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2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Code: Murder in Willow Cove

Alert: Code Has Been Cracked
August 1, 2012 – Twitter

2012 Topps Allen Ginter Dan Proot Code

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Code
Murder in Willow Cove
Product Release Date: July 9, 2012

Winner Gets:
1/1 Framed Mini Ginter Autograph Set
Cards have ‘CodeBreaker’ on them

2010 Topps Heritage Baseball Checklist 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Checklist

Note: I know nothing about how to solve the Ginter code. But I will post pictures and information of cards that were on eBay, and cards that I purchase on my own.  The only tip I have is that the people who won this in years past had a team of people. I wouldn’t try to go at it alone.

Best place for cards/scans – eBay
Look for Ginter Code Cards on eBay

Andy Modell
Bear McHue
Becky Guttman
Bob Levinski
Bruce Klugman
Chase McMurphy
Chuck Snider
Cynthia Pritchard
Dan Proot
Deputy Danny Young
Don Givens
Frank Kraft
Gary Linderman
Gloria Blatt
Greg Keeley
Jack Guttman
Jackie Pritchard
Jake Perry
Joey Furts
Kerry Fulder
Larry Mudlin
Lennie Guttman
Marcie Guttman
Max Mann
Price Laughton
Sheriff Dave Kring
Sigmund “Skip” Buttle
Tom Chance
Trudy Givens

Back Alley
Bloodstained Pin
Bloody rag
Bowling trophy
Burgers Fries Pop
Gas ‘n’ Go
Givens Residence
Guttman Residence
Guttman’s Gutters
Klugman Residence
Lennie’s high school ring
Lennie’s wallet
Scrap of paper
Second scrap of paper
Shattered display case
Skudlow Park Gazebo
Tom’s Place
Vacant Lot
Willow Cove High School
Willow Cove Trainyard

2012 Allen & Ginter Bloodstained Pin

Andy Modell
Sex: M Age: 46 Occupation: Lawyer
Notes: Former Mayor. Stepped down after financial scandal in which teammate Dan Proot was also implicated. Town currently without mayor, special elections having been delayed. No charges have been filed. Has kept a low profile since scandal.
Connection to victim: Member of Ticket to Splitville
Twitter: @Tix2Splitsville

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Andy Moddell

Bear McHue
Sex: M Age: 51 Occupation: Biker
Notes: Leader of the local biker gang, the Willow Cove Warlocks. Presumably lives on “dues” paid to the gang, but there is ample evidence that he has other, illicit income sources.
Connection to victim: Had run-in with Lennie at Tom’s Place in ’09 over a tab. No contact since.
Twitter: @BigBearWarlocks

2012 Allen Ginter Bear McHue Code

Becky Guttman
Sex: F Age: 15 Occupation: Student
Notes: Very good student with an A average. No disciplinary issues whatsoever. Beloved by her teachers. Not very popular with peers; but not disliked either. Very shy, quiet, but sharp.
Connection to victim: Daughter. Good relationship, but clearly feels overshadowed by her brother.
Twitter: @InvisiGrrrl

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Becky Guttman

Chase McMurphy
Sex: M Age: 32 Occupation: Bowling Pro
Notes: Professional bowler. Has yet to win anything major, but is still on his way up. Extremely full of himself; difficult to like.
Connection to victim: Trains at Guttman’s Gutters. Lennie disliked him, but tolerated him for the prestige of having a pro train at his alley.
Twitter: @ProChasetheAce

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Chase McMurphy

Chuck Snider
Sex: M Age: 41 Occupation: Teacher
Notes: Works at Willow Cove High School. Teaches math at all grade levels. Well-liked by students for his relaxed style. Very good performance reviews.
Connection to victim: Member of Ticket to Splitsville. Taught Jack’s algebra class, met with Lennie in parent/teacher conferences. Friendly.
Twitter: @Tix2Splitsville

2012 Topps Allen & ginter Chuck Snider

Cynthia Pritchard
Sex: F Age: 16 Occupation: Student
Notes: Cheerleader. Generally poor grades. C Average. More concerned with popularity than her schoolwork.  Raised by her mother alone.
Connection to Victim: Dating Jack Guttman. Lennie seemed to like her, but felt his son could and would do better, which made for tension.
Twitter: @GoCougsClass13

Dan Proot
Sex: M Age: 45 Occupation: Accountant
Notes: Implicated in the scandal that brought Andy Modell’s term as mayor to an end. No charges have ever been filed, but a cloud hangs over him.
Connection to victim: Member and captain of Ticket to Splitsville, five-time Guttman’s Gutters bowling league champions.
Twitter: @Tix2Splitsville

2012 Topps Allen Ginter Dan Proot Code

Deputy Danny Young
Sex: M Age: 27 Occupation: Deputy
Notes: Deputy for three years. Has always had his sights on the job. Not known for his smarts, but dedicated and good natured. Extremely trustworthy. Current invesigative lead.
Connection to victim: Worked at Guttman’s Gutters throughout high school.
Twitter: @DeputyDannyY

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Code Danny Young

Don Givens
Sex: M Age: 41 Occupation: Unemployed
Notes: Married Trudy shortly after Lennie’s to Marcie, despite significant age difference. Long list of run-ins with the law. Regarded with suspicion by nearly everyone in town.
Connection to Victim: Married Lennie’s high school girlfriend. Hated that they had renewed ties.
Twitter: @ItstheDon21

Frank Kraft
Sex: M Age: 35 Occupation: Construction
Notes: Responsible, respected in community.
Connection to victim: Lennie’s best friend since elementary school. Played on the championship baseball team with Lennie. A true confidant to Lennie who may have information pertinent to the case. Saw Lennie daily.
Twitter: @FrankIsFishin

2012 Topps Allen Ginter Frank Kraft Code

Gary Linderman
Sex: M Age: 57 Occupation: Unemployed
Notes: Local transient. Will often disappear from town for weeks on end. Has a makeshift home at the Willow Cove Trainyard when he is around.
Connection to victim: Lennie occasionally gave him odd jobs for a few bucks. The morning after the murder, Lennie’s wallet was found in his home.
Twitter: None

Gloria Blatt
Sex: F Age: 81 Occupation: Cashier
Notes: Sweet old lady. Has lived in Willow Cove her entire life. Widowed in 1972; never remarried or even dated anyone again.
Connection to victim: Worked at Guttman’s Gutters since its opening. Discovered the body. Traumatized, but beginning to recover.
Twitter: @GloriaBlatt1931

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Gloria Blatt

Greg Keeley
Sex: M Age: 16 Occupation: Student
Notes: Very good student. A average. Socially awkward. Founder and Admiral of the Willow Cove Star Corps, a science fiction fan club with two members, Becky Guttman being the other.
Connection to victim: Dating Becky Guttman. Lennie liked him, thought he found him quite awkward.
Twitter: @WCStarCorps

2012 Topps Ginter Greg Keeley Murder code

Jack Guttman
Sex: M Age: 17 Occupation: Student
Notes: Born three months after parents’ marriage. Very good athlete, decent student with a B average. No serious disciplinary issues. Popular with both classmates and teachers.
Connection to victim: Son. Strong relationship. Following in his father’s baseball footsteps.
Twitter: @JackEBaseball17

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Jack Guttman

Jackie Pritchard
Sex: F Age: 35 Occupation: Waitress
Notes: Single Mother. Doing her best. Cynthia’s father has never been around. Bitter, but controlled.
Connection to victim: Knew each other in high school. Lennie often helped her out when times were tough. Tension between the two since their children began dating. Possibly more going on here.
Twitter: @JPritch95

2012 Topps Ginter Code Jackie Pritchard

Joey Furts
Sex: M Age: 31 Occupation: Poker Player
Notes: Local poker player and hustler. Has been involved or implicated in numerous shady dealings. All-around sleazy character and not to be trusted in the least. Has many enemies.
Connection to victim: Banned from Guttman’s Gutters for life; caught running a three-card-monte scam.
Twitter: @AllIn4theWin

Larry Mudlin
Sex: M Age: 27 Occupation: Custodian
Notes: Extremely kind-hearted. Liked by everyone. Slow witted, but industrious and loyal.
Connection to victim: Works at Guttman’s Gutters. Performs general custodial duties and other odds and ends. Lennie felt extremely protective of him and tolerated no disrespect toward him.
Twitter: @LarryAwesomenes

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Larry Mudlin

Lennie Guttman
Sex: M Age: 35 Occupation: Owner, Guttman’s Gutters

  • Deceased.
  • Found murdered in his place of business on the morning
    of July 18, 2012.
  • Local high school sports hero.
  • Thought to be liked by all
  • Investigation revealing secrets long buried.

Twitter: @GuttmansGutters

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Lennie Guttman Code

Marcie Guttman
Sex: F Age: 35 Occupation: Housewife
Notes: Aspiring writer. Dreams of bigger things.
Connection to victim: Wife. Married in 1995. Lennie gave up his college scholarship to do so. Son Jack was born three months later. By all reports, the marriage showed the strain common to most, but was generally good.
Twitter: @MJCollinsLit

2012 Ginter Marcie Guttman

Max Mann
Sex: M Age: 27 Occupation: Journalist
Notes: Essentially a one-man show at the Willow Cove Courier. Produces almost all content.
Connection to victim: Slight. Has interviewed the victim at various times for stories appearing in the Courier. Have found no evidence of personal relationship or ties between the two.
Twitter: @MaxWCCourier

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Max Mann

Signund ‘Skip’ Buttle
Sex: M Age: 20 Occupation: Handyman/Student
Notes: Attending community college part-time. Quirky, but well-liked and responsible. Aspires to own a business like Guttman’s Gutters one day. Tough home life, but doesn’t seem to phase him.
Connection to victim: Worked at Guttman’s Gutters. Loved Lennie like the father he doesn’t really have.
Twitter: GoGoSkipsterGo

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Sigmund Skip Buttle

Tom Chance
Sex: M Age: 42 Occupation: Bartender
Notes: Owns and operates Tom’s Place, a local bar. Responsible member of the community. As a bartender, privy to a lot of gossip and hidden secrets. Could certainly have information.
Connection to Victim: Lennie would often have a few at Tom’s Place, never too many. Friendly.
Twitter: @TomsPlaceEvents

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Tom Chance Code

Trudy Givens
Sex: F Age: 35 Occupation: Cashier
Notes: Works as cashier at Burgers Fries Pop.
Unhappy marriage to Don Givens.
Connection to victim: Dated Lennie in high school. Lennie’s marriage to Marcie shocked everyone, but more than Trudy. Heartbroken over apparent cheating, dishonesty. Reconciled.
Twitter: @TrulyTrudyG

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Trudy Givens

Bloodstained Pin

  • Matches bowling pins used by Guttman’s Gutters
  • Covered in blood. Analysis being done to confirm it is the victim’s.
  • Being Examined for fingerprints, other evidence
  • Found crammed in the ball return of lane 2
  • No physical damage to the pin evident
  • No other evidence located near lane 2; it is the spot where the body was found and the exit.

2012 Allen & Ginter Bloodstained Pin

Bloody Rag

  • Rag smeared with blood
  • Plain red rag, no distinguishing marks
  • Also appears to have oil stains on it
  • Found in the alley behind Guttman’s Gutters
  • Irregular shape, as if torn from a  larger piece
  • Presumably used to clean the killer’s hands
  • Being tested for any forensic evidence
  • Similar to rags used by mechanics at Gas ‘n’ Go

2012 Topps Ginter Bloody Rag

Back Alley

  • Alley behind Guttman’s Gutters
  • Poorly lit; light over Guttman’s Gutters’s side exit appears to have recently burned out.
  • Large trash bins used by Guttman’s Gutters stored here.  Little else in the alley.
  • One access point leading to parking lot; no access available at other end of alley.
  • Bloody rag and trace blood found here.

2012 Ginter Back Alley

Bowling Trophy

  • 2011 Guttman’s Gutters champion trophy
  • Found jammed in the ball return of lane seventeen, the lane where the body was found
  • Being tested for fingerprints and other evidence
  • One piece has chipped off, found inside ball return, no other damage evident
  • 2011 championship was contested and yet to be awarded, due to scoring dispute

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Bowling Trophy

Burgers Fries Pop

  • Hamburger shop near Guttman’s Gutters.
  • Established: 2005
  • Part of initial revitalization of area.
  • Owned by Stephen Braun.
  • Lennie regularly ate here, preferring the bacon double cheeseburger with everything.
  • Scraps of ransom-style note found at crime scene came from a Burgers Fries Pop burger wrapper.



  • Smeared footprint of a workboot found near the Skudlow Park Gazebo.
  • Man’s shoe, approximately size 10.5
  • Appears to have been made the night of July 17/18.
  • Smearing prevents any detailed tread analysis.
  • In patch of mud, no other prints visible nearby.
  • Unclear if connected to the murder of Lennie Guttman. Possibly coincidental.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Footprints

Gas ‘N’ Go

  • Owners Kerry Fulder, since 2003
  • Gas station, service center
  • Purchased from previous owner, Thomas Laughton (deceased), for well below market value.
  • Fulder operated the business for Laughton, who felt Fulder was the son he never had.
  • Bloody rag found at the scene matches those in use at Gas ‘n’ Go in color and material.

2012 Topps Allen & ginter Gas N go

Guttman’s Gutters

  • Bowling alley owned by victim
  • Scene of the crime
  • Established in 2002
  • De facto town hall and community center; nearly always filled with residents socializing, even if they’re not there to bowl.
  • First establishment in revitalization efforts that transformed the area a decade ago.


Klugman Residence

  • Residents: Bruce
  • Constructed: 1991
  • Large, elegantly appointed mansion.
  • Three floors, six bedrooms, four baths.
  • Klugman Development operates out of the home.
  • Lennie is known to have attended a business meeting with Bruce here in the last few weeks.
  • Bruce hosts cocktail parties here regularly.


Lennie’s High School Ring

  • Willow Cove Class of ’95 Ring.
  • Not found on the body and has yet to be located.
  • Marcie Guttman says her husband was never without it. Says she recalls him wearing it
  • Jack Guttman says he recalls seeing the ring on his father’s hand earlier in the day.
  • His wedding band was on his hand when his body was found.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Lennie's High School Ring

Scrap of Paper

  • Scrap of a ransom-style note, with letters cut from widely available publications.
  • Found behind the concession stand.
  • Only fingerprints on it are Lennie’s.
  • Being examined for other evidence.
  • Torn from a larger piece of paper.
  • Letter is currently incomplete; multiple possibilities for what the letter could have said.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Scrap of Paper

Shattered Display Case

  • Display case near Guttman’s Gutters entrance.
  • A bowling ball was presumably thrown through the window of the display case, shattering the glass and damaging some items within.
  • No evidence of blood inside the case.
  • Based on comparison to photographs, nothing appears to be missing within the case.
  • Bowling ball to be analyzed for fingerprints.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Shattered Display Cases

Tom’s Place

  • Bar owned by Tom Chance.
  • Established in 1989.
  • Jackie Pritchard waits tables.
  • Lennie was a regular, visiting about once a week.
  • Other regulars include Jake Perry, Don Givens, Frank Kraft, Bruce Klugman, Bear McHue, Joey Furts
  • Occasional calls for disorderly conduct, but overall a fairly quiet small-town bar.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Tom's Place

Vacant Lot

  • Vacant lot next to Guttman’s Gutters
  • Has been vacant since electrical fire destroyed Pritchard Roof and Siding in 2000
  • Doug Pritchard, owner, divorced and left town soon after the fire.
  • Bruce Klugman has been working on financing to develop the site.
  • Eyesore of the otherwise pleasant area.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Vacant Lot

Willow Cove Trainyard

  • Abandoned railyard.
  • Has not been in use for two decades.
  • Signs prohibiting entrance clearly posted.
  • No legitimate reason for anyone to enter.
  • Routine calls to the area for trespassing and suspicious persons.
  • Gary Linderman has makeshift residence here.
  • Lennie’s wallet found with Gary’s belongings.

2012 Topps Allen Ginter Trainyard

2012 Topps Allen Ginter Paper2012 Topps Allen Ginter Paper2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Code2012 Topps Allen Ginter Newspaper2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Newspaper piece2012 Topps Allen Ginter Newspaper Code2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Newspaper card2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Paper Code



Look for the code cards from Hobby Packs to provide much more detail

Other Stuff:

Website: – right click – view source code for message.

Twitter: @WillowCovePD@TheGinterCode

Topps Twitter:  The AG code master has created a special code that will take place on twitter look for special code cards in product & be 1st to solve code! – Twitter –

Look for Ginter Code Cards on eBay

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2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Dutch Van Kirk Cut Auto

2012 Topps Allen Ginter Dutch Van Kirk Autograph

2012 Allen & Ginter Baseball
Dutch Van Kirk
Cut Signature 1/1

eBay Seller: brownstreak

2010 Topps Heritage Baseball Checklist 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Checklist

Theodore ‘Dutch’ Van Kirk served in the United States Army Air Force from 1941-1946.  He is best known for being the navigator of the flight that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan in August 1945.  The 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball set features a cut autograph card of Dutch Van Kirk.  Topps Allen & Ginter was released on July 9, 2012 – and at the time of the release, Van Kirk was still alive but the market for this card was hot with multiple potential buyers bidding on the card just after it appeared on eBay.

Van Kirk is known for doing some book signings, and you can read about them toward the bottom of his Wikipedia page. On the example autograph on the Wiki page, you can see that Van Kirk often inscribes his autograph with ‘Navigator – Enola Gay Hiroshima – 6 Aug. 1945.’  Enola Gay refers to the name of the plane that Van Kirk navigated during the atomic bomb drop.

The market for the Allen & Ginter cards is always hot at release and 2012 should be no different. The Van Kirk cut autograph is a 1/1 – the only one in the ’12 Ginter set of Van Kirk. Bidding quickly reached $100+, but typical Van Kirk autographs can sell for less then $50.  The PSA/DNA certified autograph shown to the right went un-sold on eBay when it ended June 18, 2012 from seller: amazingautographs who was asking $65.00.  PSA/DNA is a leader in autograph authenticity so there shouldn’t have been any concern about it being legit or not. His autograph is simply not worth that much on just an index card.

Dutch Van Kirk Cut Signature PSA/DNA

2012 Allen & Ginter Baseball
Dutch Van Kirk Cut Auto
Auction Start Date: July 9, 2012
Auction End Date: Jul 16, 2012
eBay Seller: brownstreak
Final Price: ????

2012 Topps Allen Ginter Dutch Van Kirk Autograph

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter
Cut Autograph Cards in 2012 Allen & Ginter Baseball

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AGCS-10 Ernest Borgnine
AGCS-11 Martin Sheen
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AGCS-13 Gloria Gaynor
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AGCS-15 Dave Brubeck
AGCS-16 Fats Domino
AGCS-17 Charlie Daniels
AGCS-19 Betty White
AGCS-20 Elliot Gould
AGCS-21 Sophia Loren
AGCS-22 Clarence Thomas

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter John Nash Cut Autograph

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2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Roger Federer Framed Autograph

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Framed Autograph Roger Federer Card

Topps couldn’t have timed this release any better. Roger Federer – king of the Tennis world for the last decade – wins the sports most prestigious championship and the next day his 2012 Allen & Ginter Framed Autograph makes it’s first appearance on eBay. Not to mention it looks like he’s holding the Wimbledon trophy too! It’s almost as if Topps had the cards made yesterday, but actually they were probably manufactured during a time when most people in the tennis world were talking about Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

How Sick Is This Card If You Love Tennis?

Shoot, you can be a casual fan like me and love this card. I don’t follow the sport outside the major championships, but in my mind Pete Samras retired and Roger Federer took over as the guy you think about when you think about excellence in the sport. What makes this card special is that Roger Federer was looking like he was going to let the young kids take over in Tennis – but then wins Wimbledon and takes over his #1 ranking in the sport. Even when his contemporaries like Djokovic and Nadal do eventually take his thrown as the best player in the world, Roger reminded us that he’s been on top of this sport for a long time.

eBay Seller: brentandbecca

Where art thou, on-card Roger?

Ace Authentics Roger Federer Autograph Card

Ace Authentics has been making tennis cards for as long as anyone. I saw plenty of sticker autographs for sale on eBay, but very few on-card autographs of this tennis legend. Since I follow the tennis card market less than I follow the sport, it might just mean that collectors aren’t selling the on-card stuff … but sticker autographs look far more common. That should make this card stand out to Federer fans if he doesn’t ever go on a signing binge after his career is over.

Most of Roger’s autographs were selling in the $130 – $175 pre-Wimbledon win … so the sellers near $1,000 original asking price for the Allen & Ginter autograph is probably a little out of the range, but you never know.

I thought the en-cased autograph tennis balls were cool. Some for sale were match-used.

Ace Authentics Roger Federer Autograph Tennis Ball

We’ve Got A Relic!

On top of the Autograph version, and the regular card – you’ll also find “relic” cards of Federer as well. The cards back is very vague to say the least about the origins of the relic piece – but it’s still a pretty cool card.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Framed Relic Roger Federer Card


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2012 Allen & Ginter No Number Brooks Robinson

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter
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2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Chad Billingley Mini

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter
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2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Mike Trout Gold Mini

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter
A&G Ad Back
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2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Yu Darvish Mini2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Yu Darvish Mini Back

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter
Black Border Mini
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2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Black Border Mini

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter
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1-350 Base Card Checklist
1:148 Packs – 50 Total Copies

2012 Allen & Ginter No Number Brooks Robinson2012 Allen & Ginter No Number Brooks Robinson Mini

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter
Red Back
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Hand Numbered #/25

2012 Topps Allen Ginter Reggie Jackson Mini2012 Topps Allen Ginter Reggie Jackson /25

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter
Wood Parallel
1-350 Base Card Checklist
Serial Numbered #/1

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter
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1 Albert Pujols
2 Juan Pierre
3 Miguel Cabrera
4 Yu Darvish RC
5 David Price
6 Johnny Bench
7 Mickey Mantle
8 Mitch Moreland
9 Yonder Alonso
10 Dustin Pedroia
11 Eric Hosmer
12 Bryce Harper RC
13 Drew Stubbs
14 Nick Markakis
15 Joel Hanrahan
16 Rulon Gardner
17 Lonnie Chisenhall
18 Kevin Youkilis
19 Bob Knight
20 Miguel Montero
21 Matt Moore RC
22 Jair Jurrjens
23 Yogi Berra
24 Paul Goldschmidt
25 Shin-Soo Choo
26 Hunter Pence
27 Ricky Nolasco
28 Dustin Ackley
29 Hanley Ramirez
30 Carlos Zambrano
31 Jackie Robinson
32 Ben Zobrist
33 Chipper Jones
34 Alex Gordon
35 David Ortiz
36 Kirk Herbstreit
37 James McDonald
38 Pablo Sandoval
39 Brad Peacock RC
40 Jimmy Rollins
41 Clayton Kershaw
42 Justin Upton
43 Josh Johnson
44 Brandon League
45 Ewa Mataya
46 Jarrod Saltalamacchia
47 Buster Posey
48 Jordan Walden
49 Jeremy Hellickson
50 Clay Buchholz
51 Don Denkinger
52 Cameron Maybin
53 Hisashi Iwakuma
54 Al Kaline
55 Colin Montgomerie
56 Jordan Pacheco RC
57 Michael Pineda
58 Ryan Braun
59 Johnny Damon
60 Reggie Jackson
61 Richard Petty
62 Michael Cuddyer
63 Zach Britton
64 Mat Latos
65 Alex Rios
66 Yadier Molina
67 Desmond Jennings
68 Rickie Weeks
69 Kurt Suzuki
70 Aroldis Chapman
71 Curtis Granderson
72 Joakim Soria
73 Jordan Zimmermann
74 Johnny Cueto
75 Erin Andrews
76 Michael Bourn
77 Chris Young
78 Joe Mauer
79 Yoenis Cespedes RC
80 Brooks Robinson
81 Jerry Bailey
82 Giancarlo Stanton
83 Matt Joyce
84 Andre Ethier
85 Curly Neal
86 Nyjer Morgan
87 Annie Duke
88 Stan Musial
89 Edwin Jackson
90 Roy Halladay
91 Grady Sizemore
92 Craig Kimbrel
93 Jose Bautista
94 Geovany Soto
95 Felix Hernandez
96 Gavin Floyd
97 Max Scherzer
98 Nelson Cruz
99 Sandy Koufax
100 Troy Tulowitzki
101 James Loney
102 Huston Street
103 Alexi Ogando
104 Ian Desmond
105 Arnold Palmer
106 Bud Norris
107 C.J. Wilson
108 J.P. Arencibia
109 Tim Lincecum
110 Heath Bell
111 Wandy Rodriguez
112 Chris Carpenter
113 Meadowlark Lemon
114 Johan Santana
115 Carlos Santana
116 Brandon Beachy
117 Nick Swisher
118 Carl Yastrzemski
119 Asdrubal Cabrera
120 Mariano Rivera
121 David Wright
122 Brett Lawrie RC
123 Adam Lind
124 Jered Weaver
125 Ben Revere
126 Justin Masterson
127 Erick Aybar
128 Andrew McCutchen
129 Michael Phelps
130 Madison Bumgarner
131 Jim Palmer
132 Daniel Hudson
133 Carlos Beltran
134 David Freese
135 Michael Morse
136 Jacoby Ellsbury
137 George Brett
138 Josh Willingham
139 Tim Hudson
140 Mike Trout
141 Vance Worley
142 Jose Reyes
143 Nick Hagadone
144 Joe Benson RC
145 Drew Storen
146 Josh Beckett
147 Tsuyoshi Nishioka
148 Carlos Gonzalez
149 Wilson Ramos
150 Norichika Aoki RC
151 Jose Valverde
152 Ryan Vogelsong
153 Robinson Cano
154 Bob Hurley
155 Edinson Volquez
156 Trevor Cahill
157 Roger Federer
158 Melky Cabrera
159 Devin Mesoraco RC
160 Shane Victorino
161 Freddie Freeman
162 Jeff Francoeur
163 Tom Seaver
164 Ike Davis
165 Alex Avila
166 Ervin Santana
167 J.J. Putz
168 Jason Kipnis
169 Mark Teixeira
170 Don Mattingly
171 Stephen Strasburg
172 Chris Perez
173 Jay Bruce
174 Ubaldo Jimenez
175 Luke Hochevar
176 Babe Ruth
177 Stephen Drew
178 Wei-Yin Chen
179 Cole Hamels
180 Tim Federowicz RC
181 Joe DiMaggio
182 Colby Rasmus
183 Darwin Barney
184 Ara Parseghian
185 Starlin Castro
186 Jemile Weeks
187 John Axford
188 Tom Milone RC
189 Lance Berkman
190 Addison Reed RC
191 Jason Bay
192 Brett Pill RC
193 Jackie Joyner-Kersee
194 J.J. Hardy
195 Jhoulys Chacin
196 Lou Gehrig
197 Ty Cobb
198 Phil Pfister
199 Ricky Romero
200 Matt Kemp
201 Tommy Hanson
202 Jaime Garcia
203 Ian Kinsler
204 Adam Dunn
205 Tony Gwynn
206 Joey Votto
207 Cory Luebke
208 Martin Prado
209 Coco Crisp
210 Willie Mays
211 Keegan Bradley
212 Ken Griffey Jr
213 Joe Nathan
214 Yunel Escobar
215 Dan Haren
216 Corey Hart
217 Brian Wilson
218 John Danks
219 Ian Kennedy
220 James Brown
221 Carlos Marmol
222 Yovani Gallardo
223 CC Sabathia
224 Adam Jones
225 Roger Maris
226 Jim Thome
227 Michael Young
228 Dexter Fowler
229 Ichiro
230 Evan Longoria
231 Todd Helton
232 Kate Upton
233 Shaun Marcum
234 Carlos Lee
235 Victor Martinez
236 Scott Rolen
237 Al Unser,
238 Austin Jackson
239 Liam Hendriks RC
240 Steve Lombardozzi RC
241 Andrew Bailey
242 Alfonso Soriano
243 Aramis Ramirez
244 Brett Anderson
245 Hank Haney
246 Torii Hunter
247 Hank Aaron
248 Jed Lowrie
249 Phil Hughes
250 Brennan Boesch
251 B.J. Upton
252 Tsuyoshi Wada
253 Jorge De
254 Rickey Henderson
255 Dayan Viciedo
256 Brandon Morrow
257 Dan Uggla
258 Doug Fister
259 Wade Davis
260 Alex Liddi RC
261 Michael Taylor RC
262 Justin Verlander
263 Jason Motte
264 Brian McCann
265 Chris Parmelee RC
266 Carlos Ruiz
267 Neftali Feliz
268 Angel Pagan
269 Mike Schmidt
270 Anthony Rizzo
271 Mark Reynolds
272 Jose Tabata
273 Gaby Sanchez
274 Derek Jeter
275 Kerry Wood
276 James Shields
277 Jesus Montero RC
278 Fatal1ty Gaming
279 Brett Gardner
280 Brandon Belt
281 Matt Cain
282 Carlos Quentin
283 Dale Webster
284 Pedro Alvarez
285 Ryan Zimmerman
286 Neil Walker
287 Hiroki Kuroda
288 Alex Rodriguez
289 Brandon Phillips
290 Derek Holland
291 Chase Utley
292 Greg Gumbel
293 Cliff Lee
294 Elvis Andrus
295 Drew Pomeranz RC
296 Mark Trumbo
297 Justin Morneau
298 Dee Gordon
299 Jeff Niemann
300 Roberto Clemente

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter
Mini Sp Checklist
301-350 Sp Card Checklist

301 Adron Chambers
302 Jayson Werth
303 Ivan Nova
304 Kyle Farnsworth
305 Wilin Rosario RC
306 Ryan Howard
307 Jhonny Peralta
308 Paul Konerko
309 Bela Karolyi
310 Russell Martin
311 Bob Gibson
312 Anibal Sanchez
313 Carlos Pena
314 Michael Buffer
315 Dellin Betances RC
316 Adrian Gonzalez
317 Jason Heyward
318 Mike Moustakas
319 Adam Wainwright
320 Jonathan Papelbon
321 Chad Billingsley
322 Sergio Santos
323 Ryan Roberts
324 Cal Ripken Jr
325 Frank Robinson
326 Logan Morrison
327 Jon Lester
328 Josh Hamilton
329 Billy Butler
330 Mike Napoli
331 Carl Crawford
332 Guy Bluford
333 Kelly Johnson
334 Adrian Beltre
335 Alexei Ramirez
336 Gio Gonzalez
337 Matt Holliday
338 Prince Fielder
339 Swin Cash
340 Marty Hogan
341 Colby Lewis
342 Ryan Dempster
343 Zack Greinke
344 Matt Dominguez RC
345 Nolan Ryan
346 Lefty Kreh
347 Matt Garza
348 Chase Headley
349 Danny Espinosa
350 Howie Kendrick

2010 Topps Heritage Baseball Checklist 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Checklist

eBay sellers who listed these cards: cardsmiths – kurdawg19 – yellid23

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Box Checklist

2011 Topps Josh Hamilton Base Card

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball
Release Date: July 14, 2011

24 Packs Per Box – 8 Cards Per Pack
12 Boxes Per Hobby Case

2011 Allen & Ginter Boxes on eBay

One of the most popular Baseball sets produced every year, 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter will try and up the score and deliver for collectors and card fans everywhere. Known for it’s diverse checklist of sports names and non-sport stars – Topps claims that the 2011 Autograph Checklist is the best yet.

Each Hobby Box of 2011 Allen & Ginter Baseball has a Combination of Three of:
Autograph Card – Relic Card – Cut Autograph – Rip Card – Printing Plate – Book Card
In addition you get 1 Box Loader per Hobby Box

2011 Allen & Ginter Base Set Checklist
6 Base Cards Per Pack

  • Baseball Veterans – 270
  • MLB Rookie Cards – 30
  • World Champions – 35
  • Historic Figures – 15
  • 350 Total Base Card Set

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Albert Pujols Base Card

1 Carlos Gonzalez
2 Ty Wigginton
4 Jhoulys Chacin
5 Aroldis Chapman
7 Mickey Mantle
8 Alexei Ramirez
9 Joe Saunders
10 Miguel Cabrera
11 TBD
12 Hope Solo
13 Brett Anderson
14 Adrian Beltre
15 Diana Turasi
16 Gordon Beckham
17 Jonthan Papelbon
18 Daniel Hudson
19 Daniel Bard
20 Jeremy Hellickson
21 Logan Morrison
22 Michael Bourn
23 Aubrey Huff
24 Kristi Yamaguchi
25 Nelson Cruz
26 Edwin Jackson
27 Dillon Gee
28 John Lindsey
29 Johnny Cueto
30 Hanley Ramirez
31 Jimmy Rollins
32 TBD
33 Curtis Granderson
34 Pedro Ciriaco
35 Adam Dunn
36 Eric Sogard
37 Fausto Carmona
38 Angel Pagan
39 Stephen Drew
40 John McEnroe
41 Carlos Santana
42 Heath Bell
43 TBD
44 Ozzie Martinez
45 Annika Sorenstam
46 Edinson Volquez
47 Phil Hughes
48 Francisco Liriano
49 Javier Vazquez
50 Carl Crawford
51 TBD
52 Francisco Cordero
53 Chipper Jones
54 Austin Jackson
55 Dustin Pedroia
56 Scott Kazmir
57 Derek Jeter
58 Alcides Escobar
59 Jeremy Jeffress
60 TBD
61 Brian Roberts
62 Alfonso Soriano
63 Neil Walker
64 Ricky Romero
65 Ryan Howard
66 Starlin Castro
67 Delmon Young
68 Max Scherzer
69 Neftali Feliz
70 Evan Longoria
71 Chris Perez
72 TBD
73 Brandon Morrow
74 Torii Hunter
75 Jose Reyes
76 Chase Headley
77 Rafael Furcal
78 Luke Scott
79 Aimee Mullins
80 Joey Votto
81 Yonder Alonso
82 Scott Rolen
83 TBD
84 Gregory Infante
85 Chris Sale
86 Greg Halman
87 Colby Lewis
88 David Ortiz
89 John Axford
90 Roy Halladay
91 Joel Pineiro
92 TBD
93 TBD
94 TBD
95 Dan Uggla
96 Daniel Boulud
97 TBD
98 Jason Bay
99 Placido Polanco
100 Albert Pujols

101 Peter Bourjous
102 Wandy Rodriguez
103 Andres Torres
104 Huston Street
105 Ubaldo Jimenez
106 Jonathan Broxton
107 TBD
108 Roy Oswalt
109 Martin Prado
110 Jake McGee
111 Pablo Sandoval
112 TBD
113 Miguel Montero
114 Brandon Phillips
115 Shin-Soo Choo
116 Josh Beckett
117 Jonathan Sanchez
118 Rafael Soriano
119 Nancy Lopez
120 Adrian Gonzalez
121 J.D. Drew
122 Ryan Dempster
123 Rajai Davis
124 Chad Billingsley
125 Clayton Kershaw
126 Jair Jurrjens
127 James Loney
128 Michael Cuddyer
129 Kelly Johnson
130 Robinson Cano
131 Chris Iannetta
132 Colby Rasmus
133 TBD
134 Matt Cain
135 Kyle Petty
136 Dick Vitale
137 Carlos Beltran
138 Matt Garza
139 Tim Howard
140 Felix Hernandez
141 Vernon Wells
142 Michael Young
143 Carlos Zambrano
144 Jorge Posada
145 Victor Martinez
146 John Danks
147 TBD
148 TBD
149 Lars Anderson
150 Troy Tulowitzki
151 Brandon Beachy
152 Jordan Zimmermann
153 Scott Cousins
154 Todd Helton
155 Josh Johnson
156 Marlon Byrd
157 Corey Hart
158 Billy Butler
159 TBD
160 David Wright
161 Casey McGehee
162 Mat Latos
163 Ian Kennedy
164 Heather Mitts
165 TBD
166 Geovany Soto
167 Adam LaRoche
168 Carlos Marmol
169 Dan Haren
170 Tim Lincecum
171 John Lackey
172 Yunesky Maya
173 Mariano Rivera
174 Joakim Soria
175 Jose Bautista
176 Brian Bogusevic
177 TBD
178 Ben Revere
179 Shane Victorino
180 Kyle Drabek
181 Mark Buehrle
182 Clay Buchholz
183 Mike Napoli
184 Pedro Alvarez
185 Justin Upton
186 Yunel Escobar
187 Jim Nantz
188 Daniel Descalso
189 Dexter Fowler
190 Sue Bird
191 TBD
192 Carl Pavano
193 Jorge De La Rosa
194 Rick Porcello
195 Tommy Hanson
196 Jered Weaver
197 Jay Bruce
198 Freddie Freeman
199 Jake Peavy
200 Josh Hamilton

201 Andrew Romine
202 Nick Swisher
203 Aaron Hill
204 Jim Thome
205 Kendry Morales
206 TBD
207 Kosuke Fukudome
208 Marco Scutaro
209 TBD
210 Chase Utley
211 Francisco Rodriguez
212 Aramis Ramirez
213 Xavier Nady
214 Elvis Andrus
215 Andrew McCutchen
216 Jose Tabata
217 Shaun Marcum
218 Bobby Abreu
219 Johan Santana
220 Prince Fielder
221 Mark Rogers
222 James Shields
223 Chuck Woolery
224 Jason Kubel
225 TBD
226 Andre Ethier
227 Lucas Duda
228 Brandon Snyder
229 Juan Pierre
230 Mark Teixeira
231 C.J. Wilson
232 Picabo Street
233 Ben Zobrist
234 TBD
235 Cole Hamels
236 B.J. Upton
237 Carlos Quentin
238 TBD
239 Brett Myers
240 Matt Holliday
241 Ike Davis
242 Cheryl Burke
243 Mike Nickeas
244 Chone Figgins
245 Brian McCann
246 Ian Kinsler
247 Yadier Molina
248 Ervin Santana
249 Carlos Ruiz
250 Ichiro
251 Ian Desmond
252 Omar Infante
253 Mike Minor
254 Denard Span
255 David Price
256 Hunter Pence
257 Andrew Bailey
258 Howie Kendrick
259 Tim Hudson
260 Alex Rodriguez
261 Carlos Pena
262 TBD
263 Mark Trumbo
264 Adam Jones
265 Buster Posey
266 Chris Coghlan
267 Brett Sinkbeil
268 Dallas Braden
269 Derrek Lee
270 Kevin Youkilis
271 Chris Young
272 TBD
273 Brent Morel
274 TBD
275 Justin Verlander
276 Desmond Jennings
277 Hank Conger
278 Travis Snider
279 Brian Wilson
280 Adam Wainwright
281 Adam Lind
282 Reid Brignac
283 Daric Barton
284 TBD
285 Alex Rios
286 Cory Luebke
287 Yovani Gallardo
288 Rickie Weeks
289 Paul Konerko
290 Cliff Lee
291 Grady Sizemore
292 Wade Davis
293 TBD
294 Jacoby Ellsbury
295 Chris Carpenter
296 Derek Lowe
297 Travis Hafner
298 TBD
299 TBD
300 Ryan Braun

301 Gio Gonzalez
302 John Buck
303 Jaime Garcia
304 Madison Bumgarner
305 Justin Morneau
306 Josh Willingham
307 Ryan Ludwick
308 Jhonny Peralta
309 Kurt Suzuki
310 Matt Kemp
311 Ian Stewart
312 Cody Ross
313 Leo Nunez
314 Nick Markakis
315 Jayson Werth
316 Manny Ramirez
317 Brian Matusz
318 Brett Wallace
319 Jon Niese
320 Jon Lester
321 Mark Reynolds
322 Trevor Cahill
323 Orlando Hudson
324 Domonic Brown
325 Mike Stanton
326 Jason Castro
327 David DeJesus
328 Chris Johnson
329 Alex Gordon
330 CC Sabathia
331 Carlos Gomez
332 Luke Hochevar
333 Carlos Lee
334 Gaby Sanchez
335 Jason Heyward
336 Kevin Kouzmanoff
337 Drew Storen
338 Lance Berkman
339 Miguel Tejada
340 Ryan Zimmerman
341 Ricky Nolasco
342 Mike Pelfrey
343 Drew Stubbs
344 Danny Valencia
345 Zack Greinke
346 Brett Gardner
347 Josh Thole
348 Russell Martin
349 Yuniesky Betancourt
350 Joe Mauer

All 350 Cards Have The Following Mini Parallels:
Overall Odds: 1 Per Pack

  • Base Mini Card
  • Ginter Back Mini
  • Black Border Mini
  • No Number Mini – Limited to /50
  • Bazooka Back – Serial Numbered #/25
  • Wood – Serial Numbered #/1 – Hobby Only
  • Framed Printing Plates – Serial Numbered #/1

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Miguel Cabrera Black Border
Black Border

2011 Allen & Ginter Framed Cloth Checklist
Serial Numbered #/10 – Hobby Packs Only

These are just like the framed mini cloth cards from years past, but in 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter will only have 150 cards from the base set available in this years version. These cards sell very well on the secondary market, but are a tough pull, they are serial numbered #/10. Topps says that 150 cards are in the set but on the preliminary checklist there are 153 names. Will update when product releases with an accurate total.

1 Carlos Gonzalez
5 Aroldis Chapman
7 Mickey Mantle
10 Miguel Cabrera
13 Brett Anderson
14 Adrian Beltre
16 Gordon Beckham
20 Jeremy Hellickson
21 Logan Morrison
25 Nelson Cruz
29 Johnny Cueto
30 Hanley Ramirez
35 Adam Dunn
38 Angel Pagan
39 Stephen Drew
41 Carlos Santana
42 Heath Bell
46 Edinson Volquez
48 Francisco Liriano
50 Carl Crawford
53 Chipper Jones
54 Austin Jackson
55 Dustin Pedroia
57 Derek Jeter
58 Alcides Escobar
61 Brian Roberts
62 Alfonso Soriano
65 Ryan Howard
66 Starlin Castro
68 Max Scherzer
69 Neftali Feliz
70 Evan Longoria
73 Brandon Morrow
74 Torii Hunter
75 Jose Reyes
80 Joey Votto
85 Chris Sale
88 David Ortiz
90 Roy Halladay
95 Dan Uggla
100 Albert Pujols
103 Andres Torres
105 Ubaldo Jimenez
109 Martin Prado
110 Jake McGee
113 Miguel Montero
115 Shin-Soo Choo
116 Josh Beckett
120 Adr1an Gonzalez
125 Clayton Kershaw
129 Kelly Johnson
130 Robinson Cano
134 Matt Cain
137 Carlos Beltran
138 Matt Garza
140 Felix Hernandez
141 Vernon Wells
142 Michael Young
143 Carlos Zambrano
144 Jorge Posada
145 Victor Martinez
146 John Danks
150 Troy Tulowitzki
152 Jordan Zimmermann
155 Josh Johnson
157 Corey Hart
158 Billy Butler
160 David Wright
162 Mat Latos
163 Ian Kennedy
168 Carlos Marmol
169 Dan Haren
170 Tim Lincecum
171 John Lackey
173 Mariano Rivera
175 Jose Bautista
180 Kyle Drabek
181 Mark Buehrle
182 Clay Buchholz
184 Pedro Alvarez
185 Justin Upton
195 Tommy Hanson
196 Jered Weaver
197 Jay Bruce
198 Freddie Freeman
200 Josh Hamilton
202 Nick Swisher
203 Aaron Hill
204 Jim Thome
205 Kendry Morales
210 Chase Utley
212 Aramis Ramirez
215 Andrew McCutchen
217 Shaun Marcum
219 Johan Santana
220 Prince Fielder
226 Andre Ethier
230 Mark Teixeira
233 Ben Zobrist
235 Cole Hamels

237 Carlos Quentin
240 Matt Holliday
241 Ike Davis
245 Brian McCann
246 Ian Kinsler
247 Yadier Molina
250 Ichiro
253 Mike Minor
255 David Price
256 Hunter Pence
257 Andrew Bailey
260 Alex Rodriguez
261 Carlos Pena
264 Adam Jones
265 Buster Posey
270 Kevin Youkilis
275 Justin Verlander
276 Desmond Jennings
280 Adam Wainwright
281 Adam Lind
287 Yovani Gallardo
290 Cliff Lee
295 Chris Carpenter
300 Ryan Braun
301 Gio Gonzalez
304 Madison Bumgarner
305 Justin Morneau
307 Ryan Ludwick
308 Jhonny Peralta
309 Kurt Suzuki
310 Matt Kemp
311 Ian Stewart
314 Nick Markakis
315 Jayson Werth
316 Manny Ramirez
317 Brian Matusz
318 Brett Wallace
319 Jon Niese
320 Jon Lester
321 Mark Reynolds
322 Trevor Cahill
323 Orlando Hudson
324 Domonic Brown
325 Mike Stanton
330 CC Sabathia
335 Jason Heyward
337 Drew Storen
339 Miguel Tejada
340 Ryan Zimmerman
342 Mike Pelfrey
344 Danny Valencia
345 Zack Greinke
350 Joe Mauer

2011 Allen & Ginter Framed Autograph Checklist
Randomly Inserted Into Hobby and Retail Packs

One of the cards sure to garner a lot of attention is the Manny Pacquiao Autograph pictured here. Secondary sales should be several hundred dollars for these and collectors will be delighted if they are lucky enough to pull one.

Topps is boasting on their sell sheets that this is the best Autograph Checklist yet since they started producing Ginter back in 2006. Take a look for yourself – what do you think?

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Manny Pacquiao Autograph

AGA-AC Aroldis Chapman
AGA-AE Andre Ethier
AGA-AG Adrian Gonzalez
AGA-AJU Ana Julaton
AGA-AM Andrew McCutchen
AGA-AP Albert Pujols
AGA-APA Angel Pagan
AGA-ASO Annika Sorenstam
AGA-BM Brian Matusz
AGA-BMO Brent Morel
AGA-BW Brett Wallace
AGA-CB Clay Buchholz
AGA-CBU Cheryl Burke
AGA-CCS CC Sabathia
AGA-CF Chone Figgins
AGA-CS Chris Sale
AGA-CU Chase Utley
AGA-CWE Chrissie Wellington
AGA-CWO Chuck Woolery
AGA-DBO Daniel Boulud
AGA-DH Daniel Hudson
AGA-DTU Diana Turasi
AGA-DVI Dick Vitale
AGA-ELY Evan Lysacek
AGA-FS Freddy Sanchez
AGA-GAU Geno Auriemma
AGA-GFI Guy Fieri
AGA-GG Gio Gonzalez
AGA-HMI Heather Mitts
AGA-HSO Hope Solo
AGA-JB Jose Bautista
AGA-JH Jason Heyward
AGA-JHA Josh Hamilton
AGA-JJ Josh Johnson
AGA-JK Jason Kendall
AGA-JLA Jake Lamotta
AGA-JM Joe Mauer
AGA-JMC John McEnroe
AGA-JNA Jim Nantz
AGA-JOF Jo Frost
AGA-JT Jose Tabata
AGA-JU Justin Upton
AGA-KPE Kyle Petty
AGA-KYA Kristi Yamaguchi
AGA-LH Lou Holtz
AGA-MB Marlon Byrd
AGA-MC Miguel Cabrera
AGA-MFA Marc Fargione
AGA-ML Mike Leake
AGA-MM Mike Minor
AGA-MPA Manny Pacquiao
AGA-MS Max Scherzer
AGA-MWA Micky Ward
AGA-NLO Nancy Lopez
AGA-NM Nick Markakis
AGA-PGA Peter Gammons
AGA-PST Picabo Street
AGA-RH Roy Halladay
AGA-RHO Ryan Howard
AGA-RRU Rudy Ruettiger
AGA-RW Randy Wells
AGA-SBI Sue Bird
AGA-SC Starlin Castro
AGA-SLE Stan Lee
AGA-SM Sergio Mitre
AGA-SRI Sanya Richards
AGA-SV Shane Victorino
AGA-THO Tim Howard
AGA-TSC Tim Scheif
AGA-UJ Ubaldo Jimenez

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Framed Autographs

2011 Allen & Ginter Framed Relic Checklist
Randomly Inserted Into Hobby and Retail Packs

2011 Allen & Ginter Derek Jeter Jersey Relic

AGR-AB Adrian Beltre
AGR-AD Adam Dunn
AGR-AE Andre Ethier
AGR-AES Alcides Escobar
AGR-AG Adrian Gonzalez
AGR-AH Aaron Hill
AGR-AJ Adam Jones
AGR-AM Andrew McCutchen
AGR-AP Albert Pujols
AGR-AR Alex Rodriguez
AGR-AS Alfonso Soriano
AGR-BG Brett Gardner
AGR-BM Brian McCann
AGR-CB Carlos Beltran
AGR-CG Carlos Gomez
AGR-CJO Chris Johnson
AGR-CM Casey McGehee
AGR-CR Cody Ross
AGR-CRA Colby Rasmus
AGR-CU Chase Utley
AGR-DH Daniel Hudson
AGR-DP Dustin Pedroia
AGR-EA Elvis Andrus
AGR-EL Evan Longoria
AGR-FH Felix Hernandez
AGR-GS Grady Sizemore
AGR-HK Howie Kendrick
AGR-HP Hunter Pence
AGR-ID Ike Davis
AGR-IS Ichiro
AGR-JB Jason Bay
AGR-JBA Jose Bautista
AGR-JBR Jay Bruce
AGR-JD Johnny Damon
AGR-JE Jacoby Ellsbury
AGR-JJ Josh Johnson
AGR-JL James Loney
AGR-JMO Justin Morneau
AGR-JP Jorge Posada
AGR-JR Jimmy Rollins
AGR-JRE Jose Reyes
AGR-JSA Jeff Samardzija
AGR-JT Jose Tabata
AGR-JU Justin Upton
AGR-JV Joey Votto
AGR-KF Kosuke Fukudome
AGR-KM Kendry Morales
AGR-KY Kevin Youkilis
AGR-MC Matt Cain
AGR-MCB Miguel Cabrera
AGR-MR Mark Reynolds
AGR-NC Nelson Cruz
AGR-NM Nick Markakis
AGR-PF Prince Fielder
AGR-PH Phil Hughes
AGR-PK Paul Konerko
AGR-PS Pablo Sandoval
AGR-RC Robinson Cano
AGR-RDO Ryan Doumit
AGR-RH Ryan Howard
AGR-RM Russell Martin
AGR-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
AGR-SD Stephen Drew
AGR-SR Scott Rolen
AGR-TG Tony Gwynn Jr.
AGR-THA Tommy Hanson
AGR-THE Todd Helton
AGR-TT Troy Tulowitzki
AGR-WV Will Venable
AGR-YE Yunel Escobar
AGR-AJA Austin Jackson
AGR-AJB A.J. Burnett
AGR-AJP A.J. Pierzynski
AGR-AJU Ana Julaton
AGR-AMU Aimee Mullins
AGR-ARA Alexei Ramirez
AGR-ARM Aramis Ramirez
AGR-ASA Anibal Sanchez
AGR-ASO Annika Sorenstam
AGR-BB Billy Butler
AGR-BBO Brennan Boesch
AGR-BD Blake DeWitt
AGR-BJU B.J. Upton
AGR-CBU Cheryl Burke
AGR-CP Carlos Pena
AGR-CQ Carlos Quentin
AGR-CWE Chrissie Wellington
AGR-CWO Chuck Woolery
AGR-DBO Daniel Boulud
AGR-DJ Derek Jeter
AGR-DL Derrek Lee
AGR-DO David Ortiz
AGR-DS Drew Stubbs
AGR-DTU Diana Turasi
AGR-DVA Dick Vitale
AGR-ELY Evan Lysacek
AGR-EV Edinson Volquez
AGR-FC Francisco Cervelli

AGR-AL Adam Lind
AGR-GAU Geno Auriemma
AGR-GB Gordon Beckham
AGR-GFI Guy Fieri
AGR-GSO Geovany Soto
AGR-HMI Heather Mitts
AGR-HR Hanley Ramirez
AGR-HSO Hope Solo
AGR-IR Ivan Rodriguez
AGR-JBE Josh Beckett
AGR-JC Joba Chamberlain
AGR-JLA John Lackey
AGR-JLO Jed Lowrie
AGR-JM Joe Maddon
AGR-JMC John McEnroe
AGR-JNA Jim Nantz
AGR-JOF Jo Frost
AGR-JPA Jonathan Papelbon
AGR-JS Jarrod Saltalamacchia
AGR-JVE Justin Verlander
AGR-JW Jayson Werth
AGR-KB Kyle Blanks
AGR-KPE Kyle Petty
AGR-KS Kurt Suzuki
AGR-KYA Kristi Yamaguchi
AGR-LHO Lou Holtz
AGR-MB Mark Buehrle
AGR-MBY Marlon Byrd
AGR-MFA Marc Fargione
AGR-MPA Manny Pacquiao
AGR-MT Mark Teixeira
AGR-MWA Micky Ward
AGR-NF Neftali Feliz
AGR-NLO Nancy Lopez
AGR-NS Nick Swisher
AGR-PGA Peter Gammons
AGR-PST Picabo Street
AGR-RB Ryan Braun
AGR-RD Ryan Dempster
AGR-RN Ricky Nolasco
AGR-RP Ryan Perry
AGR-RRU Rudy Ruettiger
AGR-RW Rickie Weeks
AGR-SBI Sue Bird
AGR-SC Starlin Castro
AGR-SLE Stan Lee
AGR-SRI Sanya Richards
AGR-TC Tyler Colvin
AGR-TH Tim Hudson
AGR-THO Tim Howard
AGR-TSC Tim Scheif
AGR-TW Tim Wakefield
AGR-XN Xavier Nady

2011 Allen & Ginter Framed DNA Relic Checklist
Serial Numbered 1/1 – Contain an actual piece of hair.

  • DNA-DE Dwight Eisenhower
  • DNA-EAP Edgar Allen Poe
  • DNA-GR Geronimo
  • DNA-GW George Washington
  • DNA-JD Jefferson Davis
  • DNA-JFK John F. Kennedy
  • DNA-JK Jacqueline Kennedy
  • DNA-KG King George III
  • DNA-NB Napolean Bonaparte
  • DNA-RN Richard Nixon

2011 Allen & Ginter Geronimo DNA Hair Card

These cards are very popular with people who normally don’t collect sports cards. The prices for these cards are always some of the highest in the entire set. Last year, the 2010 Beethoven DNA Relic sold for $4,050.02 shortly after the product released. All the cards are numbered 1/1 and have an actual piece of hair from the person on the front of the card.

2011 Allen & Ginter Book Cards Checklist
Serial Numbered 1/1 – Hobby Packs Only

  • Cards have either 2 Auto’s or 2 Relics

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Book Card

AGBC-1 Joe Mauer/Buster Posey
AGBC-2 Ichiro/Felix Hernandez
AGBC-3 Ryan Howard/Prince Fielder
AGBC-4 Carl Crawford/Adrian Gonzalez
AGBC-5 Albert Pujols/Matt Holliday
AGBC-6 David Wright/Ryan Zimmerman
AGBC-7 Alex Rodriguez/Mark Teixeira
AGBC-8 Joe Mauer/Justin Mourneau
AGBC-9 Victor Martinez/Carlos Santana
AGBC-10 Ryan Howard/Adam Dunn
AGBC-11 Nelson Cruz/Matt Kemp
AGBC-12 Albert Pujols/Miguel Cabrera
AGBC-13 Hanley Ramirez/Jose Reyes
AGBC-14 Robinson Cano/Dan Uggla
AGBC-15 Chase Utley/Jimmy Rollins
AGBC-16 Troy Tulowitzki/Hanley Ramirez
AGBC-17 Joey Votto/Jay Bruce
AGBC-18 Evan Longoria/Kevin Youkilis
AGBC-19 Dustin Pedroia/Ian Kinsler
AGBC-20 Ryan Braun/Matt Holliday
AGBC-21 Andrew McCutchen/Pedro Alvarez
AGBC-22 Roy Halladay/Cliff Lee
AGBC-23 Jason Heyward/Mike Stanton
AGBC-24 Joe Mauer/Buster Posey
AGBC-25 Josh Hamilton/Joey Votto

2011 Allen & Ginter Rip Cards Checklist
Odds: 1 Per Hobby Case

Do you rip?  There are 100 players who have exterior Rip Cards, but it’s what’s inside that could make or break your decision. Check below to check out all the cards that come inside these popular cards.

2011 Allen & Ginter Rip Cards

 2011 Allen & Ginter Exterior Rip Cards

RC1 Roy Halladay
RC2 Miguel Cabrera
RC3 Carlos Gonzalez
RC4 Tim Lincecum
RC5 Albert Pujols
RC6 Joey Votto
RC7 Mickey Mantle
RC8 Ryan Braun
RC9 Evan Longoria
RC10 Adrian Gonzalez
RC11 Hanley Ramirez
RC12 Carl Crawford
RC13 Robinson Cano
RC14 Felix Hernandez
RC15 Troy Tulowitzki
RC16 David Wright
RC17 Chase Utley
RC18 Prince Fielder
RC19 Mark Teixeira
RC20 Matt Holliday
RC21 Alex Rodriguez
RC22 Kevin Youkilis
RC23 Adam Wainwright
RC24 Matt Kemp
RC25 Cliff Lee
RC26 Jon Lester
RC27 Joe Mauer
RC28 CC Sabathia
RC29 Ryan Zimmerman
RC30 Nelson Cruz
RC31 Adam Dunn
RC32 Dustin Pedroia
RC33 Ryan Howard
RC34 Jose Reyes
RC35 Dan Uggla
RC36 Ubaldo Jimenez
RC37 Shin-Soo Choo
RC38 Clayton Kershaw
RC39 Victor Martinez
RC40 Josh Johnson
RC41 Jose Bautista
RC42 ustin Upton
RC43 Tommy Hanson
RC44 Kendry Morales
RC45 Andrew McCutchen
RC46 Cole Hamels
RC47 Brian McCann
RC48 David Price
RC49 Justin Verlander
RC50 Ichiro
RC51 Alex Rios
RC52 Chris Carpenter
RC53 Justin Morneau
RC54 Jayson Werth
RC55 Jered Weaver
RC56 Francisco Liriano
RC57 Zack Greinke
RC58 Roy Oswalt
RC59 Hunter Pence
RC60 Adrian Beltre
RC61 Martin Prado
RC62 Jay Bruce
RC63 Jimmy Rollins
RC64 Paul Konerko
RC65 Brandon Phillips
RC66 Dan Haren
RC67 Andre Ethier
RC68 Matt Cain
RC69 Elvis Andrus
RC70 Jason Heyward
RC71 Ian Kinsler
RC72 Joakim Soria
RC73 Michael Young
RC74 Delmon Young
RC75 Mariano Rivera
RC76 Mat Latos
RC77 Colby Rasmus
RC78 Heath Bell
RC79 Shane Victorino
RC80 Derek Jeter
RC81 Billy Butler
RC82 Neftali Feliz
RC83 Carlos Santana
RC84 Gordon Beckham
RC85 Mike Stanton
RC86 Yovani Gallardo
RC87 Clay Buchholz
RC88 Pedro Alvarez
RC89 Matt Garza
RC90 Aroldis Chapman
RC91 David Ortiz
RC92 Jeremy Hellickson
RC93 Jacoby Ellsbury
RC94 Stephen Drew
RC95 Starlin Castro
RC96 Torii Hunter
RC97 Madison Bumgarner
RC98 Josh Hamilton
RC99 Vernon Wells
RC100 Buster Posey

2011 Allen & Ginter Red Autograph Checklist
Odds: Serial Numbered #/10 – Found Inside Rip Cards

-Checklist Same As Framed Autograph Checklist-

2011 Allen & Ginter Jason Heyward Framed Red Autograph

2011 Allen & Ginter Originals
Odds: Serial Numbered #/1 – Found Inside Rip Cards
Actual painting by artist Jeff Zachowski

  • JZO-1 Zack Greinke
  • JZO-2 Cliff Lee
  • JZO-3 Josh Johnson
  • JZO-4 David Price
  • JZO-5 Carl Crawford
  • JZO-6 Adrian Gonzalez
  • JZO-7 Jayson Werth
  • JZO-8 Adam Dunn
  • JZO-9 Josh Hamilton
  • JZO-10 Robinson Cano
  • JZO-11 Billy Butler
  • JZO-12 Victor Martinez
  • JZO-13 Manny Ramirez
  • JZO-14 Shin-Soo
  • JZO-15 Jose Bautista

2011 Allen & Ginter Mini Exclusives
Odds: Only Found Inside Rip Cards

351 Ryan Braun
352 Jason Heyward
353 Ichiro
354 Kevin Youkilis
355 Roy Halladay
356 Starlin Castro
357 Mickey Mantle
358 Robinson Cano
359 Dan Uggla
360 Carl Crawford
361 Hunter Pence
362 Chase Utley
363 Justin Upton
364 Pedro Alvarez
365 Dustin Pedroia
366 Albert Pujols
367 Mike Stanton
368 Joe Mauer
369 Evan Longoria
370 Carlos Gonzalez
371 Adam Dunn
372 Derek Jeter
373 Jose Bautista
374 Ryan Zimmerman
375 Troy Tulowitzki
376 Mat Latos
377 Clayton Kershaw
378 Shin-Soo Choo
379 Cliff Lee
380 Adrian Gonzalez
381 Tim Lincecum
382 Zack Greinke
383 Torii Hunter
384 Felix Hernandez
385 Aroldis Chapman
386 Josh Hamilton
387 Hanley Ramirez
388 Jon Lester
389 Billy Butler
390 Miguel Cabrera
391 Justin Morneau
392 Ubaldo Jimenez
393 Alex Rodriguez
394 CC Sabathia
395 Buster Posey
396 Ryan Howard
397 Mark Teixeira
398 Brett Anderson
399 David Wright
400 Joey Votto

2011 Allen & Ginter Wood Exclusives
Odds: Serial Numbered #1/1 Only Found Inside Rip Cards

  • Same Checklist As Mini Exclusives

2011 Allen & Ginter Animals in Peril
Odds: Easy

2011 Allen & Ginter Giant Panda Animals in Peril

AP1 Siberian Tiger
AP2 Mountain Gorilla
AP3 Arakan Forest Turtle
AP4 Darwin’s Fox
AP5 Gharial
AP6 Vaquita
AP7 Dhole
AP8 Blue Whale
AP9 Bonobo
AP10 Ethiopian Wolf
AP11 Giant Panda
AP12 Snow Leopard
AP13 African Wild Dog
AP14 Indian Rhionceros
AP15 Philippine Eagle
AP16 Markhor
AP17 Orangutan
AP18 Grevy’s Zebra
AP19 Tasmanian Devil
AP20 Bengal Tiger
AP21 Whooping Crane
AP22 Sea Otter
AP23 Red Wolf
AP24 Key Deer
AP25 Black-Footed Ferret
AP26 Amur Leopard
AP27 Anderson’s Salamander
AP28 Greater Bamboo Lemur
AP29 Hawaiian Monk Seal
AP30 Kakapo

2011 Allen & Ginter Portraits in Penultimacy
Odds: Easy

  • PP1 Antonio Meucci
  • PP2 Mike Gellner
  • PP3 Dr. Watson
  • PP4 Igor
  • PP5 The Hare
  • PP6 Tonto
  • PP7 Antonio Salieri
  • PP8 Sancho Panza
  • PP9 Thomas E. Dewey
  • PP10 Toto

2011 Allen & Ginter Meucci Penultimacy Card

2011 A&G World’s Most Mysterious Figures
Odds: Easy

  • WMF1 Rasputin
  • WMF2 The Poe Toaster
  • WMF3 Kasper Hauser
  • WMF4 Fulcanelli
  • WMF5 D.B. Cooper
  • WMF6 The Count of St. Germain
  • WMF7 The Man in the Iron Mask
  • WMF8 Nostradamus
  • WMF9 The Babushka Lady
  • WMF10 Captain Charles Johnson

2011 Allen & Ginter Rasputin

2011 Allen & Ginter Flora of the World
Odds: 1 Per Box

  • FOW-1 Black-Eyed Susan
  • FOW-2 Spurred Snapdragon
  • FOW-3 Shirley Poppy
  • FOW-4 Mexican Hat
  • FOW-5 Sweet Alyssum

2011 Allen & Ginter Flora of the World Spurred Snapdragon
Spurred SnapdragonBy far the most unique cards in 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter are the Flora of the World Insert Cards. You get 1 per box, and if you’d like, you can plant these cards in the ground and it will grow the card on the front. Check out the pictures below of the flowers available in 2011 Allen & Ginter and get ready to watch your collection literally “grow” right before your very eyes! If only one of them was a “Mo

2011 Allen & Ginter Uninvited Guests
Odds: Easy

  • UG1 Bachelor’s Grove Cemetary
  • UG2 Bobby Mackey’s Music World
  • UG3 Waverly Hills Sanatorium
  • UG4 Villisca Axe Murder House
  • UG5 The Amityville Haunting
  • UG6 The Lemp Mansion
  • UG7 Alcatraz
  • UG8 Winchester Mystery House
  • UG9 RMS Queen Mary
  • UG10 The Lizzie Borden House

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Uninvinted Guests Cemetery

2011 Allen & Ginter Step Right Up
Odds: Easy

  • SRU1 The Bed of Nails
  • SRU2 Fire Breathing
  • SRU3 Fire Eating
  • SRU4 The Flea Circus
  • SRU5 The Human Cannonball
  • SRU6 The Human Blockhead
  • SRU7 Snake Charming
  • SRU8 The Strongman
  • SRU9 Knife Throwing
  • SRU10 Tightrope Walking


2011 Allen & Ginter Floating Fortresses
Odds: Easy

2011 Allen and Ginter Floating Fortress USS Monitor

FF1 HMS Victory
FF2 Mary Rose
FF3 Henri Grace a Dieu
FF4 Michael
FF5 Soveriegn of the Seas
FF6 HMS Indefatigable
FF7 Mahmudiye
FF8 Le Napoleon
FF9 USS Merrimack
FF10 USS Monitor
FF11 Lave
FF12 La Gloire
FF13 HMS Warrior
FF14 Solferino
FF15 USS Cairo
FF16 HMS Dreadnought
FF17 USS Texas
FF18 HMS Devastation
FF19 HMS Revenge
FF20 USS Pennsylvania

2011 Allen & Ginter Minds that Made the Future
Odds: Easy

2011 Allen & Ginter Minds that Made the Future

MMF1 Leonardo da Vinci
MMF2 Alexander G. Bell
MMF3 Eli Whitney
MMF4 Nicolaus Copernicus
MMF5 Johannes Gutenberg
MMF6 George W. Carver
MMF7 Samuel Morse
MMF8 Granville Woods
MMF9 Elisha Otis
MMF10 Alessandro Volta
MMF11 Tycho Brahe
MMF12 Gregor Mendel
MMF13 Carl Linnaeus
MMF14 Johannus Kepler
MMF15 Isaac Newton
MMF16 Marie Curie
MMF17 Carl Friedrich Gauss
MMF18 Sigmund Freud
MMF19 Bernhard Riemann
MMF20 Leonhard Euler
MMF21 Robert Fulton
MMF22 Ada Lovelace
MMF23 Florence Nightingale
MMF24 Nikola Tesla
MMF25 Galileo Galilei
MMF26 Charles Darwin
MMF27 Louis Pasteur
MMF28 Guglielmo Marconi
MMF29 Antoine Lavoisier
MMF30 Michael Faraday
MMF31 Dmitri Mendeleev
MMF32 Robert Koch
MMF33 Euclid
MMF34 Archimedes
MMF35 Jagadish Chandra Bose
MMF36 Aristotle
MMF37 John Deere
MMF38 George Eastman
MMF39 Samuel Colt
MMF40 Benjamin Franklin

2011 Allen & Ginter Hometown Heroes
Odds: Easy
2011 Allen & Ginter Hometown Heroes Buster Posey

HH1 Buster Posey
HH2 Colby Rasmus
HH3 Brian Wilson
HH4 Jason Kubel
HH5 Chase Utley
HH6 Miguel Tejada
HH7 CC Sabathia
HH8 Aroldis Chapman
HH9 Adam Wainwright
HH10 Ryan Braun
HH11 Johan Santana
HH12 Andrew McCutchen
HH13 Shane Victorino
HH14 Carl Pavano
HH15 Matt Holliday
HH16 Jaime Garcia
HH17 Scott Rolen
HH18 Zack Greinke
HH19 Nick Swisher
HH20 David Price
HH21 Jon Lester
HH22 John Danks
HH23 Joakim Soria
HH24 Andruw Jones
HH25 Miguel Cabrera
HH26 Torii Hunter
HH27 Felix Hernandez
HH28 Pablo Sandoval
HH29 Rick Porcello
HH30 Joey Votto
HH31 Jake Peavy
HH32 Roy Halladay
HH33 Carlos Lee
HH34 Chipper Jones
HH35 Robinson Cano
HH36 Gordon Beckham
HH37 Clayton Kershaw
HH38 Jair Jurrjens
HH39 Tim Lincecum
HH40 Mariano Rivera
HH41 David DeJesus
HH42 David Wright
HH43 Joba Chamberlain
HH44 Jorge Posada
HH45 Ichiro
HH46 Jacoby Ellsbury
HH47 Jose Tabata
HH48 Evan Longoria
HH49 Danny Valencia
HH50 Josh Hamilton
HH51 Josh Beckett
HH52 Ian Kinsler
HH53 Justin Verlander
HH54 Joe Mauer
HH55 Justin Upton
HH56 Yadier Molina
HH57 Jordan Zimmermann
HH58 Carlos Beltran
HH59 Brett Gardner
HH60 Alex Rodriguez
HH61 Corey Hart
HH62 Justin Morneau
HH63 Cody Ross
HH64 Hong-Chih Kuo
HH65 Adrian Gonzalez
HH66 Derek Lowe
HH67 Angel Pagan
HH68 Jason Bay
HH69 Yovani Gallardo
HH70 Troy Tulowitzki
HH71 Chris Carpenter
HH72 Billy Butler
HH73 Mark Teixeira
HH74 Jayson Werth
HH75 Carl Crawford
HH76 Adam Lind
HH77 Mark Buehrle
HH78 Ubaldo Jimenez
HH79 Derek Jeter
HH80 Cliff Lee
HH81 Neil Walker
HH82 Jim Thome
HH83 Travis Hafner
HH84 Matt Kemp
HH85 Carlos Gonzalez
HH86 Kevin Youkilis
HH87 Jeremy Hellickson
HH88 Roy Oswalt
HH89 Todd Helton
HH90 Ryan Howard
HH91 Madison Bumgarner
HH92 Shin-Soo Choo
HH93 Lance Berkman
HH94 Starlin Castro
HH95 Victor Martinez
HH96 Brian McCann
HH97 Neftali Feliz
HH98 Clay Buchholz
HH99 Andrew Bailey
HH100 Albert Pujols

2011 Allen & Ginter Accent of Man
Odds: Easy AOM1 Prokayotes
AOM2 Eukaryotes
AOM3 Choanoflagellates
AOM4 Porifera (Sponges)
AOM5 Cnidarians
AOM6 Platyhelminthes (Flatworms)
AOM7 Chordates (Pikaia)
AOM8 Ostracoderms
AOM9 Placoderms
AOM10 Sarcopterygii (Tiktaalik)
AOM11 Amphibians (Acanthostega)
AOM12 Reptiles (Hylonomus)
AOM13 Cynodonts (Therapsids)
AOM14 Eutherians
AOM15 Primatomorpha (Plesiadapis)
AOM16 Haplorrhini
AOM17 Catarrhini
AOM18 Hominoidea
AOM19 Hominidae
AOM20 Homininae
AOM21 Hominini
AOM22 Hominina (Ardipithecus)
AOM23 Australopithecus
AOM24 Homo Habilis
AOM25 Homo Erectus
AOM26 Homo Antecessor
AOM27 Homo Heidelbergensis
AOM28 Homo Sapiens
AOM29 Homo Sapiens Sapiens
AOM30 Homo Sapiens Sapiens

2011 Allen & Ginter Highlight Sketches
Odds: Easy

BHS-1 Minnesota Twins
BHS-2 Jay Bruce
BHS-3 Starlin Castro
BHS-4 Roy Halladay
BHS-5 Albert Pujols
BHS-6 Jose Bautista
BHS-7 CC Sabathia
BHS-8 Cody Ross
BHS-9 Edwin Jackson
BHS-10 Ryan Howard
BHS-11 Trevor Hoffman
BHS-12 Armando Galarraga
BHS-13 San Francisco Giants
BHS-14 Mariano Rivera
BHS-15 Aroldis Chapman
BHS-16 Dallas Braden
BHS-17 Texas Rangers
BHS-18 Stephen Strasburg
BHS-19 Matt Garza
BHS-20 Alex Rodriguez
BHS-21 David Wright
BHS-22 Ubaldo Jimenez
BHS-23 Mark Teixeira
BHS-24 Jason Heyward
BHS-25 Ichiro

2011 Allen & Ginter Box Loaders
Overall Odds: 1 Per Hobby Box

Each and every Hobby Box of 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball has a special Box Loader Pack with an over-sized card. Some of the cards are more rare than others – check below to see all the cards you can get in a box loader pack. Just 1 card per Hobby Box Loader Pack.

2011 Allen & Ginter N43 Cards
Odds: Easy – Found Inside Box Loader Packs

N43-AP Albert Pujols
N43-JV Joey Votto
N43-CG Carlos Gonzalez
N43-RH Roy Halladay
N43-MT Mark Teixeira
N43-DP David Price
N43-AW Adam Wainwright
N43-DW David Wright
N43-TL Tim Lincecum
N43-RC Robinson Cano
N43-AC Aroldis Chapman
N43-HR Hanley Ramirez
N43-UJ Ubaldo Jimenez
N43-CC Carl Crawford
N43-JJ Josh Johnson

2011 Allen & Ginter N43 Relic Cards
Odds: Serial Numbered #/25
Found Inside Box Loader Packs

  • N43BR-BP Buster Posey
  • N43BR-DJ Derek Jeter
  • N43BR-FH Felix Hernandez
  • N43BR-IS Ichiro
  • N43BR-JH Josh Hamilton
  • N43BR-KY Kevin Youkilis
  • N43BR-MC Miguel Cabrera
  • N43BR-RB Ryan Braun
  • N43BR-TT Troy Tulowitzki

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter N43 Relic Ryan Braun

2011 Allen & Ginter N43 Autographs
Odds: Serial Numbered #/15
Found Inside Box Loader Packs

N43BA-AG Adrian Gonzalez
N43BA-BP Buster Posey
N43BA-CL Cliff Lee
N43BA-CU Chase Utley
N43BA-EL Evan Longoria
N43BA-FH Felix Hernandez
N43BA-ID Ike Davis
N43BA-JH Jason Heyward
N43BA-JHA Josh Hamilton
N43BA-MC Miguel Cabrera

2011 Allen & Ginter N43 Relic/Auto
Odds: Serial Numbered #/5
Found Inside Box Loader Packs

N43BAR-BP Buster Posey
N43BAR-CU Chase Utley
N43BAR-EL Evan Longoria
N43BAR-FH Felix Hernandez
N43BAR-JH Jason Heyward

2011 Allen & Ginter Cabinet
Odds: Easy
Found Inside Box Loader Packs

  • CB-1 Armando Galarraga/Miguel Cabrera/Jason Donald
  • CB-2 Roy Halladay/Carlos Ruiz/Ryan Howard
  • CB-3 Dallas Braden/Landon Powell/Daric Barton
  • CB-4 Ichiro/Jose Bautista/Felix Hernandez
  • CB-5 Alex Rodriguez/Derek Jeter/Shaun Marcum
  • CB-6 Albert Pujols/Tony LaRussa/Ryan Dempster
  • CB-7 Grand Canyon/Woodrow Wilson/Benjamin Harison/Theodore Roosevelt
  • CB-8 Yosemite National Park/Abraham Lincoln/John Conness
  • CB-9 Yellowstone National Park/Ulysses S. Grant/Old Faithful
  • CB-10 Redwood National Park/Lyndon B. Johnson/John E. Raker

2011 Allen & Ginter Cabinet Relics
Odds: Serial Numbered 1/1
Found Inside Box Loader Packs

  • CBR-IS Ichiro
  • CBR-AP Albert Pujols
  • CBR-RC Joey Votto
  • CBR-RB Ryan Braun
  • CBR-TL Tim Lincecum
  • CBR-JM Joe Mauer
  • CBR-RH Ryan Howard
  • CBR-JH Josh Hamilton
  • CBR-RHA Roy Halladay
  • CBR-BP Chase Utley

2011 Allen & Ginter Ichiro Cabinet Relic Jersey

2011 Allen & Ginter US Relics
Odds: Serial Numbered 50
Found Inside Box Loader Packs

  • All 50 U.S. States Have Cards

2011 Topps Allen and Ginter Florida Jumbo Box Loader

2011 Allen & Ginter Cut Signature Cards
Odds: Serial Numbered 1/1
Checklist TBA

2011 Allen & Ginter Crack the Code

2011 Allen & Ginter 60th Anniversary Autographs
Odds: Serial Numbered #/60
Checklist TBA

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