Topps Hobby Express Home Team Advantage HTA Program

Hobby stores located in the United States and Canada that are apart of the Topps ‘Home Team Advantage’ HTA network can now take advantage of a new program designed to help customers who get shorted hits out of boxes of Topps cards. You’ll need to check with your local shop to make sure they are members of the HTA. Not all hobby shops are, the stores closest to my area are not apart of the program and therefore do not get the extended level of customer service.

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If your local hobby shop is a Topps HTA store, and if you get shorted hits, such as autograph and game used cards out of a box of Topps purchased in the store, the shop owner can now just email and can assist you in getting your cards replaced. The store owner needs to provide Topps with the following information:

  • Collector’s Full Name
  • Serial number on the inside of the hobby box
  • HTA Store or Topps distributor product was purchased from
  • HTA Store number
  • HTA Store ship to key number
  • HTA Store phone number

If you are a hobby store owner and would like to learn more about the Topps Hobby Express Home Team Advantage program call this number 1-800-489-9149.  Applying and being accepted will allow you to have access to Topps Customer Serive Representatives who will take care of any customer issues in regards to missing hits. Please do your own research on the HTA program to see if it is something that would be beneficial to your shop.

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