job with those in years past – the refractor cards really stood out when you were opening a pack because it kind of “refracted” light and you’d get kind of a rainbow effect from the gloss.

No picture changes on the refractor cards. They’ve now since gone to all kinds of variations for those, the most popular of course being the 1/1 Superfractors.

It’s hard for me to pick out refractor cards now without looking at the back to make sure it says it on the card. I’ve heard that Topps might use a different printer for the 2011 versions and maybe that will restore some of the “refractness” from years past.

Let me know if you have any other questions about Bowman Chrome cards or any other set.

Question: On the 2010 Certified Football checklist you guys just say (not everyone has one) for the mirror gold patches. I was wondering which players don’t, or preferably the list of those who do, im putting together the set, thanks

Answer:  Here is a list for the Gold Jersey Cards – let me know if this is the parallel set you are trying to build. Best of luck on your quest, let me know if you need any further help.

Mirror Gold Materials #1 Chris Wells/5
Mirror Gold Materials #5 Matt Ryan/15
Mirror Gold Materials #7 Roddy White/50
Mirror Gold Materials #12 Joe Flacco/50
Mirror Gold Materials #13 Ray Lewis/50
Mirror Gold Materials #14 Ray Rice/50
Mirror Gold Materials #16 Lee Evans/50
Mirror Gold Materials #17 Marshawn Lynch/50
Mirror Gold Materials #19 DeAngelo Williams/50
Mirror Gold Materials #20 Jonathan Stewart/50
Mirror Gold Materials #22 Steve Smith/50
Mirror Gold Materials #24 Devin Hester/50
Mirror Gold Materials #25 Greg Olsen/50
Mirror Gold Materials #26 Jay Cutler/50
Mirror Gold Materials #27 Matt Forte/50
Mirror Gold Materials #29 Carson Palmer/50
Mirror Gold Materials #30 Cedric Benson/50
Mirror Gold Materials #31 Chad Ochocinco/50
Mirror Gold Materials #37 Mohamed Massaquoi/50
Mirror Gold Materials #38 Felix Jones/50
Mirror Gold Materials #39 Jason Witten/50
Mirror Gold Materials #40 Marion Barber/50
Mirror Gold Materials #42 Tony Romo/50
Mirror Gold Materials #43 Eddie Royal/50
Mirror Gold Materials #45 Knowshon Moreno/50
Mirror Gold Materials #46 Kyle Orton/50
Mirror Gold Materials #48 Calvin Johnson/50
Mirror Gold Materials #49 Matthew Stafford/20
Mirror Gold Materials #52 Donald Driver/50
Mirror Gold Materials #55 Ryan Grant/50
Mirror Gold Materials #56 Andre Johnson/50
Mirror Gold Materials #62 Dallas Clark/50
Mirror Gold Materials #63 Joseph Addai/50
Mirror Gold Materials #64 Peyton Manning/50
Mirror Gold Materials #67 David Garrard/50
Mirror Gold Materials #68 Maurice Jones-Drew/50
Mirror Gold Materials #69 Mike Sims-Walker/50
Mirror Gold Materials #72 Dwayne Bowe/50
Mirror Gold Materials #73 Jamaal Charles/50
Mirror Gold Materials #74 Matt Cassel/50
Mirror Gold Materials #81 Ronnie Brown/50
Mirror Gold Materials #82 Adrian Peterson/50
Mirror Gold Materials #83 Bernard Berrian/50
Mirror Gold Materials #84 Brett Favre/25
Mirror Gold Materials #85 Percy Harvin/50
Mirror Gold Materials #86 Sidney Rice/50
Mirror Gold Materials #87 Visanthe Shiancoe/50
Mirror Gold Materials #88 Laurence Maroney/50
Mirror Gold Materials #89 Randy Moss/50
Mirror Gold Materials #90 Tom Brady/50
Mirror Gold Materials #91 Wes Welker/50
Mirror Gold Materials #92 Devery Henderson/50
Mirror Gold Materials #94 Jeremy Shockey/50
Mirror Gold Materials #97 Brandon Jacobs/50
Mirror Gold Materials #98 Ahmad Bradshaw/50
Mirror Gold Materials #102 Braylon Edwards/50
Mirror Gold Materials #103 Jerricho Cotchery/50
Mirror Gold Materials #108 Darren McFadden/50
Mirror Gold Materials #112 Brent Celek/50
Mirror Gold Materials #117 Antwaan Randle El/50
Mirror Gold Materials #120 Hines Ward/50
Mirror Gold Materials #121 Rashard Mendenhall/50
Mirror Gold Materials #122 Troy Polamalu/50
Mirror Gold Materials #123 Antonio Gates/50
Mirror Gold Materials #124 Darren Sproles/50
Mirror Gold Materials #125 Philip Rivers/50
Mirror Gold Materials #126 Vincent Jackson/50
Mirror Gold Materials #128 Frank Gore/50
Mirror Gold Materials #131 Vernon Davis/50
Mirror Gold Materials #132 Deion Branch/50
Mirror Gold Materials #139 Steven Jackson/50
Mirror Gold Materials #140 Cadillac Williams/50
Mirror Gold Materials #143 Bo Scaife/50
Mirror Gold Materials #144 Chris Johnson/50
Mirror Gold Materials #145 Kenny Britt/50
Mirror Gold Materials #146 Vince Young/50
Mirror Gold Materials #147 Chris Cooley/50
Mirror Gold Materials #148 Clinton Portis/50
Mirror Gold Materials #150 Santana Moss/50
Mirror Gold Materials #151 Jerry Rice/25
Mirror Gold Materials #153 Irving Fryar/25
Mirror Gold Materials #154 John Taylor/25
Mirror Gold Materials #155 Paul Warfield/25
Mirror Gold Materials #156 Emmitt Smith/25
Mirror Gold Materials #157 Bruce Smith/25
Mirror Gold Materials #158 Cris Carter/25
Mirror Gold Materials #159 Rickey Jackson/25
Mirror Gold Materials #160 Len Dawson/25
Mirror Gold Materials #161 Lenny Moore/25
Mirror Gold Materials #163 Terry Bradshaw/25
Mirror Gold Materials #164 Todd Christensen/25
Mirror Gold Materials #167 Bo Jackson/25
Mirror Gold Materials #168 Curtis Martin/25
Mirror Gold Materials #169 Ernie Davis/25
Mirror Gold Materials #278 Damian Williams/25
Mirror Gold Materials #289 Jimmy Clausen/25
Mirror Gold Materials #290 Joe McKnight/25