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Find all the sports card checklists we’ve added to Sports Card Radio over the years. We’ve organized the checklists by sport. Click on the link to take you to all the checklists we have available.

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  • Ryan / Colin – Do either of you know where to find a checklist for Fathead Tradeables? I currently have a master Pittsburgh Steelers checklist, and I am having trouble finding anything online. In fact, other than the Panini site I do not find locating a complete checklist an easy task.

    Appreciate any help,

    • Hi Mike, I have not seen anything for the Fathead Tradeables. It might have to be done the old school way by hand. Let me know if you ever come across a list.

  • Great site and analasys.

    If I win cards where do i add my addrrss to ship to.?

    675 east jefferson
    Jackson Mo



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