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Topps Now Lawsuit Dismissed

The lawsuit against Topps for not producing a Josh Harrison Topps Now card containing an error has been formally dismissed. Case 16JE-CC00562 – PAUL LESKO V THE TOPPS COMPANY, INC. has dissolved just a few months after it began.

Fledgling lawyer, turned book writer, Paul Lesko and his attorney Brandon Michael Wise, ironically of the Wise Firm, must have run out of marijuana or had to return to flipping burgers.

Lesko, who claims in a recent Cardboard Connection article that he believes, “in resolving cases outside of the courthouse whenever possible.” Yet, Lesko decided to sue Topps less than a month after receiving the Topps Now card in question.

Lesko must have never had to wait for Topps to fulfill a redemption card!

Here is an article about the case when it was initially filed: Courthouse News

Sports Card Radio reached out to Topps who have not responded to requests for comment.

Paul Lesko

These images come from eBay, where several sellers have the incorrect card pictured. I wonder if Lesko will sue them next.



Upper Deck Certified Diamond Dealer Conference

Upper Deck is reportedly skipping the annual Las Vegas Industry Summit and will instead host their own dealer conference. Scheduled for January 11-12, 2017 in Phoenix, AZ, it’s a two-day, Industry Summit style conference exclusive to Diamond Dealers.

This is definitely an event I would go to if I was a Diamond Dealer. You’ll most likely end up with enough free stuff to cover the cost of your trip. Phoenix in January should be tremendous weather. Fly into Sky Harbor – the conference hotel is just 4 miles from the airport. Be sure to visit Tempe and Scottsdale if you have the time.

Get face to face with the Upper Deck team and learn about new products and hobby shop initiatives.

Price: $99

When: January 11-12, 2017 in Phoenix, AZ

Sheraton Grand Phoenix
340 N 3rd St
Phoenix, AZ 85004

More Information: Upper Deck Conference

Register By: Friday, December 30, 2016


2016 Panini NFL Kickoff Pack Promotion

Sports card dealers were given the opportunity to get 2 free Kickoff Promo Packs with every box of 2016 Panini Prizm Football or Panini Phoenix Football they purchased from a wholesale distributor.

When card companies run promotions before a product even releases its generally a sign that orders for these and presumably other 2016 NFL products are lower than expected.

Anyways, might have to bump it up to 20 Free Packs to get me to sniff a box of Phoenix Football!



Cardboard Connection Advertising Rates

The advertising rates at Cardboard Connection as of July 2016.

Prices have been slashed since site CEO Mike Smeth’s alleged 5 felony arrest in Georgia.

The arrest comes after a HACKING BOMBSHELL some of Mike Smeth’s old associates dropped. Wow! Wow! Wow!

Screenshot_20160810-194615 (1)


In emails to potential advertisers, Cardboard Connection targets competing websites, this time boasting they get 20x the traffic does.



2016 National Sports Collector Convention Videos

Ryan is back at the NSCC this year located in Atlantic City. He’s says it’s not too ghetto there, but that the casinos are taking a good bit of the money. Also, it’s unfortunate, but a hurricane that swept through the area is still be recovered from. However, for hardcore collectors looking to beef up their collections – there is nothing better than attending this annual event – no matter where it is.

2016 National Sports Collectors Convention – Early Look
– Ryan takes a quick look and tour through the entrance to this years NSCC in Atlantic City.

Baseball Card Exchange
– Ryan takes his annual stroll of the Baseball Card Exchange booth at the 2016 NSCC

Long Stroll
– Ryan takes a 32min walk through the floor to give you an idea of the massive size of the event!!

Friday Part 1
– Ryan takes about a 20min walk through the NSCC show floor on Friday to check out what’s going on.

Friday Part 2

Blowout Cards Booth
– Ryan takes you on a tour of the booth at the 2016 NSCC

Steel City Collectibles Booth
– Ryan takes you around the Steel City Collectibles booth at the 2016 NSCC in Atlantic City

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