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Group Breaker CardFanz Returns Wander Franco Mascot Card

 Good news in the Wander Franco mascot card scandal.

Group breaker, CardFanz, after receiving massive backlash from the card community, did the right thing.

Update: Card listed on eBay for $54,999

CardFanz, sold spots in a break of 2022 Topps Series 2 Baseball by the player and wanted to keep the card of Raymond for himself, instead of shipping it off to the customer who purchased the Franco spot in the break. 

CardFanz typically sold his breaks on eBay, as Sterbenz75.

After being outed on social media, Cardfanz felt the heat and eventually shipped the Franco card out. He deleted his Instagram page, so we'll see if he jumps back into the breaking world after some time off. 

A rare win for the card community that usually takes the L in situations like this. 

The Weirdness of Jabs Family

 His wife has left him over his addiction to sports cards. He once got rid of a dog because it was being too loud during his YouTube shows. But Erik Jabs remains one of the biggest celebrities in the sports card industry.

The Jabs Family YouTube channel gets thousands of viewers per week. Fans can pay $5-$300 to gain access to special breaks and cards. 

His slower pace and quirky style appeals to low IQ individuals and people who aren't well educated. Which is most of the United States. 

Erik Jabs got his start on YouTube ballhawking at MLB games. Kids chasing down foul balls is one thing, watching a grown man do it, is frankly just strange. He's collected over 3,000 over the years. 

Point Park News

Jabs Family has been involved in several controversies. He's been accused of stealing cards during breaks, and shipping cards out late. He was kicked off eBay because of too many complaints from buyers. 

I don't really feel sorry for people stupid enough to give this guy money to be honest. 

At one point, Erik Jabs' wife left him over his addiction to sports cards. She begged him to balance his life and focus on his family but he kept ignoring her and continued living his dream to be a sports card celebrity. 

It's one thing to kick your wife to the curb, but Jabs also got rid of his dog because it was barking and being too loud during his group breaks. 

All of these things he's revealed on camera over the years, this isn't detective work done by Sports Card Radio. 

Many of the breaks Jabs family does, including his Saturday Showdown, is just a form of illegal gambling. They violate every state and federal law, it's really that obvious. 

Law enforcement would lock Jabs up if he was selling illegal drugs, but a huckster hawking baseball cards? Cops probably just laugh at you clowns. 

Anyways, go make a trip to Target or WalMart and see if they restocked. Scrubs. 

Beckett Employee Has 10 Year History of Sexual Misconduct

Current Beckett employee Valentino Capobianco has a long history of sexual misconduct spanning over 10 years.

The misconduct was discovered when Capobianco ran for a seat in the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2021.

Valentino Capobianco

The alleged incidents, which occurred between 2006 and 2016, include pursuing younger women, attempting sexual acts with non-consenting men and women, repeatedly asking to perform sexual acts in exchange for money, and unwanted and repeated sexual advances. 

More information can be found on the GBH News website.

One victim wrote,  "I challenge you to examine how terrifying it is to come forward and tell your story against someone like Valentino Capobianco, a man with power and authority. In a world where women are shamed for instances like these, I hope you can see why this isn’t public knowledge, and it is hard and scary to try to get the word out.”

Capobianco deleted his LinkedIn page after Sports Card Radio released this video.

Since May 2021, Capobianco has been an Authentication Assistant with Beckett.

Recently, Capobianco has been seen chasing down female athletes for their picture and autograph. 

Capobianco's father, James, is a well known dealer in Boston and sells many of the autographs that his son tracks down. The eBay account is bostonsportscollect-jim.

Marx Cards – Large PSA Group Submitter – Declares Bankruptcy

 With no money in the bank, millions of dollars owed to creditors, and thousands of cards stuck at PSA, Marx Cards filed for bankruptcy on February 7, 2022. 

Court documents reveal staggering business failures.


Marx Cards mostly blames the PSA shutdown of economy orders on their downfall. 

Court documents claim Michael Minjares owns 80% of the business.

It appears the entire PSA group submission operation was being run through Instagram. At their peak, the company submitted 30,000 cards to PSA in March 2021. That number dwindled to around 100 in the last few months of business.  

Marx Cards was located at 4045 Via Pescador, in Camarillo, CA.

Gross revenues for the company were:
2020: $953,924 (3 months)
2021: $4,474,091
2022: $22,652 (25 days)

Hundreds of people are owed cards through Marx Cards group submission deal with PSA. Many are listed in court documents, including hobby stores Card Collector 2 and Jaspy's Sports Cards.

Grading fees for those who had cards submitted through Marx Cards will be paid by PSA. Individual accounts will have to be set up for each impacted customer and that could take some time. Any up-charges would need to be paid by the customer and not by PSA. 

VIDEO: Marx Cards PSA Group Submission SCAM

Marx Cards tried to explain himself in this statement of financial affairs.

BBCE & MeelyPops Rocked By Logan Paul Pokemon Scandal

 Two prominent names in the sports card world are involved in a huge Pokemon controversy.


Jameel Mohammed, who owns The Meelypops Shop in Gainesville, FL, helped purchase what he thought was a case of 1st Edition Pokemon cards back in April 2021.

Gary Vee (Left) with Meelypops

The story is documented in a two-part series that Meelypops released.

Pokemon's Most Historic Sale Pt 1
Pokemon's Most Historic Sale Pt 2

The same day Meelypops took possession of the Pokemon case, he brought it over to Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE), to get it authenticated and "wrapped."  

BBCE is the only company to provide this type of service, and the owner Steve Hart, is also the unopened pack authenticator for Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). 

Update: BBCE Facebook Post

BBCE Steve Hart

Despite a solid reputation in the sports card world, this was the first ever Pokemon case to be authenticated by BBCE

One day after getting the case wrapped by BBCE, Meelypops sold it to Matt Allen (Instagram/Shyne150) for what Allen says was $2.7 million.

8 months after buying the case for $2.7m, Allen flips the case to celebrity Logan Paul for $3.5m.

Once Paul started flexing the purchase on social media, Pokemon experts started digging deeper into the origin of the case. 

Rattle Pokemon

Pokemon expert Rattle Pokemon started putting out YouTube videos that the Logan Paul case was fake. Turns out there is a known case in existence and there are key differences. 

  • The actual cardboard box is different
  • The "Stop" tape is different
  • The bar code is different
  • The stamps on the box are different
  • The label is different

Making things more sketchy, the story on how the case came about has changed multiple times. 

Many believe Meelypops purchased the case from a known Pokemon scammer out of Canada. 

If the case is indeed fake, Paul could turn to his friend Allen for a refund. Allen could then turn to Meelypops for a refund. Things could get messy. 

BBCE does not offer insurance or buyer protection if one of their authenticated products is found to be fake. BBCE isn't obligated to refund, Paul or Meelypops. 

Paul said on January 4, 2022 he was going to take the case to Chicago and have BBCE check the authenticity. 

On January 13, 2022 - Paul released a video showing the case was fake and the boxes has GI Joe packs in them. 

On January 13, 2022 - BBCE posted on Facebook about the fake case. 

A sports card insider that goes by the name Cardporn says that Meelypops has already lawyered up and refused to refund his portion of the case, $515,000, to Allen. 

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