Fake 2023 Panini Prizm Anthony Richardson Autos?

by Liz Reagan // in News

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[BREAKING NEWS]: Panini in Hot Water Again! Alleged Fake Anthony Richardson Autographs Spark Investigation

Hot off the press! Panini, the same folks who previously dished out questionable autographs of Dak Prescott and Luka Doncic, is now under the microscope for possibly peddling fake Anthony Richardson signatures in their 2023 Panini Prizm football collection.

That’s right, the drama never ends!

Here’s the 411: PSA, the big dogs in autograph authentication, are reportedly sniffing around these Anthony Richardson autographs from 2023 Panini Prizm Football.

Word on the street is that multiple customers have raised red flags, and now PSA is putting these signatures under the microscope, halting all transactions until they can verify if they’re legit or just another addition to Panini’s hall of fakes.

It doesn’t surprise us one bit Panini is feeling the heat. Just look at these two different Anthony Richardson signatures:

PSA struck back with this post on X. Side note, I had to switch accounts since PSA has @SportsCardRadio BLOCKED!

“PSA is not currently conducting any form of independent investigation of Panini over the authenticity of the autographs on these particular cards. We do evaluate every autograph submitted to PSA for authentication & grading on a case-by-case basis. If there are questions or issues that are flagged with manufacturer-distributed autos, we work directly with the manufacturers and athlete representatives in order to confirm authenticity. We can confirm that this is the case with these multiple variations of Anthony Richardson sticker autographs that have recently surfaced. We are currently in contact with Panini on this matter.

Typically, when a card is sent for card authentication/grading only, a manufacturer-distributed auto is not taken into consideration. There are outlier cases such as this where, until we get further clarification on auto authenticity, we will not holder examples of this card that feature a questionable autograph.”


So … PSA is not “investigating” Panini but it ain’t gonna holder 2023 Panini Prizm Anthony Richardson autos.

Evidence points to the fact many of the Richardson autos look almost identical – meaning the star athlete might have used an “autopen”.

If you’ve been around the hobby longer than Geoff Wilson … you remember the Dak Prescott scandal involved auto-pen signatures. That one was uncovered by Beckett, the clear leader in authentication of modern cards at the time.

Not only does 2023 Panini Prizm football not contain some of the hottest NFL rookies that signed exclusive autograph deals with Fanatics … but the marquee signer Anthony Richardson autographs are potentially FAKE!


Stay tuned as this story unfolds. Panini’s in the hot seat, and we’re all waiting to see if they’ve fumbled the ball yet again with fake autographs!

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