Packman & Arena Club Slab Packs Controversy!

by Liz Reagan // in News

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Packman, the YouTube sensation known for his thrilling sports card unboxing videos, has just dropped a collaboration with Arena Club that left some scratching their head.

During the video, Packman stumbled upon a 2012 Topps Peyton Manning Reprint card that had been graded as an original.

Mislabeled Card
Reprint is not a Rookie

Looking at Packman’s online showroom found on Arena Club, you can see that the company corrected the error.

It likely means Arena Club, doesn’t slab the cards they “grade” until you request to ship them out.

Kind of weird.

To put any doubts to rest, the company should consider providing transparency regarding their card storage process, especially if cards remain unslabbed until shipment is requested.

Think about if Arena Club ever went out of business, you’d likely get raw cards sent back to you. If anything at all. LOL.

Go buy some Slab Packs. Scrubs.

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