Sports Cards Wholesale Distributor List


Here are some Sports Trading Card Distributors That I know Of



eBay - The Worlds Marketplace
Believe it or not, eBay has some of the lowest prices when it comes to wholesale lots of boxes and singles. If you are thinking about starting a sports card shop you want to use eBay both as a place to sell and buy. Buying from the wholesale lots section is a good place to find deals that are sometime below wholesale prices.
Global Sales Wholesale
This Sports Card Wholesale outlet paid my bills for many years when I was selling full time online. I have not used them since they were bought by a new company a few years back however they do have a large selection. If you are on the west coast you will want to contact this company.
Peach State Sports
I used this sports card distributor back when they were first starting out. They didn't even have a website and it was all done over the phone. They have grown a bit and are a good source if you are on the east coast. They sometimes get exclusive autographs from Atlanta Braves players and other athletes. This is a true distributor of cards and supplies - meaning you will need your states resale tax-ID number.
Big Apple Card Company
Big Apple is not really a sports card wholesaler any longer. However if you were opening up a physical store-front they have lots of other sports related items that would cross-sell well with sports cards. They used to deal with cards but I believe they only have other forms of sports collectibles.
DA Card World "Premier" Program
One of the largest online Sports Card Dealers also offers discounted prices to premier members who order quite a bit and/or have a wholesale resale license. Not a true "wholesale" sports card distributor, however prices can be as low or lower than your normal outlet. Check out their eBay store to see the kinds of things you can sell to make money.
Gamus GTS Distribution/Talkin Sports
A lot more than just trading cards here. Toys, hobbies and other games make up this sports card wholesale product line. This is one of the biggest companies as they have grown by buying up smaller outlets. You will find that you can make money on more than just cards if you explore their product line. A must if you are on the west coast. This is a true distributor of cards and supplies - meaning you will need your states resale tax-ID number.
PGH Sports Wholesale
I have bought through this company a few times and have always had excellent service. Prices are about what you will see around the internet for the most part but its a solid choice if you are in the PA area. Check out the PGHSportsWholesale eBay store to see the kinds of items you can sell.
The Topps Company
Buying directly from the trading card companies themselves is not something I ever tried. More than likely you will need to make a large financial commitment in order to deal with Topps. Not a bad option if you know what your sales are going to be like, but you're better off finding a smaller outlet to buy your cards wholesale until you grow to a large company.
Upper Deck Direct
Upper Deck is much like Topps in that you must be buying at large quantities in order to be eligible to buy directly from Upper Deck. I know they have restrictions on selling their product online so really this is only an option if you plan to open a popular sports card store. Upper Deck has a Diamond Dealers program you must apply for even if you are buying from distributors, the form is available here: Upper Deck Diamond Dealer Agreement
Blowout Cards
Another company that I have used myself. Very quick and prices are consitantly low and they will price match any other major retailer. Not the best option if you are looking to turn around and sell on eBay because this in not a "true" wholesaler and you will be competing directly with Blowout Cards who also sell on eBay. Good place if you have a store or want to get the lowest prices for boxes online.
Magazine Exchange
A great option for both non-sports and traditional sports cards from all the top card makers. You will need a state re-sale ID to order from this company directly. The prices are going to be similar to the distributors above. I have never worked with this company directly, however they update the website on a regular basis so its worth giving them a shot.
Panini America
Panini has quickly become one of the global leaders in Sports Trading cards - with licensed sets for the NBA, NFL and Hockey. Getting this companies products would be a must if you want to open a card store. If you plan on selling online - be aware that Panini made remarks during a 2010 trade conference that they will be looking to help physical stores more than the mass/online retailer. Update: Be aware that in 2011 Panini made these remarks during the Las Vegas Sports Card Industry Summit: Panini VP Mike Anderson Details New Distribution Plan
Hamps Supply
They carry all the big boys, Upper Deck, Topps and Panini. Hamps also has deals with other sports and non-sport companies like Press Pass, Razor, Artbox, BenchWarmer, and Rittenhouse Archives. If you are looking for other fan items and sports products like mini-helmets and keychains, they've got those as well.
Southern Hobby Supply
The premiere distributor in the Mid-West of the United States with distribution centers in Nashville, St. Louis and Chicago - Southern Hobby Supply will have you stocked with the latest sports and non-sport trading cards. This is a true distributor of cards and supplies - meaning you will need your states resale tax-ID number. I met this wholesale distributor at the 2011 Las Vegas Sports Card Summit, and they are perfect if you own a store. They have much more than Sports Cards and Gaming, as you can get fan items like coasters, key chains, pennants & more ... which are often high dollar margins when you re-sell them. They have exclusive buying promotions with Press Pass and other companies meaning you will get 'extras/bonus stuff' if you buy from them. If you live in the middle part of the country - Southern hobby supply will deliver the cards via their own fleet of trucks, UPS/FedEx is available throughout the USA.
All Sports Marketing
I actually met this Sports Card Distributor at the Las Vegas Sports Card Industry Summit in 2011. They are a great group of people that are working hard to get the best prices and information to you about products. These guys stock the brand new releases PLUS some of the 'older' product too, which comes in handy when Aaron Rodgers wins the Super Bowl or Lincecum wins a ring. You'll also find Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and Magic along with a full line of sports products. All the prices they quote you are what you pay, no COD or other fees. They also have Net 6 WEEK Payment plans. They also stock BCW Supplies at the same price as direct + free shipping if you order with boxes/cases. This is a true distributor of cards and supplies - meaning you will need your states resale tax-ID number.