2010 Topps WWE Wrestling Checklist

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2010 Topps WWE
– Complete Checklist

Scheduled Release Date: 08/16/2010
Pre Sale Wholesale Price: $37.09 Per Box

2010 WWE Wrestling By The Box:
1 – Autograph Card
1 – Relic Card
24 – Parallel Cards
24 – Insert Cards

2010 Topps WWE Wrestling Box

Hobby ONLY Exclusives:
1/1 Red Parallel Cards
Printing Plates
SuperStar Swatch Cards

WWE Hobby Box:

  • 24 Packs
  • 7 Cards Per Pack
  • 1 Auto or Relic Card

WWE Hobby Pack

  • 7 Cards Per Pack
  • 1:24 Relic or Auto
  • Collect Them All!

2010 Topps WWE Base Cards
6 Base Cards Per Pack
*Check the link to see if any are on eBay*

2010 Topps WWE Evan Bourne Base Card

1 John Cena
2 Layla
3 William Regal
4 John Morrison
5 Matt Hardy
6 Alicia Fox
7 Yoshi Tatsu
8 Nikki Bella
9 Randy Orton
10 Luke Gallows
11 MVP
12 Michelle McCool
13 JTG
14 Rosa Mendes
15 Beth Phoenix
16 Tiffany
17 Kane
18 Mark Henry
19 Tyson Kidd
20 Santino Marella
21 Theodore Long
22 Big Show
23 Kofi Kingston
24 Vladimir Kozlov
25 Vance Archer
26 Brie Bella
27 Ezekiel Jackson
28 David Hart Smith
29 Trent Baretta
30 Kelly Kelly
31 Goldust
32 Maryse
33 Tyler Reks
34 Serena
35 Melina
36 CM Punk
37 Carlito
38 Jillian
39 Cody Rhodes
40 Ted DiBiase
41 Finlay
42 Dolph Ziggler
43 Triple H
44 Hornswoggle
45 R-Truth
46 The Miz
47 Primo
48 Jack Swagger
49 Caylen Croft
50 Rey Mysterio
51 Chris Masters
52 Chavo Guerrero
53 Shad
54 Ranjin Singh
55 Sheamus
56 Vickie Guerrero
57 Evan Borune
58 Tony Atlas
59 The Undertaker
60 Zack Ryder
61 Natalya
62 The Great Khali
63 Eve
64  Christian
65 Drew McIntyre
66 Edge
67 Chris Jericho
68 Daniel Bryan
69 Darren Young
70 David Otunga
71 Heath Slater
72 Justin Gabriel
73 Michael Tarver
74 Skip Sheffield
75 Wade Barrett
76 Cryme Time
77 Hart Dynasty
78 ShowMiz
79 T. Baretta & C.Croft
80 Straight Edge Society
81 Akeem
82 Doink the Clown
83 Earthquake
84 Hillbilly Jim
85 Mr. Wonderfull
86 Nikolai Volkoff
87 Papa Shango
88 Vader
89 Sgt. Slaughter
90 Junkyard Dog
91 Bobby Heenan
92 Harley Race
93 Dusty Rhodes
94 Jake Roberts
95 The Iron Sheik
96 Koko B. Ware
97 Brian Pillman
98 Jimmy Snuka
99 Gene Okerland
100 Ted DiBiasi
101 The Bushwackers
102 Paul Bearer
103 Roddy Pipper
104 Terry Funk
105 Kamala
106 Bob Orton
107 The Road Warriors
108 Rick Rude
109 Bam Bam Bifelow
110 Freddie Blassie

2010 Topps WWE Superstar Signature Swatches
*Check the link to see if any are on eBay*
Autograph & Event Worn Relic
Hobby Exclusive
Serial Numbered /25

2010 Topps WWE Randy Orton Superstar Swatch Auto

SSS-TM  The Miz
SSS-TD  Ted Dibiase
SSS-CR  Cody Rhodes
SSS-SA  Santino Marella
SSS-CH  Christian
SSS-TU The Undertaker
SSS-MH  Matt Hardy
SSS-EB  Evan Bourne
SSS-CG  Chavo Guerrero
SSS-TK  Tyson Kidd
SSS-CJ  Chris Jericho
SSS-TH  Triple H
SSS-JM  John Morisson
SSS-BS  Big Show
SSS-SH  Shad
SSS-RM  Rey Mysterio
SSS-JC John Cena
SSS-ED  Edge
SSS-DS  David Hart Smith
SSS-KK  Kofi Kingston
SSS-RO  Randy Orton

2010 Topps WWE Autographs
30 WWE Superstars with their signature.
*Check the link to see if any are on eBay*

A-BP Beth Phoenix
A-CC Caylen Croft
A-CH Christian
A-CJ Chris Jericho
A-CM CM Punk
A-CR Cody Rhodes
A-DS David Hart Smith
A-ED Edge
A-EJ Ezekiel Jackson
A-JC John Cena
A-JM John Morrison
A-KK Kofi Kingston
A-LZG Luke Gallows
A-SE Serena
A-MM Michelle McCool
A-GK Gail Kim
A-MS Matt Striker
A-RO Randy Orton
A-SAN Santino Marella
A-SH Shad
A-SHE Sheamus
A-VA Vance Archer
A-TB Trent Baretta
A-TD Ted DiBiasi
A-TH Triple H
A-TK Tyson Kidd
A-TM The Miz
A-ZR Zack Ryder
A-RM Rosa Mendes

2010 Topps WWE Dual Autographs
2 Autographs
Serial Numbered /99

Parallel Versions:

  • Printing Plate 1/1 – Hobby Only
  • Red Parallel 1/1 – Hobby Only
  • Gold /25

DA-CB    Caylen Croft & Trent Baretta
DA-CO    John Cena & Randy Orton
DA-DR    Ted Dibiasi & Cody Rhodes
DA-ES    Edge & Chris Jericho
DA-JC    Ezekiel Jackson & Christian
DA-JS    JTG & Shad
DA-KM    Kofi Kingston & The Miz
DA-PM    CM Punk & Luke Gallows
DA-RM    Zach Ryder & Rosa Mendes
DA-SK    David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd
DA-SP    Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix

2010 Topps WWE CM Punk Luke Gallows Autograph

2010 Topps WWE Superstar SUPER Swatch Relic
Over-Sized Event Worn T-Shirt Swatch
Serial Numbered /30
Hobby Exclusive

2010 Topps WWE Superstar Swatch Relic
Same Checklist as ‘Super’ Swatch
Parallel Cards:
Gold /25
Red 1/1 – Hobby Only

2010 Topps WWE Rey Mysterio Super Swatch Relic

SSS-TM The Miz
SSS-TD Ted Dibiase
SSS-CR Cody Rhodes
SSS-SA Santino Marella
SSS-CH Christian
SSS-TU The Undertaker
SSS-MH Matt Hardy
SSS-EB Evan Bourne
SSS-CG Chavo Guerrero
SSS-TK Tyson Kidd
SSS-CJ Chris Jericho
SSS-TH Triple H
SSS-JM John Morisson
SSS-BS Big Show
SSS-RM Rey Mysterio
SSS-JC John Cena
SSS-DS David Hart Smith
SSS-KK Kofi Kingston
SSS-RO Randy Orton

2010 Topps WWE Elimination Chamber Card
Canvas From 2010 Elimination Chamber PPV
Parallel Cards:
Gold /50
Red 1/1 – Hobby Only

EC-1 John Cena
EC-2 Sheamus
EC-3 Triple H
EC-4 Randy Orton
EC-5 Ted Dibiasi
EC-6 Kofi Kingston
EC-7 Drew McIntyre
EC-8 Kane
EC-9 Michelle McCool
EC-10 Layla
EC-11 Maryse
EC-12 The Miz
EC-14 Chris Jericho
EC-15 The Undertaker
EC-16 John Morrison
EC-17 CM Punk
EC-18 Rey Mysterio
EC-19 R-Truth

2010 Topps WWE World Championship Material Insert
Superstars and Legends who have held a WWE Title Belt

Puzzle Parallel Cards:
WWE Title Puzzle – Forms a picture of main plate of WWE Title

2010 Topps WWE Randy Orton Championship Material

W1 John Cena
W2 John Cena
W3 Triple H
W4 Triple H
W5 Chris Jericho
W6 Big Show
W7 Chris Jericho
W8 Sheamus
W9 Randy Orton
W10 Randy Orton
W11 Kane
W12 The Undertaker
W13 The Undertaker
W14 Rey Mysterio
W15 Jack Swagger
W16 Melina
W17 Edge
W18 Beth Phoenix
W19 Edge
W20 Michelle McCool
W21 Big Show
W22 CM Punk
W23 Sgt. Slaughter
W24 The Iron Sheik
W25 Billy Graham

2010 Topps WWE Championship Material Insert
An active or retired legend with a belt.
Parallel Versions:
Intercontinental Puzzle
WWE Unified Puzzle

C1 Christian
C2 John Morrison
C3 John Morrison
C4 John Morrison & The Miz
C5 CM Punk
C6 CM Punk
C7 CM Punk & Kofi Kingston
C8 The Miz
C9 Carlito & Primo
C10 Goldust
C11 Triple H
C12 Edge & Chris Jericho
C13 Christian
C14 Chris Jericho & Big Show
C15 Chris Jericho
C16 Randy Orton
C17 ShowMiz
C18 Edge & Christian
C19 Edge
C20 Mark Henry
C21 Chavo Guerrero
C22 Matt Hardy
C23 Kane & The Undertaker
C24 Kane
C25 KaneC26 Carlito
C27 John Cena
C28 Big Show
C29 Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes
C30 Drew McIntyre
C31 Rey Mysterio
C32 Jack Swagger
C33 William Regal
C34 Kofi Kingston
C35 Santino Marella
C36 Carlito
C37 Michelle McCool
C38 Maryse
C39 Edge & Randy Orton
C40 Jillian
C41 Melina
C43 Kofi Kingston
C44 Matt Hardy
C45 Finlay
C46 Mr. Perfect
C47 Don Muraco
C48 Rick Rude
C49 Roddy Piper
C50 British Bulldog

2010 Topps WWE Topps Town Insert
Cards have a unique code to unlock a virtual world online.

TT1 John Cena
TT2 Jack Swagger
TT3 Rey Mysterio
TT4 The Miz
TT5 Kane
TT6 Triple H
TT8 The Undertaker
TT9 John Morisson
TT10 Randy Orton
TT11 Kofi Kingston
TT12 Michelle McCool
TT13 Cody Rhodes
TT14 Edge
TT15 Kelly Kelly
TT16 Ted Dibiasi
TT17 Chris Jericho
TT18 CM Punk
TT19 Big Show
TT20 Beth Phoenix
TT21 Shemus
TT22 Christian
TT23 R-Truth
TT24 Ezekiel Jackson
TT25 Maryse

2010 Topps WWE History Of Insert
Historical Overview of WWE Superstar’s career.

2010 Topps WWE History Of Chris Jericho

HO1 Chris Jericho
HO2 Triple H
HO3 Edge
HO4 Jack Swagger
HO5 John Morrison
HO6 The Undertaker
HO7 Kane
HO8 The Miz
HO9 Finlay
HO10 Michelle McCool
HO11 Carlito
HO12 Natalya
HO13 John Cena
HO14 Kelly Kelly
HO15 Ted Dibiase
HO16 Randy Orton
HO17 Kofi Kingston
HO18 Big Show
HO19 Santino Marella
HO20 Goldust
HO21 Christian
HO22 William Regal
HO23 British Bulldog
HO24 Junkyard Dog
HO25 Mr. Perfect

2010 Topps WWE When They Were Young Insert
Childhood Photos

WTWY1    John Cena
WTWY2    William Regal
WTWY3    Jack Swager
WTWY4    Chris Jericho
WTWY5    Big Show
WTWY6    Natalya
WTWY7    The Miz
WTWY8    Sheamus
WTWY9    Chavo Guerrero
WTWY10    Shad
WTWY11    Hornswoggle
WTWY12    Jerry Lawler
WTWY13    Santino Marella
WTWY14    Melina
WTWY15    Ted Dibiase
WTWY16    Cody Rhodes
WTWY17    Christian
WTWY18    Kelly Kelly
WTWY19    Rosa Mendes
WTWY20    CM Punk
WTWY21    Shelton Benjamin
WTWY22    Evan Bourne
WTWY23    R-Truth
WTWY24    Zach Ryder
WTWY25    Triple H

2010 Topps WWE Favorite Finishers Insert
Sweet Finishing Moves

FF1 Zig Zag
FF2 Cross Rhodes
FF3 Spear
FF5 Celtic Bomb
FF6 Air Bourne
FF7 Tombstone Piledriver
FF8 Attitude Adjustment
FF9 Springboard Hart Attack
FF10 Buzz Saw Kick
FF11 Shock Drop
FF12 Playmaker
FF13 Starship Pain
FF15 Big Right Hook
FF16 Trouble in Paradise
FF17 Twist of Fate
FF18 Chokeslam From Hell
FF19 Killswitch
FF20 World’s Strongest Slam
FF21 The Pedigree
FF22 Glam Slam
FF23 619
FF24 Codebreaker
FF25 Skull Crushing Finale

2010 Topps WWE National Heroes Insert
Representing Superstars native home.

NH1 John Cena
NH2 Marsye
NH3 Jack Swagger
NH4 Edge
NH5 Chris Jericho
NH6 William Regal
NH7 Finley
NH8 Yoshi Tatsu
NH9 Sheamus
NH10 Carlito
NH11 Vladimir Kozlov
NH12  The Great Khali
NH13  Kamala
NH14  Nikolai Volkoff
NH15  Iron Shiek
NH16  Wild Samoans
NH17  Kofi Kingston
NH18  Drew McIntyre
NH19  Santino Marella
NH20  Rey Mysterio

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