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Show #209 New Years Resolutions + Conferences + $2.35M Transcendent + More

On today’s podcast we discuss the 3 sports card “manufacture” conferences that will be happening during the first two months of the year. Upper Deck, Topps and Beckett will be holding these conferences – which one should you go to if any?

Topps recently released 2017 Topps Transcendent Baseball, a product with a $27,000 price tag. Given there are 87 boxes made – that means Topps is asking the card community to fork over $2.35M during a time when we are buying gifts for others (or yourself like me haha). I think a product like this can be a regular release, however Topps’ timing could be improved.

During our annual New Year’s Resolutions segment, I hand out advice for Panini, Topps, and Upper Deck for 2018.

Finally on our Make America Great Again segment, I discuss my process to finding good stocks, I give you some podcasts I listen to and we discuss how you can make the new tax bill work for you.

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2017 Historic Autographs Originals The 1930s Series 1 Baseball

2017 Historic Autographs Originals The 1930s Series 1 Baseball

  • 1 Card Per Box
  • 16 Boxes Per Case

Hobby Box Configuration;
– 1 Original Card With a Cut Signature Per Box.

Release Date: December 29, 2017

Wholesale Pricing:  $1,848.00 per case (16 boxes)

Find Cards For Sale

There will be 120 different players with 30 of them being enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.

Just 86 hand-numbered cases will be made.

The buybacks are all from 1933 DeLong, 1934-1936 Diamond Stars as well as 1933 and 1938 Goudey. Players’ cards will all be the same across the product.

Look for Babe Ruth, Rogers Hornsby, Mel Ott, Tony Lazzeri, Pie
Traynor, Al Simmons, Hank Greenberg and more.

At least 3 Hall of Famers and 2 SPs per case.

Adams, Sparky – Diamond Stars
Allen, Ethan – Goudey
Averill, Earl – Diamond Stars
Bartell, Dick – Goudey
Benge, Ray – Goudey
Bengough, Benny – Goudey
Berg, Moe – Goudey
Berger, Wally -Diamond Stars
Berry, Charlie – Goudey
Bishop, Max – Diamond Stars
Bluege, Ossie – Goudey #159
Bonura, Zeke – Diamond Stars
Bridges, Tom – Goudey
Burns, Jack – Goudey
Bush, Guy – Goudey
Byrd, Sam -Diamond Stars
Cantwell, Ben – Goudey
Chapman, Ben – Diamond Stars
Clancy, Bud – Goudey
Cochrane, Mickey – Diamond Stars 5
Coffman, Dick – Goudey
Combs, Earle – Goudey
Connally, Sarge – Goudey
Critz, Hugh – Goudey #3
Cronin, Joe – Goudey #63
Crosetti, Frank – Goudey
Crowder, General – Goudey #122
Cuccinello, Tony – Goudey
Davis, Virgil Spud – Goudey
Demaree, Frank – 1938 Goudey
Dickey, Bill – Diamond Stars
Dykes, Jimmy – Diamond Stars
English, Woody – Goudey
Ferrell, Rick – Diamond Stars
Ferrell, Wes – Goudey
Fitzsimmons, Fred – Goudey #130
Fonseca, Lew – Goudey
Ford, Horace – Goudey
Fox, Pete – 1938 Goudey
Frankhouse, Fred – Goudey
Frisch, Frankie – Goudey
Gaston, Milt – Goudey
Gehringer, Charlie – Goudey
Gomez, Lefty – Goudey
Grace, Earl – Diamond Stars
Greenberg, Hank – Diamond Stars
Grimm, Charlie – Goudey
Haas, Mule – Goudey
Hack, Stan – Diamond Stars
Hafey, Chick – Diamond Stars
Haines, Jesse – Goudey
Hallahan, Bill – Goudey
Hartnett, Gabby – Goudey
Herman, Babe – Goudey
Herman, Billy – Goudey
High, Andy – Goudey
Horsnby, Rogers – Diamond Stars
Hubbell, Carl – Diamond Stars
Hudlin, Willis – Goudey
Jackson, Travis – Goudey
Johnson, Henry – Goudey
Jones, Sam – Goudey
Jordan, Buck – Diamond Stars
Jurges, Bill – Goudey
Kamm, Willie – Goudey
Koenig, Mark – Goudey
Kremer, Ray – Goudey
Kress, Red – Goudey
Kuhel, Joe – Goudey
Lazzeri, Tony -Diamond Stars
Lindstrom, Freddie – Goudey
Lopez, Al -Diamond Stars
Lucas, Red -Diamond Stars
Lyons, Ted – Goudey
MacFayden, Danny – Goudey
Mancuso, Gus – Goudey #41
Manush, Heinie – Diamond Stars
Martin, Pepper – Diamond Stars
Melillo, Oscar – Delong
Miller, Bing – Goudey
Moore, Eddie – Goudey
Mungo, Van Lingo – Diamond Stars 5
Myer, Buddy – Goudey
O’Doul, Lefty – Goudey #58
O’Farrell, Bob – Goudey
O’Rourke, Frank – Goudey
Ott, Mel – Diamond Stars
Picinich, Val – Goudey
Piet, Tony – Diamond Stars
Pipgras, George – Goudey
Reynolds, Carl – Goudey
Rice, Sam – Diamond Stars
Richards, Paul – Goudey
Rogell, Bill – Goudey
Rolfe, Red – Diamond Stars
Root, Charley – Goudey
Rowe, Schoolboy – Diamond Stars
Ruffing, Red – Goudey
Russell, Jack – Goudey #167
Ruth, Babe – Goudey #144
Schulte, Fred – Goudey #190
Schumacher, Hal – Goudey #240
Selkirk, George – Diamond Stars
Simmons, Al – Diamond Stars
Solters, Julius – Diamond Stars
Sorrell, Vic – Goudey
Stewart, Walter – Goudey #121
Suhr, Gus – Goudey
Taylor, Zack – Goudey
Terry, Bill – Goudey #125
Traynor, Pie – Diamond Stars
Trosky, Hal – Diamond Stars
Uhle, George – Goudey
Urbanski, Bill – Goudey
Vergez, Johnny – Diamond Stars
Walberg, Rube – Goudey #145
Walker, Dixie – Diamond Stars
Waner, Lloyd – Goudey
Warneke, Lon – Goudey
Williams, Dib – Goudey

2018 Leaf Best Of Sports Box Checklist

2018 Leaf Best Of Sports

  • 2 Cards Per Pack
  • 10 Boxes Per Case

1 Buyback and 1 Best of Sports Insert Per Box.

Release Date: January 26, 2018

Wholesale Pricing: $139 per box / $137 5+ | $135/case (10 boxes)

Find Cards For Sale

Look for cards from across all sports.

Find autographs of Floyd Mayweather Jr., Pele, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Aaron Judge, Aaron Rodgers, Mike Trout and more.