Stryker Breaks Drama: The Controversial Call on a Rare Victor Wembanyama Card!

by Liz Reagan // in News

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Victor Wembanyama Autograph Steals the Show… But Wait!

Recently, Stryker Breaks hit a jackpot—a #/5 Victor Wembanyama autograph card from Topps Allen & Ginter! One recently sold on eBay for $5,700.

The card was to be randomized to the participants who joined the break. But hang on to your hats, because there’s a twist! There were three 1/1s also discovered in the same break. Oh, boy!

A Curveball Decision: “What I Say Goes!”

In an unprecedented move, Stryker made the decision to exclude the owners of the 1/1s from the randomization for the Wembanyama card. That’s right, folks! If you hit a 1/1, you were out of the running for the /5 auto of Wembanyama. It’s a bold call that’s got everyone asking, would you have done the same?

“If You Don’t Like It, I Don’t Care!”

Stryker was unapologetic about his controversial decision. “If you’re not in the break, you don’t have a say, actually, nobody has a say. What I say goes, and if you don’t like it, I don’t care!” he announced.

Those are some strong words, but hey, it’s his show, and it seems like Stryker isn’t one to mess around. A source suggested we be careful what we say about Stryker because he might sue us!

Banned! No Dissent Allowed

Now, it wouldn’t be the internet without a bit of drama. Someone in the chat didn’t agree with the way Stryker was conducting his break. Instead of sparking a healthy debate, the person got banned—yup, kicked out and silenced.

So, What’s the Verdict?

This begs the question: was Stryker Breaks in the right? The drama has the sports card world split. Some say he’s trying to spread the hits and love around, others think his decision was unfair.

Either way, this drama isn’t something you’d want to miss, and it’s only further proof that the world of sports card trading is as heated and high-stakes as the sports themselves. Stay tuned, because something tells us this isn’t the last we’ll hear of such drama in the sports card universe!

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Liz Reagan

  • Hate to “break” it to you but if you’re looking to do breaks just to make money you’re making a mistake.

    He does a great job and is obviously in it for the card fans. I haven’t gotten in on breaks before but will now.

  • Let me break this down as to how I see it…
    1) He should have had rules in place as to what is done with the non Baseball prior to breaking, rookie move doing it on the fly. I know others who do because it is not a new situation with Ginter.
    2) All those who paid for a spot should have been in the randomizing of the card. This is not a moral debate or bleeding heart spread the love type of situation. This is real dollars on the line and each spot paid for their break and thus equal rights to be included. All or nothing.
    3) His attitude was shocking, on a personal level he came across very harsh. For someone looking to be a breaker for Fanatics it does not bode well.

    So there you have it, I disagree with his decision. What he is essentially saying is, if you got lucky and had a great hit already you do not deserve to get lucky again. Even though you paid the same dollars as the others, broke the box because of that and common sense (cents) should apply and not his opinion.

    And this coming from someone who likes him so again shocked to see this decision and his attitude.

  • I won’t break with him..He already acts like he knows it all and is always having anger issues..If you’re going to exclude them it needs to be a rule that everyone knows beforehand and not just making crap up as he goes..I’ve watched a ton of his videos and he always rubbed me the wrong way ..Just avoid him and if people are dumb enough to keep spending with him then they have it coming after this ..Dumb move on his part the hobby is already on life support and this will hurt him big time in the Future because Fanatics won’t deal with him after this and smart buyers won’t either…

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