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Stockton Ports Rashun Dixon Game Used Jersey

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Prospect Podcast Ep #3
Recorded April 5, 2012

Players Talked About In Show:
2012 Stockton Ports Roster

Baseball is back! In this episode of the Sports Card Radio Prospect Podcast I preview the 2012 Stockton Ports Minor League team. Some top players include catcher Max Stassi and pitcher A.J. Cole.  One of my favorite players returns to start the season back in Stockton, CA - Twitter star Rashun Dixon. I breakdown all the hitters which includes Miles Head who was acquired in a trade from the Boston Red Sox.

Some of the players on the 2012 Stockton Ports Roster are new to me and I will focus more on them in later episodes. But several players I saw a great deal of in 2011 and I talk about what skills they have. Those players include Stassi, Dixon, Michael Gilmartin, Josh Whitaker, Myrio Richard, Petey Paramore, and Connor Hoehn. Check back for future podcasts as I will be going to all the Ports home games!
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Rashun Dixon Stockton Ports Card
Rashun is back in Stockton in 2012!

Stockton Ports Banner Island Ballpark

2012 Stockton Ports
Team Roster
Oakland A's A+ Minor League Affiliate
Stockton, CA

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Here you will find the 2012 Stockton Ports Roster as it updates throughout the season. Check the link for each player to find out other information like pictures and tidbits. I am a Stockton Ports season ticket holder and attend all home games. The Stockton Ports are the A+ Minor League affiliate of the Oakland A's and play at one of the finest minor league parks in California. Banner Island Ballpark is typically regarded as a hitters yard - but early on in the season the weather is not very warm and it actually tends to favor the pitcher. In 2011 I saw many potential future stars like Michael Choice (A's), Gary Brown (Giants), Nolan Arenado (Rockies), Trevor Bauer (Diamondbacks) and many more. Hopefully 2012 is another great year for the California League.

California League Teams:
Stockton Ports (A's) - San Jose Giants (Giants) - Modesto Nuts (Rockies) - Bakersfield Blaze (Reds)
Lake Elsinore Storm (Padres) - Inland Empire 66'ers (Angles) - Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (Dodgers) Lancaster Jethawks (Astros) - Visalia Rawhide (Diamondbacks) - High Desert Mavericks (Mariners)

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2012 Hitters
Player: Position: Drafted: DOB Arrived in
STK 2012:
STK 2012:

Yordy Cabrera SS 2nd Rd. 2010 05/12/1988
Rashun Dixon RF 10th Rd. 2008 8/27/1990 4/2/2012
Michael Gilmartin 2B 27th Rd. 2009 07/14/1987 4/2/2012
Miles Head 1B 26th Rd. 2009 Bos.
05/02/1991 4/2/2012
A.J. Kirby-Jones 1B 9th Rd. 2010 10/02/1988 4/2/2012
Nino Leyja IF 15th Rd. 2008 10/20/1990 4/2/2012
Eliezer Mesa OF 11/24/1988 4/2/2012
Juan Nunez C 8/27/1987 4/15/2012
Petey Paramore C 3rd Rd. 2008 10/30/1986 4/2/2012 4/14/2012
Sent to AAA Sac
Ryan Pineda IF 28th Rd. 2010 4/17/1989 4/2/2012
Myrio Richard LF/OF 9th Rd. 2009 8/27/1988 4/2/2012
Max Stassi C 4th Rd. 2009 3/15/1991 4/2/2012
Beau Taylor C 5th Rd. 2011 2/13/1990 4/14/2012
Tony Thompson 3B 6th Rd. 2010 12/19/1988 4/2/2012
Josh Whitaker OF 25th Rd. 2010 2/8/1989 4/2/2012

2012 Pitchers
Player: Position: Drafted: DOB Arrived in STK 2012:
Josh Bowman P 10th Rd. 2010 9/9/1988 4/2/2012
Jake Brown P 26th Rd. 2010 12/28/1986 4/2/2012
A.J. Cole P 4th Rd. 2010 Nationals
1/5/1992 4/2/2012
Sean Doolittle P 1st Rd. 2007 9/26/1986 4/2/2012
Jose Guzman P 11/5/1987 4/2/2012
Blake Hassebrock P 8th Rd. 2010 7/15/1989 4/2/2012
Connor Hoehn P 12th Rd. 2009 7/5/1989 4/2/2012
Ian Krol P 7th Rd. 2009 5/9/1991 4/2/2012
Arnold Leon P 9/6/1988 4/2/2012
Nathan Long P 26th Rd. 2009 2/9/1986 4/2/2012
Zach Thornton P 23rd Rd. 2010 5/19/1988 4/2/2012
Blake Treinen P 7th Rd. 2011 6/30/1988 4/2/2012
T.J. Walz P 15th Rd. 2011 11/21/1988 4/2/2012

Rashun Dixon and Michael Choice Stockton Ports
Rashun Dixon #23 - Michael Choice #14
Rashun Dixon - RF

Born: Aug. 27, 1990 
: 10th Rd. 2008  Bonus: $600,000
Seen In Person: 75+ Times
Position: Right Field
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 234
2012 Stockton Ports Roster


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2012 Observations:
  • Got to talk to Dixon before the 4-18-2012 game against the Storm. He is extremely likeable and I have a huge soft spot for Mr. Dixon. He is enjoying his 2nd tour in Stockton and embraces the rigors of the grind of the minor league system.  He struggled at the plate during the game with multiple strikeouts. He has time to put it together as he still is a very young guy. updated 4-18-2012
  • Dixon is back in the lineup - updated 4-17-2012
  • Dixon says on Twitter he will be back today. Rashun can put on quite a show in the batting cage imitating player swings. His teammates truly enjoy him. Updated 4/17/2012
  • Rashun was hurt in the home series versus Modesto. He said on Twitter he should be back any day now. Updated 4/15/2012
  • Dixon appears to be a bit more patient at the plate to start the season. Batting average still low, but some improvements have been applied. Updated 4/14/2012
  • Welcome Back to Stockton Mr. Dixon! Updated 4/2/2012

2011 Observations: Saw Rashun Dixon play all season for the Stockton Ports in 2011. He struggled most of the season at the plate mainly because he has trouble with breaking balls and off-speed pitches. Ended up hitting .243 in 456 AB's, with 135 SO. Dixon needs to display more plate discipline and is a prime candidate to head back to Stockton in 2012. Has some raw power, but hardly ever taps into it because he has trouble squaring up balls. Gets way out in front on breaking balls which leads to his high strikeout total. Played most of the 2011 season at 20 years old which is young for the California League. Defensively Dixon is average and moves well for a man his size. He played all season in RF, although he got into a game at CF for a brief couple innings. He projects as a LF/RF.

Dixon's brother, Anthony Dixon, is a running back for the San Francisco 49ers. Anthony would often attend Ports games during 2011 while the NFL was involved in their lockout. Each at bat, Anthony would pull out his phone and record the AB. It seemed like Rashun had a little bit more bounce in his step when Anthony was at the games.

Rashun can be one of the most engaging players on the team. Sporting a 1980's high flat top for much of the season, if you catch Dixon on the right day, he'll chat it up with you and usually make you laugh. Amongst the crowd, Dixon is one of the favorites in Stockton and he is one of the few players I'll yell at umpires for when he gets screwed on a call.

2011 Highlight: Very early on in the season Dixon hit an opposite field HR off Diamondbacks top prospect Tyler Skaggs. It was a fastball that Rashun just flicked his wrists and powered it out to RF.

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