Topps Company Greatest Hits of Mistakes (Fanatics Edition)

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The brand you can’t help but scrutinize. Die-hard card enthusiasts might not say it out loud, but the hours spent fretting over Topps often eclipse the time devoted to family—and we won’t even touch on the financial investment.

In an earlier piece, we delved into Topps’ memorable missteps, but that was prior to the game-changing acquisition by Fanatics in 2022.

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Despite new ownership and potentially a clean slate, Topps continues its streak of errors. We’ve compiled the most notable ones, but we want to hear from you. Send your Topps mishaps to sportscardshow@gmail.com and let’s see if they make the cut.

Josh Luber Debacle

Source: Is This Really Where We’re Headed?

Shortly after Fanatics acquired Topps they hired some random looking pot smoker/shoe salesman named Josh Luber to run the company.

In his short time running the show Luber seemed overmatched. He appeared with Backyard Breaks months after getting the job and broke, checks notes, a Panini product.

Luber started a Fanatics sub-brand called ZeroCool and the company has released zero products recently. The brand and the website might be dead already. So is his job at Fanatics.

Fake Autographs

Source: These Autographs Weren’t Signed By Randy Arozarena & Austin Meadows

Fanatics and Topps had to release a statement acknowledging that the cards don’t look like they’re signed by the Tampa teammates.

Missing Sp Cards

Source: 2022 Topps Chrome Short Print Controversy Increases Collector Animosity Over Release

There were five cards listed in the 2022 Topps Chrome extended base short prints set checklist, all five featuring some of the top rookies in the game. None of them made it into the product.

  • #221 – Bobby Witt Jr. 
  • #222 – Julio Rodriguez
  • #223 – Spencer Torkelson
  • #224 – Hunter Greene
  • #225 – CJ Adams

Scrambling to make up for the mistake, Topps sent group breakers and the good ol boys some silver packs to distribute.

Big Backyard Preference

Source: Backyard Breaks Getting LOADED Boxes From TOPPS?!

Backyard Breaks was granted a 48 hour exclusive window to sell Triple Threads Baseball by Fanatics. Backyard offered a bounty for a Babe Ruth card, likely the best card in the product, and then they hit it.

Fake Babe Ruth Autograph

Source: Topps Put Fake Babe Ruth Autograph Inside Product

Topps put a fake Babe Ruth autograph inside its 2022 Topps Luminaries product.

Backdoor Cards

Source: 2023 Topps Chrome Baseball Cards Slipping Out The Backdoor

Before 2023 Topps Chrome Baseball came out, several singles popped up on eBay.

In a video by Dan the Card Man, the working theory is that employees of Topps stole the cards and sold them.

Influencer Disaster

Source: Shai Rahman, Fund Your Cards Co-Founder, Exposed for Shill Bidding!

Topps paid Shai Rahman, aka @Shaiwayvlogs on Instagram and the Co-Founder of Fund Your Cards, to promote their brand. Months later it was discovered Shai was involved in illegally activity, shill bidding his own cards at auction.

Duplicate SuperFactors

Source: Cincinnati Reds prospects among SuperFractor cards Topps duplicated in production error

Topps announced that a production error created duplicates of SuperFractor 1/1 cards of 95 Major League Baseball prospects in 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball.

Something similar happened with the 2018 Bowman Chrome set, as there are two 1/1 Superfractors of Jeren Kendall.

In 2013 we spoke to Topps about uncut sheets that slipped out the backdoor. Topps said at the time it was a legal issue and never commented about them again.

Wembanyama’s “Green Auto” Block

Source: Wembanyama’s “Green Auto” Saga: How Topps Fumbled & Left a Collector High & Dry

Topps fumbles a giveaway for a Victor Wembanyama autograph.

Emails from Topps imply a collector was going to be put into a raffle for Wembanyama’s first signed card, only to be denied entry days before the event.

Update on Update Packs

Source: Topps Short Changes Customers in 2023 Topps Update Hobby Boxes

Topps advertised you’d get 24 packs and 14 cards per pack in 2023 Update Baseball, but instead, they gave you 20 Packs and 12 cards per pack.

Off The Rack Jerseys

Card fondlers will literally buy poop on a stick if Topps sold it to them, but putting off-the-rack Fanatics jerseys inside a product is reaching a new low.

We’ve put up with event worn crap for over a decade, but this stuff, c’mon.

Send your Topps mishaps to sportscardshow@gmail.com and let’s see if they make the cut.

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