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  • I am the owner of Go Graphics Breakers. We started this business yo help pay for hospital bills for my son. I have used Peach and worked my allocation up for the last six years and spending about a 1/2 million and getting at least a case of all allocations all of a sudden went to one or two boxes. Telling me on some products to get one box I need to spend a million yo get. Love to come on the show to talk. My customer base has gone down now not having a case when product comes out now. Watching the Layton piece I would love to come on. My cell is (423) 599-9908

  • I have question about 1986 fleer and Backyard Break I’m 50/50 to I see what saying I’m thinking same way RT saying same way with you Jerry

  • Here’s a tip. When you’re a smug prick 90% of the time, nobody cares when you cry like a whiny bitch because your favorite basketball player died. You didn’t know him, and he didn’t know you. You just watched him like we all did. Change your tampon and get a grip.

  • hey there do you think now that Australian basketball is getting players from America and our own Aussies playing over their that we might get our own basketball cards for our league the NBL from panini might get a shot I think from memory we did get cards for our league at one stage. 2nd guy love the podcast only just found you great talk straight to the point that we Aussies love no bullshit helps us over here to learn what to look for and who. As we don’t get the coverage as you guys get for your sports we get nfl on local tv basketball is only on espn so we only see what they show no base ball at all only in the finals on news coverage so you guys are helping not only me but others who get in depth on cards. hope im in the right section to leave a msg for episode 1 premium members love to win a box. but postage to Australia might be costly for you lol. keep up the great work

  • The Supreme Court was looking??? Please. When you guys talk shit like that it makes you sound like fools and diminishes the validity of your podcast. The Supreme Court is a judicial branch of government. They would only be looking at things if there were a case already filed and they needed due diligence on it. There is no case pending and no investigation that has rescued the level of judiciary treatment. Not all your listeners are clueless.

  • Sports Card Show is currently showing up as unavailable when trying to play through the apple podcast app. Downloaded another podcast app and all the episodes are not playing through that either.All my other podcasts including the R Rated Show are playing fine so I’m thinking it may be something on your end.

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