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Stockton Ports Players Bee Swarm At Game

Sports Card Radio
Prospect Podcast Ep #4
Recorded April 18, 2012

Players Talked About In Show:

  • Rymer Liriano
  • Miles Head
  • Rashun Dixon
  • Cory Spangenberg
  • Tyler Matzek
  • A.J. Cole
  • +More+

In this episode of the Sports Card Radio Prospect Podcast I talk about the opening Stockton Ports home series vs. the Modesto Nuts and Lake Elsinore Storm from April 12-18, 2012.  Several top prospects were on the field during those series including: Rymer Liriano, Cory Spangenberg, Miles Head, A.J. Cole and more. I was impressed with the athleticism and overall tools of Liriano and you can check out some observations I had about Rymer here. Miles Head, Oakland A's prospect, continues to tear it up and has hit over .400 the first few weeks of the season. I talk about his uncanny ability to get hits.

Should see a lot of A's pitching prospect A.J. Cole this season and I witnessed his second start on 4-13-2012.  He is a young kid with a real loose arm. Check out his pre-game bullpen session from his start on the 13th and also some notes I wrote up.

An interesting thing happened during the April 15th game against the Modesto Nuts. A 50 foot swarm of bees took to the field and sent players hitting the deck during the game to avoid the killing machines. Thankfully the bees left the field in time for the game to resume. Which concluded with a 3-run walk off HR by A's prospect Ryan Pineda. I also had a chance to talk to Pineda and fellow A's prospect Rashun Dixon before the game on the 18th of April. They are two nice guys and I share some of the things we talked about on this episode!

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Cory Spangenberg San Diego Padres Prospect
Padres 2011 1st Rd Pick Cory Spangenberg

Miles Head Stockton Ports Oakland A's Prospect
Miles Head - Oakland' A's prospect on fire
Rymer Liriano San Diego Padres Prospect Lake Elsinore Storm
Rymer Liriano - Padres prospect is electric

Rymer Liriano San Diego Padres Prospect

Rymer Liriano - RF
Born: June 20, 1991 
: San Diego Padres
Seen In Person: 3 Times as of 4-18-2012
Position: Outfield
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 210-220

2012 Baseball America Top 100 Rank: #49

Sports Card Radio Prospect Blog Prospect Blog

2012 Observations:
  • Finished 2-10 in the games I saw him with 2 singles and 2 RBI.  Could care less about the numbers. He may very well struggle this season. But this is a young man who is as tooled up a player as I've seen the last two years. Baseball America rates him as the #2 prospect in the San Diego Padres organization behind Anthony Rizzo. When I see him run - and there were several plays where he was busting it 100% down the 1st base line, this guy can burn for a man his size. I'd be giddy if I was a Padres fan hoping Rymer can put the hit tool together. Should strike out a ton this season. Unfortunately this was the only time the Lake Elsinore Storm will be coming to Stockton. I will be keeping an eye on his numbers throughout the season. Updated 4-18-2012

Rymer Liriano is one of the most exciting prospects in the California League.  The numbers may not be spectacular at the end of the season, but this is a young man with speed, power, and a loose throwing arm. Liriano has freakish athletic ability for a man who looks more like an NFL running back then baseball outfielder. His legs and upper body are thick, but has speed to spare making for the rare combination of a potential power/speed player. Watching Rymer work out before the game it is clear he has multiple tools in his chest. The outfield drills he displayed a good arm with a free and easy arm action on his throws home. His speed is noticeable and is eye opening when you see just how big he is. There are very few players in the Cal League that have this type of package. Padres fans should be very excited.

During the game Rymer struggled in his first at-bat and looked bad taking a breaking ball for a called strike three. In his 2nd AB he again struggled with the off-speed stuff and struck out. But the loudest hit of the night was Rymer's RBI single to RF in the 6th inning. Loud and hard - it was a thing of beauty. After getting another single in the 8th, Rymer tried to steal 3rd base with only 1 out. A no-no of sorts. He was thrown out. He is ultra aggressive and goes hard when on the bases. Look for him to improve his decision making on the base paths.  Updated 4-17-2012

In 2011 Rymer won the Midwest League (A-) MVP. He stole 65 bases, hit .319 and hit 12 HR's in 116 games. He starts the 2012 season on the Lake Elsinore Storm - the San Diego Padres A+ team. I will update this page each time Liriano comes through Stockton to play the A's team the Ports.

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A.J. Cole - Starting Pitcher - Stockton Ports

A.J. Cole - SP
Born: January 5, 1992 
: 4th Rd. 2010  - Washington Nationals
Seen In Person: 1 Time as of 4-14-2012
Position: Starting Pitcher
Ht: 6-4 Wt: 180

2012 Stockton Ports Roster
Baseball America Top 100 Rank: #57

2012 Observations: A.J. Cole made his 2nd start of the season on 4-13-2012.  It was the first time I'd seem him pitch. He is thin, as his pants barely fit around his waist. It did seem like he got "bigger" the closer you got to him though. His warm-up routine is relaxed. Light stretching on the field 45-50 minn. before game time - followed by a very light throwing/long toss. Doesn't extend his long toss very far....... but not too many guys crank it up pre-game like Trevor Bauer does.

I waited in the bullpen for Cole to resume his pre-game pitching - and got some great video because they allow fans to walk right up to both bullpens. This is when I felt like he got "bigger" to me.  Doesn't have much of a wind up - or a very long stride - but got the fastball up to 91-93 MPH during the game on the radar guns scouts were using behind home plate. When he throws his off-speed pitches his arm speed drops and the angle might change a hair. Those are all things he needs to work on. Players for the Modesto Nuts during the game were just sitting on the fastball. Cole will be able to overmatch some players at this level by just locating his plus fastball, but his overall career success will be determined with the secondary pitches he develops. The weather at the game was not ideal at all. Rain delayed the game for 20 minn. making for a short outing for A.J. Starting 2012, Cole is considered one of the top prospects in the A's organization and was acquired in a trade with the Nationals for Gio Gonzalez. I should see a good many of Cole's starts in 2012 if he remains with the Ports. Updated 4-14-2012

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