2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Code: Murder in Willow Cove

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2012 Topps Allen Ginter Dan Proot Code

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Code
Murder in Willow Cove
Product Release Date: July 9, 2012

Winner Gets:
1/1 Framed Mini Ginter Autograph Set
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Note: I know nothing about how to solve the Ginter code. But I will post pictures and information of cards that were on eBay, and cards that I purchase on my own.  The only tip I have is that the people who won this in years past had a team of people. I wouldn’t try to go at it alone.

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Andy Modell
Bear McHue
Becky Guttman
Bob Levinski
Bruce Klugman
Chase McMurphy
Chuck Snider
Cynthia Pritchard
Dan Proot
Deputy Danny Young
Don Givens
Frank Kraft
Gary Linderman
Gloria Blatt
Greg Keeley
Jack Guttman
Jackie Pritchard
Jake Perry
Joey Furts
Kerry Fulder
Larry Mudlin
Lennie Guttman
Marcie Guttman
Max Mann
Price Laughton
Sheriff Dave Kring
Sigmund “Skip” Buttle
Tom Chance
Trudy Givens

Back Alley
Bloodstained Pin
Bloody rag
Bowling trophy
Burgers Fries Pop
Gas ‘n’ Go
Givens Residence
Guttman Residence
Guttman’s Gutters
Klugman Residence
Lennie’s high school ring
Lennie’s wallet
Scrap of paper
Second scrap of paper
Shattered display case
Skudlow Park Gazebo
Tom’s Place
Vacant Lot
Willow Cove High School
Willow Cove Trainyard

2012 Allen & Ginter Bloodstained Pin

Andy Modell
Sex: M Age: 46 Occupation: Lawyer
Notes: Former Mayor. Stepped down after financial scandal in which teammate Dan Proot was also implicated. Town currently without mayor, special elections having been delayed. No charges have been filed. Has kept a low profile since scandal.
Connection to victim: Member of Ticket to Splitville
Twitter: @Tix2Splitsville

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Andy Moddell

Bear McHue
Sex: M Age: 51 Occupation: Biker
Notes: Leader of the local biker gang, the Willow Cove Warlocks. Presumably lives on “dues” paid to the gang, but there is ample evidence that he has other, illicit income sources.
Connection to victim: Had run-in with Lennie at Tom’s Place in ’09 over a tab. No contact since.
Twitter: @BigBearWarlocks

2012 Allen Ginter Bear McHue Code

Becky Guttman
Sex: F Age: 15 Occupation: Student
Notes: Very good student with an A average. No disciplinary issues whatsoever. Beloved by her teachers. Not very popular with peers; but not disliked either. Very shy, quiet, but sharp.
Connection to victim: Daughter. Good relationship, but clearly feels overshadowed by her brother.
Twitter: @InvisiGrrrl

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Becky Guttman

Chase McMurphy
Sex: M Age: 32 Occupation: Bowling Pro
Notes: Professional bowler. Has yet to win anything major, but is still on his way up. Extremely full of himself; difficult to like.
Connection to victim: Trains at Guttman’s Gutters. Lennie disliked him, but tolerated him for the prestige of having a pro train at his alley.
Twitter: @ProChasetheAce

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Chase McMurphy

Chuck Snider
Sex: M Age: 41 Occupation: Teacher
Notes: Works at Willow Cove High School. Teaches math at all grade levels. Well-liked by students for his relaxed style. Very good performance reviews.
Connection to victim: Member of Ticket to Splitsville. Taught Jack’s algebra class, met with Lennie in parent/teacher conferences. Friendly.
Twitter: @Tix2Splitsville

2012 Topps Allen & ginter Chuck Snider

Cynthia Pritchard
Sex: F Age: 16 Occupation: Student
Notes: Cheerleader. Generally poor grades. C Average. More concerned with popularity than her schoolwork.  Raised by her mother alone.
Connection to Victim: Dating Jack Guttman. Lennie seemed to like her, but felt his son could and would do better, which made for tension.
Twitter: @GoCougsClass13

Dan Proot
Sex: M Age: 45 Occupation: Accountant
Notes: Implicated in the scandal that brought Andy Modell’s term as mayor to an end. No charges have ever been filed, but a cloud hangs over him.
Connection to victim: Member and captain of Ticket to Splitsville, five-time Guttman’s Gutters bowling league champions.
Twitter: @Tix2Splitsville

2012 Topps Allen Ginter Dan Proot Code

Deputy Danny Young
Sex: M Age: 27 Occupation: Deputy
Notes: Deputy for three years. Has always had his sights on the job. Not known for his smarts, but dedicated and good natured. Extremely trustworthy. Current invesigative lead.
Connection to victim: Worked at Guttman’s Gutters throughout high school.
Twitter: @DeputyDannyY

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Code Danny Young

Don Givens
Sex: M Age: 41 Occupation: Unemployed
Notes: Married Trudy shortly after Lennie’s to Marcie, despite significant age difference. Long list of run-ins with the law. Regarded with suspicion by nearly everyone in town.
Connection to Victim: Married Lennie’s high school girlfriend. Hated that they had renewed ties.
Twitter: @ItstheDon21

Frank Kraft
Sex: M Age: 35 Occupation: Construction
Notes: Responsible, respected in community.
Connection to victim: Lennie’s best friend since elementary school. Played on the championship baseball team with Lennie. A true confidant to Lennie who may have information pertinent to the case. Saw Lennie daily.
Twitter: @FrankIsFishin

2012 Topps Allen Ginter Frank Kraft Code

Gary Linderman
Sex: M Age: 57 Occupation: Unemployed
Notes: Local transient. Will often disappear from town for weeks on end. Has a makeshift home at the Willow Cove Trainyard when he is around.
Connection to victim: Lennie occasionally gave him odd jobs for a few bucks. The morning after the murder, Lennie’s wallet was found in his home.
Twitter: None

Gloria Blatt
Sex: F Age: 81 Occupation: Cashier
Notes: Sweet old lady. Has lived in Willow Cove her entire life. Widowed in 1972; never remarried or even dated anyone again.
Connection to victim: Worked at Guttman’s Gutters since its opening. Discovered the body. Traumatized, but beginning to recover.
Twitter: @GloriaBlatt1931

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Gloria Blatt

Greg Keeley
Sex: M Age: 16 Occupation: Student
Notes: Very good student. A average. Socially awkward. Founder and Admiral of the Willow Cove Star Corps, a science fiction fan club with two members, Becky Guttman being the other.
Connection to victim: Dating Becky Guttman. Lennie liked him, thought he found him quite awkward.
Twitter: @WCStarCorps

2012 Topps Ginter Greg Keeley Murder code

Jack Guttman
Sex: M Age: 17 Occupation: Student
Notes: Born three months after parents’ marriage. Very good athlete, decent student with a B average. No serious disciplinary issues. Popular with both classmates and teachers.
Connection to victim: Son. Strong relationship. Following in his father’s baseball footsteps.
Twitter: @JackEBaseball17

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Jack Guttman

Jackie Pritchard
Sex: F Age: 35 Occupation: Waitress
Notes: Single Mother. Doing her best. Cynthia’s father has never been around. Bitter, but controlled.
Connection to victim: Knew each other in high school. Lennie often helped her out when times were tough. Tension between the two since their children began dating. Possibly more going on here.
Twitter: @JPritch95

2012 Topps Ginter Code Jackie Pritchard

Joey Furts
Sex: M Age: 31 Occupation: Poker Player
Notes: Local poker player and hustler. Has been involved or implicated in numerous shady dealings. All-around sleazy character and not to be trusted in the least. Has many enemies.
Connection to victim: Banned from Guttman’s Gutters for life; caught running a three-card-monte scam.
Twitter: @AllIn4theWin

Larry Mudlin
Sex: M Age: 27 Occupation: Custodian
Notes: Extremely kind-hearted. Liked by everyone. Slow witted, but industrious and loyal.
Connection to victim: Works at Guttman’s Gutters. Performs general custodial duties and other odds and ends. Lennie felt extremely protective of him and tolerated no disrespect toward him.
Twitter: @LarryAwesomenes

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Larry Mudlin

Lennie Guttman
Sex: M Age: 35 Occupation: Owner, Guttman’s Gutters

  • Deceased.
  • Found murdered in his place of business on the morning
    of July 18, 2012.
  • Local high school sports hero.
  • Thought to be liked by all
  • Investigation revealing secrets long buried.

Twitter: @GuttmansGutters

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Lennie Guttman Code

Marcie Guttman
Sex: F Age: 35 Occupation: Housewife
Notes: Aspiring writer. Dreams of bigger things.
Connection to victim: Wife. Married in 1995. Lennie gave up his college scholarship to do so. Son Jack was born three months later. By all reports, the marriage showed the strain common to most, but was generally good.
Twitter: @MJCollinsLit

2012 Ginter Marcie Guttman

Max Mann
Sex: M Age: 27 Occupation: Journalist
Notes: Essentially a one-man show at the Willow Cove Courier. Produces almost all content.
Connection to victim: Slight. Has interviewed the victim at various times for stories appearing in the Courier. Have found no evidence of personal relationship or ties between the two.
Twitter: @MaxWCCourier

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Max Mann

Signund ‘Skip’ Buttle
Sex: M Age: 20 Occupation: Handyman/Student
Notes: Attending community college part-time. Quirky, but well-liked and responsible. Aspires to own a business like Guttman’s Gutters one day. Tough home life, but doesn’t seem to phase him.
Connection to victim: Worked at Guttman’s Gutters. Loved Lennie like the father he doesn’t really have.
Twitter: GoGoSkipsterGo

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Sigmund Skip Buttle

Tom Chance
Sex: M Age: 42 Occupation: Bartender
Notes: Owns and operates Tom’s Place, a local bar. Responsible member of the community. As a bartender, privy to a lot of gossip and hidden secrets. Could certainly have information.
Connection to Victim: Lennie would often have a few at Tom’s Place, never too many. Friendly.
Twitter: @TomsPlaceEvents

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Tom Chance Code

Trudy Givens
Sex: F Age: 35 Occupation: Cashier
Notes: Works as cashier at Burgers Fries Pop.
Unhappy marriage to Don Givens.
Connection to victim: Dated Lennie in high school. Lennie’s marriage to Marcie shocked everyone, but more than Trudy. Heartbroken over apparent cheating, dishonesty. Reconciled.
Twitter: @TrulyTrudyG

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Trudy Givens

Bloodstained Pin

  • Matches bowling pins used by Guttman’s Gutters
  • Covered in blood. Analysis being done to confirm it is the victim’s.
  • Being Examined for fingerprints, other evidence
  • Found crammed in the ball return of lane 2
  • No physical damage to the pin evident
  • No other evidence located near lane 2; it is the spot where the body was found and the exit.

2012 Allen & Ginter Bloodstained Pin

Bloody Rag

  • Rag smeared with blood
  • Plain red rag, no distinguishing marks
  • Also appears to have oil stains on it
  • Found in the alley behind Guttman’s Gutters
  • Irregular shape, as if torn from a  larger piece
  • Presumably used to clean the killer’s hands
  • Being tested for any forensic evidence
  • Similar to rags used by mechanics at Gas ‘n’ Go

2012 Topps Ginter Bloody Rag

Back Alley

  • Alley behind Guttman’s Gutters
  • Poorly lit; light over Guttman’s Gutters’s side exit appears to have recently burned out.
  • Large trash bins used by Guttman’s Gutters stored here.  Little else in the alley.
  • One access point leading to parking lot; no access available at other end of alley.
  • Bloody rag and trace blood found here.

2012 Ginter Back Alley

Bowling Trophy

  • 2011 Guttman’s Gutters champion trophy
  • Found jammed in the ball return of lane seventeen, the lane where the body was found
  • Being tested for fingerprints and other evidence
  • One piece has chipped off, found inside ball return, no other damage evident
  • 2011 championship was contested and yet to be awarded, due to scoring dispute

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Bowling Trophy

Burgers Fries Pop

  • Hamburger shop near Guttman’s Gutters.
  • Established: 2005
  • Part of initial revitalization of area.
  • Owned by Stephen Braun.
  • Lennie regularly ate here, preferring the bacon double cheeseburger with everything.
  • Scraps of ransom-style note found at crime scene came from a Burgers Fries Pop burger wrapper.



  • Smeared footprint of a workboot found near the Skudlow Park Gazebo.
  • Man’s shoe, approximately size 10.5
  • Appears to have been made the night of July 17/18.
  • Smearing prevents any detailed tread analysis.
  • In patch of mud, no other prints visible nearby.
  • Unclear if connected to the murder of Lennie Guttman. Possibly coincidental.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Footprints

Gas ‘N’ Go

  • Owners Kerry Fulder, since 2003
  • Gas station, service center
  • Purchased from previous owner, Thomas Laughton (deceased), for well below market value.
  • Fulder operated the business for Laughton, who felt Fulder was the son he never had.
  • Bloody rag found at the scene matches those in use at Gas ‘n’ Go in color and material.

2012 Topps Allen & ginter Gas N go

Guttman’s Gutters

  • Bowling alley owned by victim
  • Scene of the crime
  • Established in 2002
  • De facto town hall and community center; nearly always filled with residents socializing, even if they’re not there to bowl.
  • First establishment in revitalization efforts that transformed the area a decade ago.


Klugman Residence

  • Residents: Bruce
  • Constructed: 1991
  • Large, elegantly appointed mansion.
  • Three floors, six bedrooms, four baths.
  • Klugman Development operates out of the home.
  • Lennie is known to have attended a business meeting with Bruce here in the last few weeks.
  • Bruce hosts cocktail parties here regularly.


Lennie’s High School Ring

  • Willow Cove Class of ’95 Ring.
  • Not found on the body and has yet to be located.
  • Marcie Guttman says her husband was never without it. Says she recalls him wearing it
  • Jack Guttman says he recalls seeing the ring on his father’s hand earlier in the day.
  • His wedding band was on his hand when his body was found.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Lennie's High School Ring

Scrap of Paper

  • Scrap of a ransom-style note, with letters cut from widely available publications.
  • Found behind the concession stand.
  • Only fingerprints on it are Lennie’s.
  • Being examined for other evidence.
  • Torn from a larger piece of paper.
  • Letter is currently incomplete; multiple possibilities for what the letter could have said.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Scrap of Paper

Shattered Display Case

  • Display case near Guttman’s Gutters entrance.
  • A bowling ball was presumably thrown through the window of the display case, shattering the glass and damaging some items within.
  • No evidence of blood inside the case.
  • Based on comparison to photographs, nothing appears to be missing within the case.
  • Bowling ball to be analyzed for fingerprints.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Shattered Display Cases

Tom’s Place

  • Bar owned by Tom Chance.
  • Established in 1989.
  • Jackie Pritchard waits tables.
  • Lennie was a regular, visiting about once a week.
  • Other regulars include Jake Perry, Don Givens, Frank Kraft, Bruce Klugman, Bear McHue, Joey Furts
  • Occasional calls for disorderly conduct, but overall a fairly quiet small-town bar.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Tom's Place

Vacant Lot

  • Vacant lot next to Guttman’s Gutters
  • Has been vacant since electrical fire destroyed Pritchard Roof and Siding in 2000
  • Doug Pritchard, owner, divorced and left town soon after the fire.
  • Bruce Klugman has been working on financing to develop the site.
  • Eyesore of the otherwise pleasant area.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Vacant Lot

Willow Cove Trainyard

  • Abandoned railyard.
  • Has not been in use for two decades.
  • Signs prohibiting entrance clearly posted.
  • No legitimate reason for anyone to enter.
  • Routine calls to the area for trespassing and suspicious persons.
  • Gary Linderman has makeshift residence here.
  • Lennie’s wallet found with Gary’s belongings.

2012 Topps Allen Ginter Trainyard

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