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Topps Says No Listing MLB Products on Amazon

Topps sent a cleverly worded statement to some Amazon sellers in early September, stating the company had a policy against listing any of their MLB products on the #1 e-commerce website.

The selling ban covers new and old Topps unopened MLB items. It presumably does not include single cards or used goods, although those aren’t top sellers. Topps made it clear in their statement that sellers are allowed to sell other Topps licensed brands on Amazon.

Source: Daily Wax Cards

It’s unclear if and how the selling ban will be enforced. Amazon will not ask sellers to remove items until Topps or MLB takes further action.

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Firehand Cards Group Breaker HACKED!

The Godfather of Group Breaking got hacked! An email from Firehand Cards CEO Chad Redfern sent to customers on August 30th states several customer accounts were tampered with.

According to the email, no payment card data or bank account information was impacted. Firehand promises new security features “to ensure nothing like this will ever happen again.” A new Firehand website is expected to launch in September.

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“Vegas Dave” Fraudulent PSA Michael Jordan RC Card

Notorious high stakes gambler David Oancea, who is better known as Vegas Dave, has been making waves in the sports card world. He’s reportedly been throwing around big money buying high end graded cards.

But perhaps not everything in Oancea’s life is what it seems.

Vegas Dave recently bragged about this PSA 10 Michael Jordan rookie card on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Topps T206 Buyback Fraud

Some guys will do anything to make a buck in the hobby.

During the 2000’s Topps released a set dubbed Topps 206. Randomly inserted into packs were buybacks of original T206 tobacco cards.

The scam centers around putting an authentic or counterfeit T206 card into a holder of a common card from the Topps 206 set.

Generally, collectors will pay a slight premium for the T206 buybacks over a regular T206.

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