Sports Card Checklists

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jason crombie - May 6, 2017

Great site and analasys.

If I win cards where do i add my addrrss to ship to.?

675 east jefferson
Jackson Mo



Mike Seiler - February 25, 2018

Ryan / Colin – Do either of you know where to find a checklist for Fathead Tradeables? I currently have a master Pittsburgh Steelers checklist, and I am having trouble finding anything online. In fact, other than the Panini site I do not find locating a complete checklist an easy task.

Appreciate any help,

    SportsCardRadio - March 14, 2018

    Hi Mike, I have not seen anything for the Fathead Tradeables. It might have to be done the old school way by hand. Let me know if you ever come across a list.

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