Quotes From Topps Regarding Customer Service

Topps Employee: When a redemption card is put into a product, we generally have an agreement with each respective athlete to sign cards for us. However, an athlete’s schedule, agent, desired compensation, etc. are all subject to change and greatly affect our inability to insert the particular card in.

My Take: So do you really have a deal?



Topps Employee: Unfortunately, this does not always guarantee a timely signing session, as professional athletes travel frequently, as well as have varying degrees of willingness to sign cards for us.

My Take: But you have a deal, right?


Topps Employee: For some redemption cards we have to schedule a printing with an upcoming product release.

My Take: the quote is in regards to a customer waiting for a redemption card. If you read carefully this unlocks one of the reasons why cards take so long to be redeemed from Topps. They will print your card when it fits into their time schedule and budget. Topps will tell customers that their card has “yet to be constructed”, thus the delay. Topps will wait until it becomes cost effective to print cards waiting to be signed by an athlete. There are times when they have a scheduled signing session with a player, but fail to have the cards printed in time to get signed.



Topps Employee: Customers chose to purchase a redemption for a specific player, at their own risk.

My Take: If you buy a redemption card on eBay, and are waiting for it to be redeemed by Topps, don’t tell them you bought it on eBay. Tell them you got it out of a pack.



What if I pull an expired redemption from an old Topps product?

Topps Employee: Independent retailers and large retail stores can of course choose to sell our boxes of cards that contain expired redemptions. We cannot have them recall our product just because 2 cards inside are expired.



Pack searching at retail stores like Target & WalMart?

Topps Employee: Pack-searching and tampering retail stores has become somewhat of an epidemic, and one that we are constantly trying to police and prevent. However, once our product ships to the retailers, there is little we can do to stop this unfortunate kind of criminality.


Funny Topps Redemption Collector on Facebook created a redemption card for Topps. He wants to send them this card for a box of 2013 Triple Threads Baseball. At some point in the next three years Topps will be able to redeem the card for cash.

My name is Ryan. Please contact me if you are waiting on a redemption card from Topps.

Email: sportscardshow@gmail.com


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