2017/18 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Checklist

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2017/18 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey

  • 8 Packs Per Box
  • 4 Cards Per Pack
  • 10 Boxes Per Cases

– Three autograph cards
– Five serial-numbered cards

Release Date:  January 4, 2018

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The 2017-18 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey shell set is a relatively simple affair this time around as there are only three announced parallel versions of the 50 basic cards.

Trilogy offers up just 33 different Common Rookie Cards (/999), but there are Uncommon Autograph Rookies as well which are split into three tiers (/149, /249/, or /349).

Rare Autograph Rookies are limited to 49 copies each and will likely contain some form of inscription if the pattern from previous releases is followed.

There are unsigned Uncommon and Common Rookies which are numbered to either 25 or 149.

The Common Rookies have a Green jersey parallel (/399) while Uncommons feature a patch piece (/35). Rare Rookies get a Green Tag edition that is numbered out of five.

Tryptich inserts return and features a wide array of Memorabilia including Jersey, Patch, Strap, Tag, Glove, Blocker, Leg Pad, Skates and Sticks.

Find Three Unique Plexi-Glass Autograph Inserts featuring a Hard-Signed Autograph from rookie, Veteran and Retired NHL Stars directly on stunning Plexiglas Substrate

Look for stunning Green Rainbow Foil Relic Variations of the 33-Card Rookie Subsets.




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