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Podcast #3 – 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Review

Sports Card Focus is BACK this week we have Ryan on to talk about recently release 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball.

Seems like collectors have been collecting these cards at a fairly high clip and boxes were starting to climb over the $100 level.
The most popular cards seem to be the SP Photo Variation and Mini SP Photo Variations – which are sometimes really hard to tell if it’s an SP or not. Make sure you check out all the photos we have on the SP Variation pages because I could see someone not knowing certain cards were SP and you might be able to get a good deal – especially a few years from now.

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Regular Base Tony Gwynn Card 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen SP Tony Gwynn Variation Card


Podcast #2 Redemption Cards + Pricing + Voice Mail

This week we have Chris from the Football Card Podcast join me for a conversation about all types of Trading Card Related topics. We talk about how redemption cards can keep collectors away from a product because of early redemption dates or just for the fact that you might never get the card returned by the company. We also discuss the fact that Joe Montana Rookie Cards have the down arrow in value and what that means about other similar athletes down the road. Our voice mail line is up and running – we would have had about a dozen calls to play, but yours truly messed up most of the ones that we had saved. However, I did have 2 that I got from a while back and we play those on today’s podcast. Give us a call anytime 916-222-1116 and we’ll play your take on the air.

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Podcast #1 – Pricing Sports Cards + Fake Jersey Patch Cards

Podcast #1 – Pricing Cards + Fake Jersey Patch Cards

This is the debut episode of the Sports Card Focus Podcast – where we put the focus on you the collector each and every week. This podcast takes submissions from anyone that wants to share their voice to the hobby community. All you have to do is send your audio takes to:

On today’s episode we have 2 submissions – that we hope will be the first of many for these two popular Sports Card Bloggers.

Chris from The Football Card Podcast talks pricing and how that has an effect on the hobby. Its funny how pricing is such an important part of the hobby, is often confusing or misleading to even seasoned collectors.

Be sure to check out Chris’ Previous Episodes of the Football Card Podcast.

The Sports Card Soapbox – Brought to you by Sports Cards Uncensored
Fake jersey patch cards are still found online daily with people often spending big bucks for something that is not what it appears.

Be sure to take a look at SCU Scam School to learn more on ways to protect yourself against buying fake jersey and autograph cards.

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