Bonus Episode #1 – Topps 27K Product – UD Blows ePack – Broke Group Breakers –

Special bonus episode of the Sports Card Radio Podcast hosted by Ryan. It’s our first time hearing from Ryan since he dropped the BOMBSHELL that Cardboard Connection CEO is facing 5 felony charges, what has Ryan been up to?

Topps is releasing a $27,000 product and are getting roasted about it publicly on the Blowout Cards Forum (Here is the thread). What does Ryan think about such an expensive product?

Ryan has been the #1 fanboy of Upper Deck ePack, yet is now sad and lost at the way UD is running the website.

On 12/14/2014 Beckett wrote a story, 50 Group Breakers to Know – how many are still in business?

Drain the Panini swamp! Tracy Hackler, Jason Howarth, DJ Kazmierczak, and CEO Mark Warsop – PLEASE QUIT YOUR JOB NOW.

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