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2013 Goodwin Tiger Woods Base

2013 Upper Deck
Goodwin & Champions
Release Date: July 16, 2013

Hobby Box Configuration:
20 Packs Per Box
5 Cards Per Pack
16 Boxes Per Case

2013 Goodwin & Champions
Base Set
  • 150 Total Base Cards
  • 40 Short Print Cards
  • 20 Super Short Print Cards
  • 15 High Series Mini Cards
  • MINI Card Parallels
  • Mini Card Magician/Presidential Backs
2013 Goodwin Champions Allen Iverson 2013 Goodwin Champions Michael Jordan 


2013 Goodwin & Champions
Autograph Cards
Preliminary Checklist - More names to be added
Allen Iverson
Bam Margera
Bart Starr
Bruce Smith
Carl Lewis
Doug Gilmour
Jerry Rice
Joe Namath
Juan Gonzalez
Ken Stabler
Manti Te’o
Mario Andretti
Mario Lemieux
Mark McGwire
Mats Sundin
Nicklas Lidstrom
Oscar de la Hoya
Ray Allen
Reggie Jackson
Rory McIlroy
Shannon Miler
Tony Hawk
2013 Goodwin Reggie Jackson Auto


Sports Royalty Autographs
Sports Royalty Memorabilia
2013 Goodwin Tiger Woods Sports Royalty 2013 Goodwin Champions Oscar de la Hoya


2013 Goodwin & Champions
Masterpieces - Art of the Ages
Hand painted 1/1 cards. 300 total redentions of paintings from Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Monet and more.
2013 Goodwin Art of the Ages
2013 Goodwin & Champions
End of Days 3-D Sci Fi Cards
Two Storylines: Global Warming & Alien Invasion
Look For: Artist Autograph Variation Cards
Odds: 4 End of Days Cards Per Hobby Case
2013 Goodwin Champions End of Days
2013 Goodwin & Champions
Museum Collection Relics
25 Total Cards - Rare - Featuring American Indian items and real gold.
2013 Goodwin Champions Museum Collection
2013 Goodwin & Champions
The Elements
Book Cards - 40 Different Cards - Feature items that are the building blocks to the universe.
2013 Goodwin The Elements
2013 Goodwin & Champions
Animal Kingdom Patches
Look for 1/1 Printing Plates
2013 Goodwin Animal Kingdom Patches
Per Goodwin & Champions HOBBY Box:
  • 3 of EITHER: Autograph Card, Dual Memorabilia Card, Animal Kingdom Patch
  • 10: Goodwin Champions Mini Cards
  • Each Pack: Mini, SP Card, OR Insert
Per Goodwin & Champions 16 Box HOBBY CASE:
  • 1 of EITHER: Art of the Ages 1/1 Masterpiece, It Came From Space Relic, Wild Wild West Relic OR The Elements Book Card.
  • 5: Animal Kingdom Patch Cards
  • 1: Dual Memorablila Card SP
  • 1: Sports Royalty Memorabilia Card
  • 4: End of Days 3-D Sci Fi Cards

Checklist to be updated around release day.
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