2023 Sports Card Radio Awards

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Ok, its not like winning an Oscar or a Grammy, but here are the winners for the 2023 Sports Card Radio Awards!

Voting ended December 31st!

Over 568 people voted!

Voting ended December 31st!

Tune into Sports Card Radio YouTube for the results!

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  • LET’S GO!!!!! Great Awards poll…..I chose Rick whenever I could. Happy New Year and let’s get a membership available….get SP Tim to run it and earn his 4.5%….lol…jk. Peace guys!

  • Hello, I have always appreciated the honesty from SportsCardRadio. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, you guys always keep it real, that’s a rare thing these days, unlike finding a Downtown in 2023 Donruss football.

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    2023 Sports Card Radio Awards

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