Former StarStock Employee Threatens Sports Card Radio!

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A former StarStock employee is going nuts and lobbing death threats at us!

It all started a couple years ago when StarStock wanted to sponsor Sports Card Radio.

Recently, we spoke about changes to StarStock and their fees in a video posted to our YouTube channel. 

StarStock, an online sports card marketplace, raised over $10 million in investor funding. 

A former StarStock employee, Joe Morelli, was furious after our video was released and began sending threatening text messages, including one that said he would put us "6 feet under."

Morelli was a Business Development Representative at StarStock. As of 2024, Morelli was employed by a Metro Exhibits out of Pine Brook, NJ.

In the text exchange below, the blacked out part is Morelli sending the home address of Sports Card Radio, asking to meet there. 

In the text exchange below, the blacked out part are the names of Sports Card Radio's parents. 

Morelli seems concerned that potential future clients could see the video and it could be damaging to him. 

Perhaps some former clients of Morelli should be concerned about this message. In the edited text below, Morelli wants us to investigate Mark Zablow of Arena Club and hobby store Bleecker Trading. He didn't explain the reasoning behind naming those former clients. 

We asked Morelli to come on the show and explain his side of things but apparently he is getting ready to sue the entire Sports Card Radio family. Literally!

Morelli deleted his LinkedIn profile once we showed some of the texts on our YouTube live show, on April 11, 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates and texts!

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  • FUC Joe Morelli poor excuse for an Italian brother anyone coming at my guys on SCR sideways needs to know I’m riding with SCR till the wheels fall off just saying!!!

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