Wax Eye Cereal Killers Series 1 Sticker Cards Checklist

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Wax Eye Cereal Killers Hobby Box

Wax Eye Cereal Killers Series 1

Release Date: May 2011

Each Hobby Box Contains:

24 Packs – 5 Sticker Cards Per Pack

Premium Chase Cards Odds:

– Silver Spoon Foil Fusion = 2 Per Box
– Magnet Cards = 1 Every 2 Boxes
– Point of Purchase Poster = 1 Per Box
– Sketch Cards = 1 Every 2 Boxes

Packs with premium cards have 4 sticker cards

Wax Eye Cereal Killers
– Sticker Cards

1 Zomba Crunch
2 Frosted Freeks
3 Loco Puffs
4 Chucky Harms
5 Zomba Crunch Brains
6 Halloweeties
7 Children of the Cornflakes
8 Frankly Burried
9 Fright Loops
10 Clockwork Porridge
11 Fiber The 13th
12 Count Shockula
13 Exorcrisp
14 Night of the Krispies Dead
15 Hex
16 Gloomy Pebbles
17 Chainsaw Toast Crunch
18 Golden Curse
19 Hellraisin Bran
20 The Weatful Dead
21 Andgry Jacks
22 Grudgenola
23 Shredded Feet
24 Marbits Attack
25 Honey Chrome
26 Bloody Bunches of Throats
27 The Ring-O’s
28 Death
29 Creepix
30 Good Fiends
31 Homicidal K
32 Tales From The Crisp
33 Ghoulden Grahams
34 Phantom Of THe Oatmeal
35 Alien Bits

Cereal Killers Series 1 Honey-Chrome Sticker Card

36 Silence of the Grahams
37 Eye Pops
38 Hick’s Mix
39 Ape Guts
40 Haunted Mini Creeps
41 Honey Cut Deleerios
42 Omen O’s
43 Corn Pufftasm
44 Tix
45 Bloddy Smacks46 Spooky Crisp
47 Razor Cut Brain
48 Peanut Bloodier Crunch
49 Village Of the Grahamed
50 Grosslix
51 Psyco-Co Krispies
52 Troll Too
53 A Bitemore on Oat Street
54 Black Christmas Crunch
55 Reaper’s Puffs

Wax Eye Cereal Killers
– Silver Spoon Foil Fusion Cards 2 Per Box
Cereal Killers Series 1 Silver Spoon Foil Set

Wax Eye Cereal Killers
– Magnet Cards 1 Every 2 Boxes

Cereal Killers Series 1 Magnet Card Set

Wax Eye Cereal Killers
– Artist Sketch Cards 1 Every 2 Boxes

Cereal Killers Series 1 Joe Simko Original Sketch Art CardCereal Killers Series 1 Joe Simko Original Sketch Art Card Back

Wax Eye Cereal Killers
– Gold Foil CardsWax Eye Cereal Killers
– Artist Color Sketch Cards

Cereal Killers Series 1 Gold Foil CardCereal Killers Series 1 Joe Simko Original Color Sketch Art Card

Originally pitched to Topps in 2009 by artist Joe Simko, who is one of the most popular artists behind Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids, Rock & Roll Posters, books and more. Now released under Simko’s own brand Wax Eye, the first series features 55 cards and special “gifts” or premium cards that are inserted into hobby boxes.

The highlight of the set are probably the artist sketch cards, which are very impressive. The color ones sell for a nice premium on eBay, and would make for a wonderful piece of artwork to collect.

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