The Hobby House Cancels Break; Collectors Frustrated and Angered

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Group Breakers, The Hobby House, canceled a 2023 Prizm Football break on Fanatics Live that appears to violate the breaking platform rules.

Hobby House canceled the break because spots were selling for too low a price.

In October 2023, Fanatics suspended group breaker Overtime Rips for a similar infraction.

It’s against the terms of service of Fanatics Live to cancel breaks because of pricing.

Trying to apologize to his customers, Hobby House explained, “I’ve already lost a lot of money tonight.”

Hobby House is not immune to controversy in the sports card world. In October 2023, Hobby House lost a customer package valued at $3,000 and did nothing about it.

On a live stream in 2022, Sports Card Radio called into question Hobby House’s association with fellow group breakers Backyard Breaks. It came to light that Hobby House purchases boxes and cases from Backyard.  

This was their message they sent to us unprompted at the time.

We contacted Hobby House via Instagram and the phone number they provided for comment.

Will Fanatics Live suspend Hobby House like they did Overtime Rips? Stay tuned.

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