Celebrity Sports Card App Developer Expresses Irony Over Market Turbulence

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Geoff Wilson, the creator of a paid app designed for tracking sports card prices, has found himself in an unusual situation – expressing frustration over someone discussing sports card pricing.

The catalyst for his reaction was a tweet posted by @MTTrading2, in which they showcased a Patrick Mahomes card that had seen a significant decrease in value, amounting to a staggering $250,000 loss.

Geoff’s response to this tweet was laced with sarcasm and a hint of irony. He questioned how one should celebrate such a downturn in card value

Meanwhile, Geoff is so focused on resilient parts of the market that his latest video talks about creating a repack product to sell.

The hobby is on the edge of its seat waiting for that offering.

Geoff has a history of exhibiting a confrontational demeanor towards fellow industry players, particularly on social media platforms.

Prominent group breaker, Run Good Life, recently raised questions about Geoff’s approach. Specifically, they expressed skepticism regarding his strategy of amassing $500,000 worth of Select Basketball boxes and subsequently promoting it as a secure investment through video content.

An Instagram account presented evidence suggesting that Geoff had previously offered sports card “picks” for sale on his website—a practice that potentially resides in a legal ambiguity. In response, Geoff resorted to his familiar pattern of issuing legal warnings and launching attacks.

It’s worth noting that Geoff previously issued a legal threat against Sports Card Radio. On December 22, 2022, a 35-page letter was delivered to our office.

Despite no subsequent legal action from Wilson, here at Sports Card Radio, we are currently assessing our legal options and contemplating the possibility of initiating legal proceedings against Wilson.

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  • Poor Wilson; he’ll never get it. I wrote one of his first hockey introduction articles IN GOOD FAITH! I saw nothing in return…not a cheap membership to his crud SCI (not that I needed it)…Wilson, I am a veteran of this industry and I’m glad that I figured out your SHENANIGAN WAYS real early on…

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