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  • Do an article on why you are such a massive pussy and literally RAN away from me in real life, when confronted about your bullshit. Someone will do the honors of getting your jaw permanently wired shut someday, and it will be a massive win for society.

    Keep deleting these comments, coward, you’re just giving me more content to expose the living shit out of you.

  • Omg….this moron shouldn’t be in the card buisness!!! Possibly the worst revues of quality breakers ever!!! Dude find another job,because this one isn’t working out!!!

    • He’s a fuckin coward, confront him in person and he literally runs away like a little girl who just got her first period. Big fuckin pussy.

  • You be the awesome
    sir. I be enjoyings your show as I be driving hours every week.

    Can you dos a show about 92 pro set football

    I be thinking that’s the greatest set of the last 15 years.

    Truly be revolutionized the game man.

    That emmitt smith rookie be lit on the eBays

    Thanks sir

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