AJ Dillon Gives The Hobby a Shoutout on New Panini Cards

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NFL Running Back AJ Dillon appears to be having loads of fun signing his 2023 Panini Immaculate Football cards.

In fact, if you collect enough of them, you'll get a personalized joke from the Packers star himself.

Dillon wasn't done there. He inscribed some stickers too. One read, "I have bigger quads than u!"

His nickname is "Quadzilla" so he likely has anyone who pulls the card beat in that department. 

The hobby positivity crowd be battling for this one, inscribed "#The Hobby"

Not to be outdone, he did inscribe card number 69/99 in the Immaculate set with "Nice."

Google it if you need help understanding the likely meaning. 

Unlike Anthony Richardson, it's good to see athletes actually signing their cards. 

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