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Mark Sapir
a.k.a "Hands Shaking"
​Ex-Topps Employee
Case Details


Topps employee Mark Sapir sent a message to Sports Card Radio that read: “If I ever see you say anything negative about this company (Topps), especially on Twitter, I’ll cut you off for good.”

A few months later this guy came up to Ryan with his hands shaking at the Industry Summit looking to become buds. Ryan brushed him off. Several weeks later Sapir left Topps.

Was he fired or did he quit? You can decide. 


Mike Smeth
Ex-Cardboard Connection CEO
Case Details


On November 8, 2014, then Cardboard Connection owner Mike Smeth wrote Colin and Ryan:

"LOL I can't wait to see you at the next trading card event. I will even lend you some gas money!" 

Two years later Sports Card Radio broke the EXCLUSIVE news that Smeth plead guilty to Aggravated Assault and Terroristic Threats. Smeth was sentenced to 5 years and 12 months, which will be served via probation.

During divorce proceedings, a court found Smeth was stealing money from Cardboard Connection, causing it to miss payroll. A judge stripped him of his ownership.

It's believed he's currently in drug rehab. 


Kevin Moodhe
a.k.a "Bad Moodhe"
Ex-Topps Employee


At the 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention, Ryan was taking pictures of 5x7 cards at the Topps booth when he was approached by employee Kevin Moodhe. 

Ryan had never met Moodhe before and attempted to greet Moodhe with a handshake that was denied.

Moodhe told Ryan to delete the pictures on his phone of the 5x7 cards, and instructed him to go into his trash file and delete them as well.

Ryan did not know how to delete pictures from his trash file and Moodhe had to instruct him. Coming off 6 months living in Las Vegas, Moodhe got a glimpse of the Vegas life as Ryan had to flip through all his images to get to the 5x7 Topps cards. 

Less than 12 months later Moodhe no longer works at Topps. Was he fired or did he quit? You can decide.

If this scrub resurfaces in the sports card world, we'll come looking for this bum again.


Kevin Isaacson
Dallas, Texas
Beckett Industry Summit


Sports Card Radio helped drive record attendance to the Industry Summit for consecutive years. The event even drew a lucrative "media sponsorship" from Smeth (see above). 

Isaacson though didn't like some of the "tweets" from the event and told Sports Card Radio to stop coming.

In recent years, attendance has plummeted. Topps and Upper Deck put on their own conference. Panini has stopped giving away Black Boxes. And oh yeah, Kevin's name wasn't on the email promoting the 2019 event. 


Jon Rondolone
a.k.a "Broke Rondo"
a.k.a "MiniVan Flex"
Philadelphia, PA
Case Details


After Ryan flashed his Tesla on Facebook, Jon Ronolone lost his mind and showed a picture of a tricked up mini-van. In the rust belt that might be cool, but out on the west coast that's a waste of gas money. 

"Broke Rondo" sent numerous messages via Facebook that he'll meet the twins at the "Natty" and do something, but he appears to be all bark and no bite. After being put on the homepage of Sports Card Radio, things quickly got quiet. 


Nathan Wicihowski
Appleton, WI
Case Details


This breaker fanboy tried to come on and defend a buddy that ended up on the homepage of Sports Card Radio. He quickly got caught up in the action when he started talking about lawsuits and slit wrists.

This little puppy went silent after seeing his name and face on the homepage. 

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