2009 Topps Mayo Football Box/Set Review

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2009 Topps Mayo Football
Release Date: November 4, 2009
Complete Base Set Checklist

Per Box Stats:24 Packs Per Box
8 Cards Per Pack

2009 Topps Mayo Football Box

1 Autograph
1 Relic
1 Box Loader

Box Break Videos

2009 Topps Mayo Box On eBay


2009 Topps Mayo Mini #178 Mark Sanchez
Mini Cards Are 1 Per Pack





 2009 Topps Mayo Auto Mike Powell
1 Autograph Per Box

2009 Topps Mayo GU Thomas Jones
1 Relic Per Box

2009 Mayo Base Set:

  • 330 Cards
  • 180 Veterans
  • 60 Rookies
  • 10 Legends
  • 25 Public Figures
  • 55 Short Prints

2009 Mayo Adrian Peterson

2009 Topps Mayo
2009 Topps Mayo Base

Relic Cards
50 Card NFL Set

Knowshon Moreno

Key NFL Relic’s on Ebay

2009 Topps Mayo Relic Knowshon Moreno
2009 Knowshon Moreno

2009 Topps Mayo Relic Jason Smith
2009 Relic Jason Smith

Americana Relics
18 Card Set

One of the coolest part of 2009 Topps Mayo are the Mayo Americana Relics. The 18 Card Set features some of the most well known people to ever walk the earth.

The Relic itself varies from card to card, with some of the items being very unique. For example they have a piece of blanket from a soldier who served in the Spanish American War.

Here is a complete checklist of the 2009 Topps Mayo Americana Relics.
Check the link to see if there are any on ebay!

  • President Benjamin Harrison
  • President Grover Cleveland
  • President William McKinley
  • President Theodore Roosevelt
  • Admiral H.G. Rickover
  • Secretary of State William R. Day
  • General Elmore Farrington Austin
  • Marine Captain Wendell Neville
  • Soldier – Map Table – Span. Am. War
  • Soldier – Blanket – Span. Am. War
  • Soldier – Knapsack – Span. Am. War
  • Booker T. Washington
  • World Fair Columbian Exposition
  • Showman Buffalo Bill – Brick –
  • Showman Buffalo Bill – Nickel –
  • Sharpshooter Annie Oakley
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Thomas Edison
  • Ted Kennedy – Harvard Banner –
  • Ted Kennedy – Senate Floor –

Buffalo Bill 2009 Topps Mayo Americana Relic Framed

Buffalo Bill

Cut Signature Cards
18 Card Set
Serial Numbered 1/1

Another impressive list of names come out of the Mayo Cut Autograph cards. Interesting that Topps decided not to use any past NFL legends in the set. These cards are serial numbered /1 – so good luck finding one.

This is the first year Topps Mayo has included Cut Signatures in the set. Hopefully they continue the trend for 2010.

See if there are any Cut Autographs on Ebay

2009 Topps Mayo

Framed Printing Plates
330 Card Set
Serial Numbered 1/1Over at Freedom Cardboard, they busted a Mayo box and hit a Tony Romo Printing Plate. Be sure to check out FCB’s review and the rest of the cards they pulled.Check to see if any Printing Plates are on Ebay.

Think you can’t get anything good out of a retail box?  Think again! A big mojo story about a collector who bought 2 retail boxes, and the 1/1 John Elway Printing Plate wasn’t even the best card!! Bes sure to see the sweet pull over at Wax Heaven.

2009 Topps Mayo Matt Hassleback Printing Plate #184 1/1

Rip Cards

Rip cards have been popular with the Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball set, so Topps decided to bring them to football.  It is probably worth ripping the card open, hitting one of the Red Autographs would be a really nice pull. Check here to see if any Red Autos are on Ebay.

The top NFL stars and 2009 rookies make up the Rip Card Exterior insert set. Including Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Adrain Peterson, and Matthew Stafford.

Rip Card Exteriors 30 Card Set

Rip Card Interiors:

  • Mayo Red Autographs #/10
  • Mayo Mini Exclusives 30 Cards

2009 Topps Mayo Football Box

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