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Websites We Like & Recommend

Sports Card Forums:

Sports Card Forum has an extensive membership and active community of collectors. Lots of Sub-Forums so you never get tired of surfing or posting. SCF has many regular contest for free cards. We are on the forum under the name: NorCal Sports Sports Card Forum
Freedom Cardboard is one of the largest collecting communities on the internet. You will find discussion and active traders throughout the day on the boards. FCB gives away lots of cards and boxes each month as well. We are on the forums under the name: Sports Card Radio
Hobby Kings forum features one of the most active basketball collector threads, plus lots more. A fun place to hang out and make trades. Also, if you want to get involved in basketball case-breaks, I've seen some good ones go off on this site.
The Bench is an outstanding website with thousands of active members who trade, discuss and love sports cards. Aside from the active forum you'll find interviews with Hobby insiders and professional athletes alike. TTM Addresses, loads of active traders make this site a MUST for fans of collecting. Be sure to check out the YSL Project and Fight Cancer One Card At A Time! We are on the forum under the name: SportsCardRadio The Bench
Trading Card Central is an active community of Sports Card Collectors who talk and trade cards on a daily basis. Friendly and popping forum, you're sure to find something to read or discuss.
We are on the forum under the name: NorCal Sports
Trading Card Central

Collectors Universe is actually home of lots of collectors, especially fans of the PSA graded cards that the company is also apart of. This is actually a publicly traded company - and they have lots of capitol to keep the forums up to date. I've heard the CEO of the company talk about the message boards on conference calls to investors, so they really do care about their community.
Collectors Universe Forum
OzCardTrader is an active Australian Card Community, but is home to members from around the world. If you live in the Outback, this is the place for you - and I'm certain you will find friends to connect with that are nearby. An active Basketball thread is also another good place to make trades and connect with other hoop fans from

Places To Shop

eBay The World's Marketplace
I personally have been buying/selling on eBay since 1999. I have seen the site grow and change quite a bit over the years. You can almost always find the Single Card, Box, or even Case of cards you are looking for all in one place! Be careful of new/bad feedback sellers..look for the good ones and you will have fun on eBay!

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Very cool and easy way to locate cards and shop for singles. Millions of cards and lots to choose from. The search function takes some getting used to, but if you know the cards you need - you should find a seller with them on this site.
Check Out My Cards
This website is pretty cool for both buying & selling. If you are a buyer, the best thing is you can buy a bunch of cards & have them all shipped to you for one price. If you are a seller, you can package up 1,000's of cards and COMC will scan, sort, ship everything for you from their storage center. The site is not for everyone (because they hold all your cards as a seller, and you request shipment as a buyer) but cards do sell well on the site & you can find good deals.
Check Out My Cards
Check Out The Cards I Have For Sale On COMC
RB Sports Cards Cards & Hobby
We spoke with the owner of this card shop during the early stages of his experience owning a card store. I'm sure we'll catch up with him again, but in the mean time - you should check out his card store - I hear it's in a great location and he often has autograph signing from big name athletes in the area.
16769 Bernardo Center Drive, Suite K7
San Diego, CA 92128
RB Sports Cards & Hobby Logo
Had the pleasure of talking with these guys on the podcast, then actually met them at the Industry Summit in 2012 and did another podcast with them (plus we had fun hanging out with them in Las Vegas). I credit these guys with being the 1st to attend the Industry Summit as a box-break only website, and they've professionalized the business as well with a nice website and newsletter that keeps you up to date. When I have extra money to buy box breaks, it's almost always with these guys. Logo
Blowout Cards
One of the best places to find a large selection of un-opened boxes/cases from all the major brands. Known for its low prices, community forums and honest service. I've been shopping from this website for about 8 years now and I have always pulled great cards, including a Tiger Woods Autograph 8x10 from SP Signature Golf many years back.
Blowout Cards
DA Card World
You can pretty much shop here or at Blowout Cards & you'll be getting the lowest prices and best service. I used to order through their Large Order Discount programs, and often bought HeroClix and other gaming boxes when I used to sell boxes many years ago.
DA Card World
Charm City Cards
For as long as I can remember, CharmCityCards has sold cards online. Always timely and consistent with shipping and prices - this is another option you should look to when ordering boxes online. They also stock an extensive collection of wax/boxes that are a few years old, making this a great choice when you want to crack a box from the past.
Charm City Cards Logo

Places To Learn:

MLB Trade Rumors One of the most extensive MLB Trade and Prospect News website. Articles are linked to major newspapers and magazines so you can find the stuff that matters to you. Great if you want to follow your teams off-season or find out all the hot stove updates in one place. MLB Trade Rumors Website

Sports Card PodCasts:

The Sports Card Show
The Sports Card Show
Hosted By: Colin Tedards
This show tries (with emphasis) to focus on the Collector and what's going on in the Hobby World that effects you. Listeners are encouraged to e-mail topics or things they want to hear on the air.

Mojobreak Sports Card Show

Hosted By: Doug & Dan
Great show from experienced box breakers with product analysis and interview guests.

The Sports Card Focus
Sports Card Focus
Hosted By: ??
Mostly user submitted call-ins and MP3's to play on the show. Everyone is encouraged to share their hobby knowledge.

Other Cool PodCasts:

Old School/New School
Hosted By: Joel & Milton
Joel is a fan of The Sports Card Show! Cool and humorous podcast on Video Games, Movies, Sports and the such
with an Old/New School feel. Two funny guys that made me laugh the first time I listened. They have over 100 podcast recorded. The link will take you to the show's iTunes Home Page -------->
Old School / New School

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