2010 Topps Finest Football Checklist

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2010 Topps Finest Football

Release Date: September 22, 2010

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2010 Topps Finest Football Hobby Box

2010 Topps Finest Football will remind you of past Finest products. It’s the same mini box theme although Topps has sliced that number down to 2 Mini-Boxes per Master Box. The 125 card base set is loaded with different parallels including 1/1 Superfractors.

All the big name rookies from the 2010 NFL Draft will be heavily featured in Topps Finest, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Jimmy Clausen, C.J. Spiller and many more.

Configuration & Per Box Hits:
2 Mini Boxes Per Master (Full) Box
5 Base Cards
1 Rookie Autograph Patch
1 Autographed Dual Relic
2 Atomic Die-Cut Refractor Rookie Cards
2 Finest Moments Inserts

2010 Topps Finest Football Chris Johnson

2010 Topps Finest Football Base Set Checklist
Base Card Parallels:
~ Refractor Not Numbered ~ X-Fractor /399 ~ Black /99 ~ Gold /50 ~ Red /25 ~
~ Mosaic Refractor /10 ~ Printing Plate 1/1
(Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) ~ Superfractor 1/1 ~
*Check the link to see if any are on eBay*

1 Adrian Peterson
2 Marcus Easley
3 Miles Austin
4 Calvin Johnson
5 Hines Ward
6 Brandon Jacobs
7 C.J. Spiller RC
8 Mark Sanchez
9 Brent Celek
10 Peyton Manning
11 Charles Woodson
12 Steven Jackson
13 Greg Jennings
14 Matt Forte
15 Jay Cutler
16 Jason Witten
17 Toby Gerhart RC
18 Reggie Bush
19 Ray Rice
20 Chris Johnson
21 Matt Schaub
22 Steve Smith
23 Eric Decker
24 Emmanuel Sanders
25 Jerome Harrison
26 DeMarcus Ware
27 Jermaine Gresham RC
28 Hakeem Nicks
29 Sidney Rice
30 Andre Johnson
31 Demaryius Thomas RC
32 Marty Gilyard RC
33 Adrian Wilson
34 Joseph Addai
35 Darren McFadden
36 Donovan McNabb
37 Jonathan Dwyer RC
38 Mike Kafka RC
39 Fred Jackson
40 Tom Brady
41 Damian Williams RC
42 Rob Gronkowski  RC
43 Jimmy Clausen RC
44 Michael Crabtree
45 Ray Lewis46 Jared Allen
47 Lee Evans
48 Ryan Grant
49 Santonio Holmes
50 Drew Brees
51 Knowshon Moreno
52 Ndamukong Suh RC
53 Ryan Mathews RC
54 Brandon Marshall
55 DeAngelo Williams
56 Aaron Rodgers
57 Steve Smith
58 LenDale White
59 Jahvid Best RC
60 Maurice Jones-Drew
61 Dwight Freeney
62 Brett Favre
63 Ricky Williams
64 LaDainian Tomlinson
65 Golden Tate  RC
66 Armanti Edwards  RC
67 Reggie Wayne
68 Rashard Mendenhall
69 Tony Gonzalez
70 Troy Polamalu
71 Kellen Winslow
72 Vincent Jackson
73 Frank Gore
74 Thomas Jones
75 Matt Ryan
76 Percy Harvin
77 Colt McCoy RC
78 Michael Turner
79 Wes Welker
80 Chad Ochocinco
81 Dexter McCluster
82 Mike Williams
83 Montario Hardesty RC
84 Kevin Kolb
85 Darrelle Revis
86 Jonathan Stewart
87 Marques Colston
88 Anquan Boldin
89 Vince Young
90 Larry Fitzgerald
91 Taylor Price RC
92 Matthew Stafford
93 Andre Roberts RC
94 Patrick Willis
95 Elvis Dumervil
96 Randy Moss
97 Cedric Benson
98 Eli Manning
99 Shonn Greene
100 Tim Tebow RC
101 Ben Tate RC
102 Eric Berry RC
103 Jamaal Charles
104 Brandon LaFell RC
105 Joe Flacco
106 T.J. Houshmandzadeh
107 Ronnie Brown
108 Antonio Gates
109 DeSean Jackson
110 Dez Bryant RC
111 Joe McKnight RC
112 Philip Rivers
113 Beanie Wells
114 Roddy White
115 LeSean McCoy
116 Arrelious Benn RC
117 Pierre Thomas
118 Gerald McCoy RC
119 Rolando McClain RC
120 Tony Romo
121 Dallas Clark
122 Jordan Shipley RC
123 Clinton Portis
124 Marion Barber
125 Sam Bradford RC

2010 Topps Finest Football Rookie Patch Autographs

Rookie Patch Autograph Parallels:
~ Refractor /99 ~ Black /75 ~ Red /50 ~ Gold /25 ~ Superfractor 1/1 ~
– Check the link to see if any are on eBay –

2010 Topps Finest Toby Gerhart Patch Auto RC

2 Marcus Easley
7 C.J. Spiller
17 Toby Gerhart
23 Eric Decker
24 Emmanuel Sanders #/350
25 Jerome Harrison
27 Jermaine Gresham
31 Demaryius Thomas
32 Marty Gilyard
33 Adrian Wilson
37 Jonathan Dwyer
38 Mike Kafka
41 Damian Williams
42 Rob Gronkowski
43 Jimmy Clausen
51 Knowshon Moreno
52 Ndamukong Suh
53 Ryan Mathews
59 Jahvid Best
65 Golden Tate
66 Armanti Edwards
77 Colt McCoy
81 Dexter McCluster
82 Mike Williams
83 Montario Hardesty
91 Taylor Price
93 Andre Roberts
100 Tim Tebow
101 Ben Tate
102 Eric Berry
104 Brandon LaFell
110 Dez Bryant
111 Joe McKnight
116 Arrelious Benn
118 Gerald McCoy
119 Rolando McClain
122 Jordan Shipley #/350
125 Sam Bradford

Jumbo Patch Auto’s
*Serial Numbered /5*

2010 Topps Finest Jimmy Clausen Jumbo Patch Auto RC
FAJP-TT Tim Tebow
FAJP-JC Jimmy Clausen
FAJP-CM Colt McCoy
FAJP-SB Sam Bradford
FAJP-CJS C.J. Spiller
FAJP-RM Ryan Mathews
FAJP-DT Demaryius Thomas
FAJP-DB Dez Bryant
FAJP-EB Eric Berry
FAJP-JB Jahvid Best

FDAR-MS Ryan Mathews ~ C.J. Spiller
FDAR-TH Ben Tate ~ Montario Hardesty
FDAR-BM Jahvid Best ~ Dexter McCluster
FDAR-DB Demaryius Thomas ~ Dez Bryant
FDAR-RB Tony Romo ~ Dez Bryant
FDAR-TT Tim Tebow ~ Demaryius Thomas
FDAR-MC Colt McCoy ~ Jordan Shipley
FDAR-BW Arrelious Benn ~ Mike Williams
FDAR-BG Sam Bradford ~ Jermaine Gresham
FDAR-PS Adrian Peterson ~ C.J. Spiller

2010 Topps Finest Football Triple Autograph – Triple Relic Cards
Serial Numbered /10

FTAR-MBG Ryan Mathews ~ Jahvid Best  ~ Toby Gerhart
FTAR-THM Ben Tate ~ Montario Hardesty  ~ Dexter McCluster
FTAR-BST Sam Bradford ~ C.J Spiller  ~ Demaryius Thomas
FTAR-TBT Demaryius Thomas ~ Dez Bryant  ~ Golden Tate
FTAR-FBW Josh Freeman ~ Arrelious Benn  ~ Mike Williams
FTAR-SMB C.J Spiller ~ Ryan Mathews  ~ Jahvid Best
FTAR-BCT Sam Bradford ~ Jimmy Clausen  ~ Tim Tebow
FTAR-SMBE Ndamukong Suh ~ Gerald McCoy  ~ Eric Berry
FTAR-CLE Jimmy Clausen ~ Brandon LaFell  ~ Armanti Edwards
FTAR-TTD Tim Tebow ~ Demaryius Thomas  ~ Eric Decker

2010 Topps Finest Atomic Refractor Rookie Cards

Un-Numbered Silver Die-Cut – Randomly Inserted
Superior GOLD Parallel – Serial Numbered /50

2010 Topps Finest Football Dual Relic Autographs
Autograph Dual Relic Parallels:
~ Refractor /99 ~ Black /75 ~ Gold /25 ~ Superfractor 1/1 ~
*Check the link to see if any are on eBay*

2010 Topps Finest Football Tim Tebow Dual Relic Auto

FADR-AR Andre Roberts
FADR-AE Armanti Edwards
FADR-AB Arrelious Benn
FADR-BT Ben Tate
FADR-BL Brandon LaFell
FADR-CJS C.J. Spiller
FADR-CM Colt McCoy
FADR-DW Damian Williams
FADR-DT Demaryius Thomas
FADR-DM Dexter McCluster
FADR-DB Dez Bryant
FADR-ES Emmanuel Sanders
FADR-EB Eric Berry
FADR-ED Eric Decker
FADR-GM Gerald McCoy
FADR-GT Golden Tate
FADR-JB Jahvid Best
FADR-JG Jermaine Gresham
FADR-JC Jimmy Clausen
FADR-JM Joe McKnight
FADR-JD Jonathan Dwyer
FADR-JS Jordan Shipley
FADR-ME Marcus Easley
FADR-MG Marty Gilyard
FADR-MK Mike Kafka
FADR-MW Mike Williams
FADR-MH Montario Hardesty
FADR-NS Ndamukong Suh
FADR-RG Rob Gronkowski
FADR-RM Rolando McClain
FADR-RMA Ryan Mathews
FADR-SB Sam Bradford
FADR-TP Taylor Price
FADR-TT Tim Tebow
FADR-TG Toby Gerhart
FADR-AH Aaron Hernandez
FADR-JGR Jimmy Graham
FADR-AD Anthony Dixon
FADR-JF Jacoby Ford
FADR-EDO Early Doucet
FADR-JH James Hardy
FADR-DTH Devin Thomas
FADR-SS Steve Slaton
FADR-DK Dustin Keller
FADR-JMA Jerrod Mayo
FADR-PM Peyton Manning
FADR-JFL Joe Flacco
FADR-MKE Malcolm Kelly
FADR-JJ James Jones
FADR-CH Chad Henne

2010 Topps Finest Football Dual Autograph – Dual Relic Cards
Serial Numbered /10

FAR-1 Sam Bradford
FAR-2 Eric Berry
FAR-3 Ben Tate
FAR-4 Dexter McCluster
FAR-5 Ryan Mathers
FAR-6 Jahvid Best
FAR-7 Montario Hardesty
FAR-8 Jermaine Gresham
FAR-9 Mike Williams
FAR-10 Dez Bryant
FAR-11 Joe McKnight
FAR-12 Colt McCoy
FAR-13 Brandon LaFell
FAR-14 Ndamukong Suh
FAR-15 Jimmy Clausen
FAR-16 Demaryius Thomas
FAR-17 Jonathan Dwyer
FAR-18 Golden Tate
FAR-19 Rolando McClain
FAR-20 C.J. Spiller
FAR-21 Arrelious Benn
FAR-22 Tony Gerhart
FAR-23 Jordan Shipley
FAR-24 Emmanuel Sanders
FAR-25 Tim Tebow

2010 Topps Finest Tim Tebow Atomic Refractor
Tim Tebow Atomic Regular

2010 Topps Finest Tim Tebow Atomic Gold Refractor
Tim Tebow Atomic Gold

2010 Finest Moments

FM-1 Dez Bryant
FM-2 Jonathan Dwyer
FM-3 Jermaine Gresham
FM-4 Toby Gerhart
FM-5 Montario Hardesty
FM-6 Rolando McClain
FM-7 Rob Gronkowski
FM-8 Ben Tate
FM-9 Golden Tate
FM-10 Adrian Peterson
FM-11 Darren McFadden
FM-12 Arrelious Benn
FM-13 Brandon LaFell
FM-14 Jimmy Clausen
FM-15 Ray Rice
FM-16 Earl Thomas
FM-17 Marques Colston
FM-18 Joe Flacco
FM-19 DeSean Jackson
FM-20 Sam Bradford
FM-21 Mike Sims-Walker
FM-22 Jonathan Stewart
FM-23 Jamaal Charles
FM-24 Brandon Marshall
FM-25 Tim Tebow

2010 Finest Moments Autographs

2010 Topps Finest Moments Ben Tate Autograph

FMA-AB Arrelious Benn
FMA-JD Jonathan Dwyer
FMA-JG Jermaine Gresham
FMA-TG Toby Gerhart
FMA-MH Montario Hardesty
FMA-RM Rolando McClain
FMA-RG Rob Gronkowski
FMA-BT Ben Tate
FMA-GT Golden Tate
FMA-BL Brandon LaFell
FMA-TT Tim Tebow
FMA-DB Dez Bryant
FMA-SB Sam Bradford
FMA-JC Jimmy Clausen
FMA-ET Earl Thomas
FMA-AP Adrian Peterson
FMA-MC Marques Colston
FMA-JF Joe Flacco
FMA-DJ DeSean Jackson
FMA-DM Darren McFadden
FMA-MSW Mike Sims-Walker
FMA-JS Jonathan Stewart
FMA-RR Ray Rice
FMA-BM Brandon Marshall
FMA-JCH Jamaal Charles

2010 Topps Finest Football Red Zone Autographs
Hobby Exclusive Rookie Red Zone On-Card Autographs NEW For 2010
35 Rookies from the 2010 Draft Class.

The Rookie Red Zone cards will be inserted into multiple Topps products throughout the 2010 football season.

RPA-AR Andre Roberts
RPA-AE Armanti Edwards
RPA-AB Arrelious Benn
RPA-BT Ben Tate
RPA-BL Brandon LaFell
RPA-CJS C.J. Spiller
RPA-CM Colt McCoy
RPA-DW Damian Williams
RPA-DT Demaryius Thomas
RPA-DM Dexter McCluster
RPA-DB Dez Bryant
RPA-ES Emmanuel Sanders
RPA-EB Eric Berry
RPA-ED Eric Decker
RPA-GM Gerald McCoy
RPA-GT Golden Tate
RPA-JB Jahvid Best
RPA-JG Jermaine GreshamRPA-JC Jimmy Clausen
RPA-JM Joe McKnight
RPA-JD Jonathan Dwyer
RPA-JS Jordan Shipley
RPA-ME Marcus Easley
RPA-MG Marty Gilyard
RPA-MK Mike Kafka
RPA-MW Mike Williams
RPA-MH Montario Hardesty
RPA-NS Ndamukong Suh
RPA-RG Rob Gronkowski
RPA-RM Rolando McClain
RPA-RM Ryan Matthews
RPA-SB Sam Bradford
RPA-TP Taylor Price
RPA-TT Tim Tebow
RPA-TG Tony Gerhart

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