Fake Michael Jordan Card Scandal: Collectors Beware of Counterfeit Slabs

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A seller on Facebook has been caught listing what appears to be a counterfeit Michael Jordan 1986-87 Fleer RC card. To add to the deceit, the card was encased in a fraudulent PSA holder, further misleading potential buyers about its authenticity.

The post originated on the Sports Card Scammer Tracker Facebook group.

The card was offered in a bundle with a Star brand Jordan Rookie for a whopping $20,000. But eagle-eyed enthusiasts questioned the legitimacy of the items, and checked the PSA serial number which confirmed suspicions when they saw the card had been temporarily deactivated.

This measure was taken as the serial number, 26034432, had been associated with a known counterfeit item circulating in the market.

The seller of the cards was a Shawn Alexander out of Columbus, OH. The midwest is the heartbeat for scams in the hobby.

It is imperative to verify the authenticity of both the card and the grading service’s holder by checking serial numbers against PSA’s database or contacting the grading company directly for confirmation. Do this with every card you purchase from states like Ohio, Alabama, and Oklahoma.

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