The Missing Autograph & How Upper Deck Won’t Help

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The Ultimate Pull Turns to the Ultimate Frustration

It was like hitting the lottery. A fan of hockey and an avid collector pulled an extraordinary card from an Upper Deck 2020-21 SP hockey hanger 3-pack. Specifically, it was a Kirill Kaprizov gold rookie authentics auto card. And this wasn’t just any card; it was serial numbered to 25.

Imagine the collector’s sheer elation flipping the card to behold Kaprizov’s autograph—except there was none. An autographed card with no autograph? That’s like a car with no engine, a ship with no sails, a symphony with no music.

From Joy to Bewilderment

The collector’s next logical step? Contact Upper Deck’s customer service, the very company responsible for this glaring oversight. What followed could only be described as a nightmare interaction that left the collector in disbelief.

The company’s response was, to put it mildly, a deflection of responsibility. They stated they could “only replace product with the same product—year for year, set for set for up to one year past the original release date.” Unfortunately, they had no replacements available and therefore “will not be able to assist with this issue.”

The Problem with No Accountability

One seller on eBay, Doug’s Discounts, sold a similar version of the card for $500 in September 2023. He added to the listing description:

This card was removed from check lists and was never supposed to be released. I haven’t found any others on the market either. I believe this card was released in ERROR and wasn’t supposed to make it into retail. The back of the card is is an Authentics Back Autograph, but no auto on front and numbered /25 Gold.


As collecting rare cards continues to be both a passionate hobby and an investment opportunity, companies like Upper Deck need to step up their game in customer service and accountability. Failing to do so not only disappoints individual collectors but also jeopardizes the credibility and future growth of the entire industry.

Remember, the strength of a collectibles market rests on its reliability and the trust of its customer base. This incident serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the urgent need for reform in how collectible card companies handle their mistakes.

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Grayson Bryce-Thompson

  • I have multiple redemptions with UD and they just sit there unfulfilled. I know other redemptions have been redeemed of the same cards so it’s not that they don’t have the cards…just radio silence from UD when inquiring.

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