Santiago Sports BUSTED For Stolen Panini Cards

by Liz Reagan // in News

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Life comes at these Instagram sports card "gurus" pretty fast.

Santiago Sports located in Matawan, NJ recently posted to IG some cards they purchased.

The owner of the store, Tyler (a.k.a. "Man Purse") seemed excited about his latest score. 

He even asked his loyal IG following how he should sell the cards, "What would you do, would you sell them as a lot, piece them out?"

Problem was, the cards were clearly stolen and meant for a Panini product. 

In fact the cards are on the checklist

We found evidence that the Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball autograph cards are redemption cards that collectors are waiting on. 

Instead of these cards ending up in the hands of collectors, all 25 of them ended up at Santiago Sports. 

Collectors raised concerns to Santiago Sports when he posted the cards on IG. He seemed to brush off any worries the cards were stolen. 

Another issue with the cards is that it appears that the Kyle Kuzma autographs are forged. 

We will be sure to ask Rick about it

When asked, Santiago dismissed any idea that the Kuzma autographs were likely fake.

MojoBreak.com has ripped thousands of boxes in their long history of breaking, and have probably seen a few Kuzma autographs. 

After our YouTube Livestream where we cooked Santiago Sports for having the cards, it appears Panini contacted Santiago to return them. 

Santiago said on IG: "Panini reached out to me and said they were stolen."

Trying to defend himself, Santiago added, "Why in the world would I post stolen goods if I knew they were stolen? A lot of people just don't have common sense." 

It's ok to be stupid Santiago, just don't break the law while being dumb. 

Santiago responded on IG calling Sports Card Radio: "Two 45 year old losers."

Update: 1/14/2023 - in a lengthy tweet, Santiago Sports responded to the criticism and the haters

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