Overtime Rips Puts the “Break” in Group Breaks & Fans Are Not Having It!

by Liz Reagan // in News

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Talk about a party foul in the sports card world, people! Overtime Rips, a prominent card breaker, just pulled a fast one and let’s just say, the fan base is LIT with outrage.

>10/30/2023 Update: Overtime Rips apologized in an Instagram post. In the statement, the company owners said the breaker would no longer be allowed to stream.

Here’s what happened, Overtime Rips canceled a sports card group break because—get this—the bids were too low and the popular teams got swooped up early. Uh, isn’t that how auctions work, guys?

Fanatics Ain’t Playin’

Fanatics, the host of these shenanigans, said, “Hold up, wait a minute, something ain’t right,” and slapped Overtime Rips with a suspension faster than you can say “Wander Franco rookie card.”

Fanatics dished out a statement saying, “We take matters of integrity and fairness very seriously. We were notified of an issue regarding Overtime Rips late last night and have suspended the Breaker with immediate effect while we review the matter.” All the fans who got scammed? They got their money back, courtesy of Fanatics.

Industry Peeps Weigh In

Firehand Cards was quick to hop in the convo, saying, “Doesn’t really sound like a fair market value if you cannot rely on the actual bids placed by the collectors. But incredible for the breakers if they can just cancel the break because they aren’t making the margin they want.”

Mojobreak also had something to spill: “Yeah not sure how you can cancel after a few auctions. Hard decision to make.” Difficult? More like a no-go, Mojo!

Where’s The Risk, Overtime?

So here’s the kicker: all the risk here is shouldered by the buyer! Overtime Rips cancels the break, and they’re chillin’, but the fans? They’re left hanging with nothing but their refund and shattered dreams of landing a team on the cheap.

So What’s Next?

It’s clear Fanatics has put Overtime Rips in the penalty box, but for how long? And can the breaker come back from this scandal without a lifetime of side-eyes from the sports card community? If history is a guide, this may help Overtime Rips get more business! That’s how stupid the breaking community has become.

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