eBay Seller Probstein123: The Shady Chronicles of a Sports Card Mogul

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Get ready, sports card collectors, because we have a story that’s gonna make you think twice before you click that ‘Buy It Now’ button on eBay! SCV Sports Cards recently dropped a video exposing the deceptive tactics of none other than eBay bigwig Probstein123. Sit tight, because this gets JUICY!

Rick Probstein
Rick Probstein

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“Game Used Super Bowl Patch” – Say What Now?

First up, SCV Sports Cards caught Probstein123 listing a Patrick Mahomes rookie card as a “Game Used Super Bowl Patch.” One tiny problem – Mahomes never wore this patch in a Super Bowl! He was a rookie that season and the Chiefs didn’t make the Super Bowl.

If you flip the card over, it’s described as “player worn,” not “game used.” That’s like saying you dated a Kardashian when you merely liked one of their posts!

Kobe’s “On-Card” Autograph That Wasn’t

Another whopper was a 2007-08 SPx Super Scripts Kobe Bryant card listed as “On-Card” but guess what? The Mamba’s autograph was on a sticker, people! In the card world, that’s the difference between courtside seats and the nosebleeds!

But Wait, There’s More!

Oh, Probstein123 has a track record, folks:

Class Action Lawsuit: In February 2020, a lawsuit was filed in California alleging that Probstein123 and PWCC knowingly sold altered cards. Yep, you read that right!

The $11,000 Heist: A seller from South Dakota claimed last year that Probstein swiped $11,000 worth of cards from him. That’s not pocket change, guys!

The Phantom Card: One unlucky collector on Freedom Cardboard narrated a saga of a card he won but never received. After a long, tiresome process, he got a refund from eBay…only to see the SAME card relisted by Probstein weeks later!

Ghosted by Rick: After a lost $1,000 order and despite multiple email exchanges with Rick, it was the same old song and dance: “I’m busy, I’ll get to it.” Well, spoiler alert: He never did. After waiting for months, the customer asked for his cards back. Can you guess what happened? Crickets.

The Excuse Factory: Over three years ago, a customer sent Rick a consignment that included a 1986-87 Fleer Basketball set—minus Jordan’s RC, all ungraded and in a binder. He estimates the raw cards were worth at least $4,000 back then. The binder was lost, and the customer got the runaround from Rick. “We’re looking for them,” “We’ve hired a new inventory manager,” blah blah blah. But after threats of legal action, all communication was stopped. Yikes!

Say Hey Its Fake: In March of 2023 it was discovered that Probstein123 sold a card with a fake Willie Mays signature on the front.

The eBay Puzzle Piece: On Net54 a customer of Probstein123 noticed negative ratings mysteriously removed from Probstein’s eBay profile. Not revised, but gone.

The 89 UD Debacle: A customer shipped off a treasure trove of 1980s cards and a pristine ’89 Upper Deck BBCE wrapped box to Rick Probstein. After ghosting for weeks, Rick finally sold the high-dollar cards. But what about the rest? Rick’s reply: “he was slammed” with business. Fast-forward to August, and the customer gets a crushed ’89UD BBCE box in return. Rick’s excuse? “Oh, it was damaged when you sent it.” Classic move—except nobody mentioned any damage for three whole months!

The Silence of Probstein: A customer was owed $2700 after Probstein123 sold 11 graded Mackenzie Gore autographs but they haven’t received a penny or any communication despite numerous emails.

Shill Bidding & Chummy Interviews

Don’t overlook the enduring shill bidding accusations that continue to plague Probstein. Take, for example, a Reddit devotee who swears that a Zion Williamson and Rui Hachimura card was auctioned off not once, but FOUR times in a two-month span on Probstein’s eBay platform!

While Rick Probstein himself is likely not the puppet master behind the shill bidding, a slew of buyers seem more than willing to participate. The reason? eBay’s lack of enforcement guidelines practically invites such antics.

These flaws in Probstein and eBay’s operations have hindered the growth of the hobby for years, as collectors curiously remain reliant on these antiquated platforms.

And let’s not skip over Probstein’s oddly intimate sit-down with the infamous auction house owner, Bill Mastro in 2021. The duo chuckled away for an hour, raising eyebrows about their seemingly close relationship.

Bill Mastro

Mastro served a 20-month prison stint for his involvement in shill bidding and also confessed to altering a T-206 Honus Wagner card, which holds the distinction of being the first card ever graded by PSA.

During the interview, Mastro revealed that he now conducts card sales through Probstein.

Trimmed Wagner

As highlighted in a 2021 Cardlines article, Probstein even appeared to empathize with Mastro’s temptation to engage in shill bidding during the chat. A strange turn, to say the least.

Can the sports card hobby ever break free from the grip of outdated and questionably managed businesses like Probstein and eBay? Only time will tell.

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Grayson Bryce-Thompson

  • Not questioning any of the above, but I’ve used Probstein 5-6 times for tens of thousands of dollars worth of cards. No issues at all. I do wish he’d at least put up a basic website to facilitate the process. But once he receives my cards, it’s all smooth sailing. And the cards usually sell at a significant premium (there are exceptions), and he pays promptly.

    Just sayin.

  • I’ve watched cards he has up go for auction for significantly more than the same card does for buy it now. Shady shill bidding without a doubt.

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