2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Box Loader Checklist

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2010 Allen & Ginter Evan Longoria N43 Auto Relic

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Box Loader Checklist
Hobby Only
Odds: 1 Per BoxComes In a Special Pack

The 2010 Allen & Ginter Box Loader cards are
over-sized to pay tribute to the original N43 cards.
Cards that come in the box loader pack:

Allen & Ginter N43
– 15 Card Set –

Allen & Ginter N43 Relic
– 10 Card Set –
Serial Numbered #/25

Allen & Ginter N43 Autograph
– 10 Card Set –
Serial Numbered #/15

Allen & Ginter N43 Autograph Relic
– 5 Card Set –
Serial Numbered #/5

Cabinet Box Loader
– 10 Card Set –
These cards feature 2-4 subjects highlighting
a 2009 baseball game or a historical event.

Cabinet Box Loader Relic
– 10 Card Set –
Over-Sized relic of a jersey nameplate or number!
Serial Numbered 1/1

-Base Box Loader-

N43B1 Ryan Braun

N43B2 Hanley Ramirez

N43B3 Hunter Pence

N43B4 B.J. Upton

N43B5 Justin Upton

N43B6 Andrew McCutchen

N43B7 Andre Ethier

N43B8 Nick Markakis

N43B9 Joe Mauer

N43B10 Alex Rodriguez

N43B11 Ryan Howard

N43B12 Prince Fielder

N43B13 Albert Pujols

N43B14 Mark Teixeira

N43B15 Evan Longoria

N43 Relic

ODDS: Serial Numbered /25

N43BR-RH Ryan Howard

N43BR-PF Prince Fielder

N43BR-AP Albert Pujols

N43BR-MT Mark Teixeira

N43BR-EL Evan Longoria

N43BR-RB Ryan Braun

N43BR-MK Matt Kemp

N43BR-NM Nick Markakis

N43BR-JM Joe Mauer

N43BR-AR Alex Rodriguez

N43 Autographs
ODDS: Serial Numbered /15

N43BA-RB Ryan Braun

N43BA-VG David Wright

N43BA-RZ Ryan Zimmerman

N43BA-MS Max Scherzer

N43BA-DP Dustin Pedroia

N43BA-TT Troy Tulowitzki

N43BA-HP Hunter Pence

N43BA-VW Vernon Wells

N43BA-TH Tommy Hanson

N43BA-SK Scott Kazmir

N43 Autographed Relics
ODDS: Serial Numbered /5

N43BAR-RH Ryan Howard

N43BAR-MC Miguel Cabrera

N43BAR-EL Evan Longoria

N43BAR-AS Alfonso Soriano

N43BAR-MH Matt Holliday

Cabinet Cards

NCCB1 Brooklyn Bridge

NCCB2 Panama Canal

NCCB3 Hoover Dam

NCCB4 Mount Rushmore

NCCB5 The Great Wall of China

NCCB6 The Central Railroad of Peru

NCCB7 The Alaskan Pipeline

NCCB8 The Siberian Railroad

NCCB9 The Plateau of Giza

NCCB10 The Pan-American Highway

Cabinet Relic Cards
ODDS: Serial Numbered 1/1

CRB-CU Chase Utley

CRB-CJ Chipper Jones

CRB-AS Alfonso Soriano

CRB-DW David Wright

CRB-IS Ichiro

CRB-EL Evan Longoria

CRB-JM Joe Mauer

CRB-RB Ryan Braun

CRB-JU Justin Upton

CRB-TL Tim Lincecum

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